Saturday, April 28, 2007

Glenn Danzig - Black Aria II

Released October 17, 2006
Length 34:47
Label Evilive
Producer Glenn Danzig

It´s finally here! The long waited sequel
to Glenn Danzig´s Black Aria.

In the first Black Aria, Glenn painted
the picture of Lucifer's rebellion against Heaven.
The album brought John Milton´s Paradise Lost
to flesh and blood. Where the first Black Aria
was more majestic and bold, some might say
even Wagnerish, there is a big difference
between these two.

Black Aria II tells the story of Lilith,
Adam´s first wife, long before Eve
came to the picture. The album is more
darker, it´s filled with eerie landscape,
that lurks and hypnotizes the listener.
The tempo is down, it´s like a quiet chant in the wind
and it keeps you on your toes.

To enjoy this, you have to create
the ideal surrondings to Glenn´s
dark and moody soundtrack for
lady who refused to bow down and kneel.
Dim the lights, turn the TV off and
and the your innerself loose.
It takes more to get into but it sure
will be worth the effort.

Track Listings
Overture: Winged Night Demon
Abandonment / Recreation
Bridal Ceremony Of The Lilitu
Dance Of The Succubi
Unclean Sephira
The Succubus Feeds
Demons Reprise
Lamenta Lillith


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