Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Waiting all night with Gravemist

Greetings and fangs for having the time to answer to some of my questions, what´s up?

- Not alot, Preparing for the upcoming tour,
Listening to Bobby Darin.

Let´s get started, who are you what do you do?

- I am Jason Mortualia Demise, I sing and play the snare
and Upright Bass for GRAVEMIST.
I am also a Legally Ordained Reverend and a Ghost Hunter.

What is Gravemist? How did you get started? Brief history if you may.

- (From our website http://gravemist.com)
"It was a dark night in 1956."
These are the tales of Mr. Jason Demise, Ghost hunter
and entertainer extraordinaire and my lovely partner
the talented songstress Natassja Noctis. We both play music
as part of the "Phineas Stein Creepabilly Travelling Show."

The CREEPERS/GRAVEMIST story is an unusual one
of two partners in musical journeys. Sadly The duo were killed
in a car accident on a dark night in 1956.
The story is still shrouded with mystery and
the facts are even fuzzy to this day. What we do know
Is that they came back to life in a local Chicago Graveyard and
have been seen playing lounge and nightclub gigs.

How can this be you may ask? Some suspect it may have something
to do with the Absinthe they had consumed in 1956
that was prepared by a poisonous hand, a bitter rival enemy who
wanted nothing more than to embarrass the duo.
Some say It helped in their ressurection?
The world may never know..."

Could you tell us more about the complilation CD´s "Tribulation" and "Trials"

- 10 years of music crammed into two DIY released discs,
all proceeds help fund GRAVEMIST because we take nothing
from our own pockets to make the band move.

All of your music has been released independently, is this something you want to continue doing or are you driving towards bigger labels?

- The Music Industry is full of weasels and snakes but If
a decent non-lying company would step up we'd be happy
to work with pretty much anyone, unless you want us to do
some crazy or unethical stuff.

You made a video of the song "Solitude", who directed it and are you happy with the result?

- Natassja directed it and we filmed it with a digital camera
and put it together using the computer. It's not even a "video" really
just the song and some pics of me acting weird.
We have yet to make a real video. Don't worry they are on the way.

Your music is labeled as creepbilly, gothabilly etc. how would you describe your own music?

- We dont trust "scenes", " genres" or labels. That stuff is for grocery stores.
We sound like GRAVEMIST. We dont like to be put in the "billy" category.
We live in the city, can read, we are not xenophobic and we are not alcoholics.
That's unheard of in their whole genre and scene. Some purist people say we are an
"insult" to rockabilly music because we are not ripping off the old bands sound and look.
But who cares what they think?

What inspires you to write music? Music, movies the undead?

- Its what we are, musicians, If we dont write music or do art you go crazy,
Look at Louis Farakkkhan.

You are from Graveyard of Chicago, how is the scene there?

- We dont have one. Retarded scene people are actively trying to silence GRAVEMIST.
We are blacklisted and banned/ignored from all "scene" type events,
mainly due to the fact we don't have political leanings
we exploit for advancement while being in a band.
The Local "goth" scene has been our biggest enemy,
setting up gigs the same night as ours, bad mouthing us, etc...

I read somewhere that you are the first openly "LGBT" rockabilly act, there is alot narrow mindness in the world, how have people reacted? Any encounters with morons while playing live situation?

- Most "music scene" people so far have been real
ignorant assholes to me and Natassja both.
It's a competition with everyone to see who can be the most
"popular" band, etc...total nonsense, Like High School.
But, There is always the balance of folks like you and
our regular supporters. When we play live only our friends
and supporters come, so we always have a great time.

More about playing live situation, do you have a steady live line-up or new guys on every new gig?

- It varies from show to show...
There are a few people who sit in more than others.

What is next with the Gravemist?

- We are touring the US this spring & summer,
and a new album is on the way.

This is about it, fangs again for the interview and it´s time for the final question, who is Dr. Reichenstahl?

- A Nazi Bastard who keeps harrassing me.
He's harmless though, most Incorrect people are.



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Blogger Jaye Eranae Mortualia said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11:04 PM  
Blogger Jaye Eranae Mortualia said...

Gravemist broke up for good in 2008.
It was just a one time halloween show made by a HC punk band.

8:23 AM  
Blogger Jason said...

Hmm. More fake profiles on this page as well. I dont have a problem with this interview.....And we were NOT just a "one-time" halloween band.

12:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, No, No youre all wrong, Im the real Jason Demise. Evil Reichenstahls!!

7:22 PM  
Blogger JtR said...

Loved this band... ave been searching around to find them. Any info or where I can get some of their CD's or music downloads would be great...

8:50 AM  

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