Monday, January 29, 2007

The Horrifics R.I.P.

Yes folks, it´s true. The great horrorpunk band The Horrifics
have decided to quit and bury themselfs to six feet under.
This is what boo gruesome had to say:

-Game OVER-

Heya folks!

It's cold, gray, and raining here in Ft.Worth today.
Fitting weather for the news I'm about to deliver.
I cannot say with absolute certainty that this is the end of the HORRiFiCS, but I can say with a clear conscience that,
without a shadow of a doubt, it's over for now.
We have been hard at it for the past 2 solid years.
I personally have given 12 long years of service in the
name of horror punk
and darkly themed music with no real break.
We have all changed as people over this time and
feel we're all way over due for some time off.
Anyone who has ever spoken with me knows that I am a man
possessed of many creative spirits.
I have subdued and supressed all of these things to single mindedly
chase after music as a profession.
I firmly believe it's time for me to give a voice to some of these other
artisitc outlets and see were they lead me.
As they say, no one truly knows what the future will bring.
If the guys and I are inspired once again to create horror punk,
the HORRiFiCS will of course be our vehicle of choice.
If the desire does not arise again,
and this is indeed the end of our careers in this scene,
then I am proud to leave our album "Now FEAR This"
as a final chapter in this episode of my life.
Please note that even though I am leaving the horror punk scene as an active artist
I am in no way turning my back on the people I've met and the friendships I've forged.
I will be just as easily contacted as I have always been at my personal MySpace page...

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