Monday, December 04, 2006

Seeking hate with Cancerslug

Briefly, share some details about Cancerslug for those readers
who haven´t heard of you yet

- The last true rock n roll band on the planet
a dead breed that still believe that music can be real
that rock is a lifestyle and not just a commodity
we give our art away for free and kick peoples ass live

Biggest influences musically?

- Anger, hate, rage, love, death
lyricly: h.p. lovecraft, e. a. poe, sun tzu, miyamoto musashi
Bands: rasputina, black flag, glenn danzig, neurosis, the damned,
the germs, fear, filth, doom, eadboy and the elephantmen

Let´s talk about your latest CD "Book of Rats", tell us more about the
writing/recording process and are you happy with the result?

- "Book of rats" was just a collection of demos that we havent really recorded yet,
the versions that people have dont even have a bass guitar on them,
its just alex and a drummer jamming out some ideas for songs

I noticed that all of your albums are available through your site in mp3 format,
great way to spread the word
but are there any other motives behind this? Are you anti-label?

- Im pro art.... and anti anything that takes away from art or tries to lead art into a more commercially accessable format.....
giving my art away for free keeps it pure and in the long run will leave a truer legacy of work behind...
im not saying i wouldnt ever put anything out on a label,
im just waiting for the label that still gives me complete creative control of my project

What do you think about internet? While ago there were a rumour spreading around that
Cancerslug has split-up etc etc. Does these rumours bother you?

- As long as people are talking about cancerslug, I dont really care what they say.....
at least they recognize our existance, love it or hate it
the interenet is a great way for independant art to be spread to the masses

Little more about your music, you have song title such as "I love pain", "hateseeker", "straight razor rape",
where do you dig up these titles and inspirations to your lyrics?

- Whatever gets peoples attention, we hide our true message in between the dick and fart jokes...
I think most of our real fans are smart enough to get it

Moving on to touring, what is the weirdest thing that has happen to you while being on stage?

- Self mutilation, audiance mutilation, attacks by our enemys,
and on stage gratification fom fans.... you name it.....
check out our full length dvd for details

If you could pick two bands to tour with, who would you pick?

- Deadboy and the elephantmen
the dwarves

From touring to movies, what are your favourite horror movies?

the beyond
the howling

Future plans with Cancerslug?

- Record, tour, repeat

Thanks again for the interview, feel free to say the last words!

- Always great to have anyone interested in our little project
cancerslug has been going 6 years strong, and there are no plans for us to stop,
we have over a hundred songs you can download for free online,
and many more on the way

stay tuned for our new disk "fuck you, from hell" over a year in the making,
its going to be our masterpiece

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