Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Faster ToxicToons faster! Kill! Kill!

Ok, fiends here you go, a quick interview with the talented, fiendish
and man of many faces: Eric Pigors

Hello Eric, how are you doing?

- OK,just trying to make a living at what i love still.
Drawing freaky stuff.

What is up with Toxic Toons,have you released
new stuff since we last spoke.

- Yah some new shirts,i'm always thinking
up new designs all year
so check the site often to see whats new.
Posterpop put out a line of TOXICTOONS stickers
and a patch in 2006.

I self published a new hardcover book of my newest artwork called ,"CRYTIC ART"
I'm working on a DVD with and old cartoon i did called "LETS CHOP SOO-E! "
back in 1990. It played on MTV'S Liquid Television and
a few animation tournees back in the 90's.

It will have some other stuff like an interview,
animation from the website,videos fun kreepy stuff like that.
It should be out in April i think.
I have also been doing some new art for people in the horror industry
and a few bands like the GHASTLY ONES,Psychocharger,Vagabond.
And i am always doing new artwork for myself so i am pretty busy all the time.

There is alot of various items released from Toxic Toons,
Is there a line that you won´t cross?
Give us an example what would be offlimits.

- All my other merchandise i pay myself to make so
i always try to find best quality places.
I dont think i would ever go as far as KISS where its overkill.
But i try new stuff all the time to see what fans want,and what they dont i stop making.
I dont think i would ever do TOXICTOONS toilet paper,
although the way i go thru toilet paper that my be a good idea.
What i dont sell i can always use.
I do everything in small quanities now just to see what goes over
and because my moohla is running low.

What is next with Toxic Toons?
Have you ever thought about doing a Toxic Toons cartoon?

- Yah ,i still totally want to do a Halloween special with my work one day.
I did some stuff which you will see on the dvd i mentioned above.
Animation is fun but a lot of work.
And selling a show that actually gets made on tv is so friggin hard.
The studios usually want a copy of what ever is already hot and
they own all the rights so you get no merch rights or very little.
And then it's almost all sent overseas to be done,so who knows how it will turn out.
But i do like seeing my characters come to life,and i love old cartoons,
especially the ones in which everything is alive at night and weird.
Like you are in another world hallucinating. Like old Betty Boop,Tex Avery.

Thanks again for having the time, last words are yours.

- Yah come check out www.toxictoons.com and maybe you might find
something you like or at least have a good sick laugh!


Also check out the interview we did with Eric many moons ago HERE

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