Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rest in peace Zombeast

Zombeast has called the quits...
We regret to confirm due to creative differences and other issues
Zombeast has called the quits. We all are great friends and
have made peace with the fact to grow as musicians
we need to focus our time and energy into other projects.

There may be a final show but right now we can't confirm anything.
If there is a final show, you will be the first to know as there will be
much planning ahead of time. Everyone one of us agreed this was the
right thing to do. Sadly, it was a very had thing to do as all
of 4 of are the best of friends.

We will use this myspace to let you know any further details
of what will happen with anything Zombeast related,
if anything that is..And the future projects we will be working on.

We seriously can not thank you all enough for the amazing
times you have given us.

A huge thank you to the following:

Horror High Records for putting out our album
and all the help they have given us,

Johnny Coffin and Coffin Case for all the kindness they have given us,

Calabrese for all the help you gave us from the beginning to the end,

JD Smith for the bitchin' fucking music video,

Lastly, all the bands we have played with, made friends with, toured with,
and to all the great fucking fans for loving and understanding
what the 4 of us were trying to do.

We will nto dissapoint with future projects!


Talesfromtheshadows would like to thank Zombeast for the past and
wish them good luck with the future projects.

Please,take the time to read the interview we made with the guys many moons ago.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

RIP Lux Interior

photo by: Rocky Schenck

One of the greatest has passed, the most original, the inventor of thrashy rock n roll, Lux Interior has died at Glendale Memorial Hospital. SirJohnTalbot would like to thank mr. Interior for the art that changed the world, you are gone but not forgotten.

"My bones will keep a rockin' long after I've gone"

My last night as human...

The cream of finnish horror-rock scene together with the masters of finnish ramopunk are putting their bones together and performing at Lepakkomies club! Rise from the grave and show your support! Yours truly will appear, roaming and foaming under the influence!


Von Auer


Sunday, November 02, 2008

Pumpkin faces in the night

Feast is over and it´s time to bring back
some memories, I have collected these
from very special fiends and I hope
all of you ghouls and ghoulettes will enjoy
them, without further ado: here are the
undead stories!

"Me and my long time girlfriend decided
to get married on Halloween,
so on 2007 we hired an Officiant to do
a one minute ceremony at a Famous club
in Hollywood called the Magic Castle.
Now whenever Halloween comes around we not only cellebrate
that, but we also cellebrate our anniversary as well."

Daniel Essex- singer for the Astrovamps

We once headlined "The Naked Halloween" party
That was held at Los Angeles strip joint.
It was for the porn crowd and people who wanted to see
and take pictures of naked chicks.
needless to say they didn't pay much attention to us,
but it was a good time.


My wife Erin and I got married on November 1st 2005
in New York City New York. The night before, Halloween night,
we went and saw the MiSFiTS with Balzac and
Rock City Morgue at B.B.King's. We met and took pics with Balzac
and Jerry Only congratulated us on our pending nuptuals and
bought us beer all night. It was a KiLLER Halloween!
Even better is after we got married the next day
we hopped on an airplane and flew to Paris France for a week!!! :)

BOO Gruesome from the horrifics

Every Halloween is special and exciting for us,
but Halloween '98 will remain one of the most extra special
as it was the when Doc Horror and Zombina first met
(at a halloween party, obviously), leading to the formation
of Zombina and the Skeletones!

Favorite Experience: I was on a plane!
Heading to LA to do the FUSE TV Fangoria Magazine
award show. No...wait...I was on my way to New York City
...err...I have no idea where I was going but I was flying none the less.
They didn't show a horror movie...they didn't even mention Halloween...until the end of the flight when they gave out candy
and said "Happy Halloween!!". There was almost no-one on the flight so it was likely we had our own Halloween plane.
Halloween at 37,000 feet. I listened to the Misfits cranked on my headphones and had Halloween drinks with my brothers...
that was the best one ever...all shows and whatever aside.

