Thursday, June 29, 2006

Nim Vind - Fashion Of Fear

A Canadian horrorpunk band and an impressive debut album. The CD contains 12 dark tracks from a different aspect of life. The album itself is a well balanced compination between "rock-a-billy" and the lost brother of Glenn Danzig, bringing a whole new different sound to the horrorpunk genre.

Tracks like "Killer creature double feature" and "Astronomicon" are guaranteed to win you over. You don´t need to be Nostradamus to predict very bright (or dark, depends how you look at the world) for this band. If you don´t own this album, do yourself a favor and Get it now!

The Fashion Of Fear
Saturday Night Creepers
Killer Creature Double Feature
Blue Movies
In the Night
The Midnight Croon
Like A Guilloteen
Into The Sphere We Go
The Bitter End
Interviews With The Icon

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