Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Getting back from surgery with The Vincent Black Shadow

Hello and firstly, please introduce yourselfs.

- Tony Drummer extrordinaire from the vincent black shadow.

Could you briefly tell the history of TVBS?

- We formed in 2003,in Vancouver bc it started with me ,
my bro Robbie and Cassandra.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn´t yet heard
of you?

- It is a collection of different feels,genres and styles of Rock music.

Your debut album "Fears in the water" was released in July 2006,
are you happy with the result and was it a hard "birth"?

- Yes we love our record and worked very hard on it.
The writing came naturally to us but it was hard too be patient waiting for its release.

You´ve been touring alot this year, best and worst experiences so

- Warped was great,met alot cool people and bands like Nofx, and helmet who are real cool people.
Germany was great this year to,first time on a double decker tour bus.
I really love the southern states in the spring,the people are great there too.
We got to do the fuse chainsaw awards afterparty and cass got to present wich was real
cool too.

While being on the road, there is alot of spare time, and I would
think that sometimes it´s kind of boring to sit on a bus and wait, how
do you keep yourselves focused and entertained?

- We like to correspond with our fans on myspace,we watch alot of movies
and just like to relax and party.

There is a musicvideo of the song "Metro", tell us more about it,
who directed it?

- Ron Martin ,who was great and was based on the records artwork that was done by cassandra.
The treatment was done by peter karroll.

Let´s talk about influences, musically and literally?

- Everyone in the group comes from a different place musically,
but we have alot of similiar tastes, like Danzig,Billy holiday,
Avenged sevenfold,Cardigans.I know cassie likes alot of japanese pop,
rob likes a lot of stranges stuff like phantomas ,chris likes punk like the damned,
and fear and I love metal and prog metal like Iron
maiden,Dream theater and Avenged sevenfold.

TVBS is from Vancouver, Canada, how is the music scene there?

- Stagnant wich is whhy were happy to tour,love the city but the scene
is all but gone,and so are most of the venues.

Talesfromtheshadows is very horror oriented so I have to ask,
Favourite horror movies and actors?

- Melinda clark,Kane hodder,sherri moon zombie.
Doug bradley and all these actors and actreses respect various roles.

Back to TVBS, future plans and dreams?

- Continue to tour and record and make new fans and meet new inspiring people.

Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to interview you, good
luck in the future and last words are yours.

- What the fuck is juice..I want some grape drink!

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