Nim Vind

In my youth, my friends and I vandalized…er
"punked" the next door neighbors house every Halloween
for 3 years straight. The first two years, we strung fishing wire around all the trees in their backyard, poured skunk scent on the front porch
and left "tasteless" messages on the driveway in shaving cream.
Our neighbors, realizing we'd probably strike again, tried to stop us the third year by putting flood lights around the perimeter of the house.
But we were stupid and fearless, so we pulled the same stunt. We finally stopped our hijinx when the neighbors sat on the front porch
with what looked like a shot gun. It was probably just a bb gun but they turned off the flood lights and waited for us in the dark.
We knew we should end the tradition since our neighbors were willing to kill us.


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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Von Auer strikes back!

The Finnish blood rockers have returned! EP filled with tasty snacks
for everyone liking halloween flavoured meat gourmets.
The package contains three new and fresh tunes called:

Arktinen hyökkäys (Arctic attack)
Enkelikallot (Angel skulls)
Hänelle joka minut omistaa (He who owns me)

All the songs are available through Von Auers website
and myspace but be a true fiend and order the EP
from the band and support their cause!

Talesfromtheshadows will review the EP soon! Stay tuned!

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Springtime for zombies

Hello ghouls and ghoulettes, it´s been awhile.
My account was hacked and all the interviews and
reviews I was making, were deleted/stolen.
This is not the end, updates will follow as soons as
I get some extra time in my life. Take care fiends!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Creepshow at Bonga Tonight!

Tonight! At Club BongaBonga! 3 rocking bands for only 6euros!
The venue is the same, Lepakkomies at Kallio, Helsinki.
Be there at 19.00 or you just might miss this!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Welcome to the Creature Feature show!

Please introduce yourself to our readers

- We Are CREATURE FEATURE, A Two-Fiend Band
From Lost Angeles, California.
My Name Is Curtis Rx, I Play Guitar And Sing,
This Is Erik X, He Plays The Synth And Sampler.

Creature Feature, what is it? a band, ghouls on a mission?

- Both Actually, We Are A Two Composers That Decided
To Make A Band For Those People
Who Wished Halloween Would Last 365 Days Year,
But We Are Also On A Mission To Create
Our Own Unique Little Universe
And The Music In A Ghastly Invitation Into It.

Your music has a very unique sound, a mix between
horror soundtrack and
music that is played in background
of a funeral service house, how
would you describe

- Yeah, That's Basically It, A Cross Between Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasty
Movie Film Scores, Halloween, Cartoon Chase Scenes, And
Vintage Arcade Games. A Guess A Simple Description
Would Be Halloween Horror Music For Delightfully Twisted Minds.
We Want Our Music To Pull You Into Our World And Make
You Envision A Film That Doesn't Exist, But Should.

"The Greatest Show Unearthed" is the title of your debut album,
it includes tracks such as "Aim to the head" , "Buried Alive"
and "A Corpse in my bed" Share some details about this Cd.

- This CD Is A Melting Pot Or All Of Our Childhood Memories,
It's Filled With Dancing Skeletons, Radioactive Overgrown Insects,
Evil Carnivals,Alien Body Snatchers, Netherword Monsters,
Talking Pumpkins, Mouldering Corpses, And Flesh-Eating Ghouls.
A Few Of The Songs Are Inspired By Famous Artists And Writers,
The Song "Buried Alive" Is About The Twisted Life Or
Mr. Edgar Allen Poe, The Song "The Greatest Show Unearthed"
Is Filled With Themes From Ray Bradbury's Writings.

We Also Have A Song Entitled "A Gorey Demise" Which Is A Retelling
Of Edward Gorey's "The Ghastlycrumb Tinnies"
Using Alot Of Our Friends Names And Describing The Way They Will
Most Likely Meet Their Untimely Demise.

From music to movies, you also have your own
film production company
called "Last Man On Earth Productions",
what made you form it?

