Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Ghastly Ones - A-Haunting We Will Go-Go

Ok, the Ghastly ones, this album is brilliant. When most people think about surf rock, they think about
the Beachboys, california and the ocean. No, this it not the case here. The Ghastly Ones take you
through the timemachine back to the year 1960 and to the golden age of horror movies.
This Scooby-do-ish band will knock the sox out of your feet. The CD is released through Zombie A Go-Go (now deceased)
and contains 20 ghastly songs. Along with the ride will be fiendish Dr. Diablo and other creatures of the night.
Just get in the hearse and let the Ghastly Ones take you for a ride you´ll never forget!

1. An Invitation
2. Ghastly Stomp
3. Hangman Hangten
4. Thunderhead Listen
5. Pacific Ghost Highway
6. Haulin' Hearse
7. Lonesome Undertaker
8. Mysterion
9. The Boys Go Creeping
10. Diabolo's Theme
11. Action Squad
12. Deadbeat
13. Spookmaster
14. Doctor Diabolo Speaks
15. Attack Of Robot Atomico
16. Los Campiones Del Justicio
17. Hollywood Nocturne
18. Surfin' Spooks
19. A Final Warning
20. (Everybody's Doin')


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