Sunday, November 02, 2008

Pumpkin faces in the night

Feast is over and it´s time to bring back
some memories, I have collected these
from very special fiends and I hope
all of you ghouls and ghoulettes will enjoy
them, without further ado: here are the
undead stories!

"Me and my long time girlfriend decided
to get married on Halloween,
so on 2007 we hired an Officiant to do
a one minute ceremony at a Famous club
in Hollywood called the Magic Castle.
Now whenever Halloween comes around we not only cellebrate
that, but we also cellebrate our anniversary as well."

Daniel Essex- singer for the Astrovamps

We once headlined "The Naked Halloween" party
That was held at Los Angeles strip joint.
It was for the porn crowd and people who wanted to see
and take pictures of naked chicks.
needless to say they didn't pay much attention to us,
but it was a good time.


My wife Erin and I got married on November 1st 2005
in New York City New York. The night before, Halloween night,
we went and saw the MiSFiTS with Balzac and
Rock City Morgue at B.B.King's. We met and took pics with Balzac
and Jerry Only congratulated us on our pending nuptuals and
bought us beer all night. It was a KiLLER Halloween!
Even better is after we got married the next day
we hopped on an airplane and flew to Paris France for a week!!! :)

BOO Gruesome from the horrifics

Every Halloween is special and exciting for us,
but Halloween '98 will remain one of the most extra special
as it was the when Doc Horror and Zombina first met
(at a halloween party, obviously), leading to the formation
of Zombina and the Skeletones!

Favorite Experience: I was on a plane!
Heading to LA to do the FUSE TV Fangoria Magazine
award show. No...wait...I was on my way to New York City
...err...I have no idea where I was going but I was flying none the less.
They didn't show a horror movie...they didn't even mention Halloween...until the end of the flight when they gave out candy
and said "Happy Halloween!!". There was almost no-one on the flight so it was likely we had our own Halloween plane.
Halloween at 37,000 feet. I listened to the Misfits cranked on my headphones and had Halloween drinks with my brothers...
that was the best one ever...all shows and whatever aside.

Nim Vind

In my youth, my friends and I vandalized…er
"punked" the next door neighbors house every Halloween
for 3 years straight. The first two years, we strung fishing wire around all the trees in their backyard, poured skunk scent on the front porch
and left "tasteless" messages on the driveway in shaving cream.
Our neighbors, realizing we'd probably strike again, tried to stop us the third year by putting flood lights around the perimeter of the house.
But we were stupid and fearless, so we pulled the same stunt. We finally stopped our hijinx when the neighbors sat on the front porch
with what looked like a shot gun. It was probably just a bb gun but they turned off the flood lights and waited for us in the dark.
We knew we should end the tradition since our neighbors were willing to kill us.


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