- Ever Since I First Got A Camcorder,
I've Been Making Cheesy Short Horror Films,
Comedy Sketches, And Kung-Fu Movies.
Most Of My Life Has Revolved Around Movies
And "Last Man On Earth Productions" Is The
Next Phase. You've Heard Our Music And
We've Given You A Glimpse Into Our World,
Pretty Soon You'll Be Able To Watch It
On The Screen Too.

I got this statement from last man on earth productions myspace site "We Intend to give you that feeling again.",
I support this 100% but
it´s a really difficult task,
how do you plan to proceed?

- It Seems Like A Hard Task, But It All Comes Down
To Your Inner Child. We Want To Make The Kind
Of Movies We Grew Up On Because Very Few
People Are Making Them Anymore.
The Way Most People Fail, Is That They Either Give Up Too Quickly,
Allow Their Inner Child To Whither Up And Die, Or Rely More On
What's Marketable And Guaranteed To Bring In The Big Bucks.

Let´s talk about favourites, name your top3 directors and why?

1) Sam Raimi Because The Entire Evil Dead Trilogy Is Pure Genius.
Evil Dead II Is One Of The Greatest Movie Of All Time. Without Sam
Raimi And Bruce Campbell, This World Would Be A Dire Place Indeed.

2) Peter Jackson Because With A Cheap 16mm Bolex Film Camera,
Ingenuity, And Four Years Of His Life, He Created "Bad Taste" Then
Reinvented The Zombie Genre With "Dead Alive".

3) George Romero. We Can Sum Up Why In One Word "ZOMBIES".

One thing I don´t get is that today, mainstream horror movie
have huge budjects and still they are able to screw
it up and make
really bad movies, why do you think this is?
Is there hope for the
horror gengre to survive?

- It Comes Down To Alot Of Things, First Of All No More
Re-makes, Instead Of Rehashing And Desecrating Old Classics
There Needs To Be More Emphasis On Fresh Unique Ideas.
The Best Horror Films Are Made By Those Directors Who Truly
Love The Horror Genre And They Should Not Be Made Solely
For Their Box Office Weekend Totals.

We Can Always Count On The Horror Genre Surviving,
It Works In Waves. The Pond Lies Stagnant For Awhile
Until An New Unstoppable Monster Emerges From
The Surface Just Like "Night Of The Living Dead",
"Texas ChainsawMassacre", "Evil Dead", "Dead-Alive", Etc.

Returning to music, I´ve noticed that you have all kinds of
competitions to your fiends, do you think it´s important to interact
with the fans and keep them interested?

- Of Course, It Is The Most Important Aspect Of
"Creature Feature", Without Our Fans Our Music
Would Have Never Left The Garage And We
Would Be Working At A Movie Theatre Instead.
We Run Our Various Contests Because We Want
All Our Fans To Be Artistically Involved With "Creature Feature",
We Also Run Our Own Website And Myspace Page Still.
There Is No Wall Between Us And Our Fans,
We Are Always Just An E-mail Away.

What is the direction you want to take Creature Feature in the future?

- We Have Alot Of Crazy Things Planned For
"Creature Feature" This Year.
We Will Be Filming A Video For Each Of The
Songs Off The Album And Compiling
A Bunch Of Cool Content To Go On A DVD Later This Year. We
Are Booking Our US Tour For October, So We Can Take The Halloween Show
On The Road. We Also Have A Few Scripts Written And We Are Just
Trying To Secure Financing For The First "Creature Feature" Full
Length Feature Film.

One last question, about the lyrics behind "A Gorey Demise" in
alphabetical order you go through some harsh destinys,
do these base
on reality or what is the deal.

- Those Deaths Are Pulled From Alot Of Places.
Some Of The Names Are Actual Friends Of Ours
And It Was Fun Writing Their Deaths For Them,
Others Come From Some Film Ideas And Stories We Have,
A Few Come From The History Books,
"T Is For Tori Who Froze In The Snow" Was Inspired
By The Donner Party.

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