Saturday, July 01, 2006

Man behind the ToxicToons

Today we will take a peek behind the eyes of a very talented artist, the man behind ToxicToons, Eric Pigors. Enjoy!

How old were you when you started drawing?

- I remember getting excited about art in
1st grade.
After that anything i saw with cartoons on
it grabbed my attention.
From animated cartoons like
Woody Woodpecker
at our local drive inn,,
Raid and Count Chocula comercials,the
bear at the Travel Lodge Hotel,
my Exon

TIGER IN YOUR TANK sweater i had,
BK TAYLORS ODD RODS stickers,Wacky Pacs,
the list could go on forever.
It all had a hand in what you see come out of me.

When did you discover your horror style?

- About 1987 i found my style.
Up until then I was copying Disneys style
because i wanted to work there.
But one day i just started drawing what came
out of me and it became TOXICTOONS.
The horror part came a lil later,at that time i was drawing
more kreepy clowns ,weird ohs ,
and goofy stuff like Ren and Stimpy.

Any idols in the comic book front?

- Yah i love all the old EC HORROR and MAD COMICS ARTISTS
all the guys who drew for MAD
when it became a Magazine as well.
Like{Mort Drucker,Don Martin,Sergio Aragones,
Al Jaffee}New guys i like ERIC POWELL's

You have done some flyers etc. for bands, which project was the most

- I have done shirts and cd art for Metallica,
Murderdolls ,Frankenstein
Dragqueens,the Ghastly Ones,
Scum of the Earth , Genieorturers,
Shadow Reichenstein, Psychocharger,
The Horrifics,Order of the Fly,Dragstrip Demons
and Bill Moseley and Bucketheads band called CORNBUGS.
They all were fun jobs because they let me do
what came out of me.
A lot of bands want me to draw them right off the start ,
but i dont do that at all and feel i come up with better concepts
when they let me bring something to their band.

Metallica was really kool ,James and Kirk called my house.
I still dont know how they got my phone number?
But JAMES saw my art in a tattoo magazine and
really liked it and Kirk did also .
They were really nice guys and i got to
meet them at the their show and almost got to do an animated video for
Plus they were wearing my shirts all tour and James even had one on the
cover of ROLLING STONE Magazine with OZZY and MARILYN MANSON on the
cover.Which is really kool.I have sorta made it ,
You can see all this band art and tons more in my new 114 fullcolor
artbook,"CRYPIT ART" for sale at my website.

As mentioned above, you have taken alot of influences from the original monsters, what is your fav. horror movie?

- Bride of Frankenstein,i really love drawing
Frankensteins monster.
He is my favorite monster to draw
besides the ones i make u in my head.
My real favorites though are the tv shows
More then any movies.

Munsters of the Addams Family? and why?

- I like the MUNSTERS better myself, but i love both shows.
How can you pick. Charles Addams art i like more then the show though.
But the MUNSTERS i really love the look and mood inside there house
and Herman is such a great character.They all are!
Even all the ADDAMS FAMILY!
When i was young i wanted my house decorated like the inside of
the ADDAMS FAMILY with all sorts of weird stuff,
which we do have a bit of.
Mostly artists work i like and could afford
when i was working for DISNEYS and
making all that moohla!

What does the future hold for Eric Pigors?

- Well like i say in every interview,
hopefully we will see my HALLOWEEN SPECIAL before i keel over!
I did do some of my kreepy characters as the kids in last years
ED,EDD AND EDDY HALLOWEEN special for my friend
That was a blast but i want my own full special.
Other then that i am always doing new shirt
designs all year.
POSTERPOP just put out a set of my TOXICTOONS stickers.
Mezco is almost sold out of my toys they made called ,
I am always doing new art for prints ,buttons , magnets, and my new artbook
i mentioned called ,'UNKLE PIGORS CRYPTIC ART" and its all for sale at my

Last words to our readers.

- R.I.P. and see you in the cemetery!!!

Staff from the shadows of your soul thanks Eric
and urges people the check his site out!

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