Monday, November 13, 2006

Sleeptalking with The Limit Club

First who are the Limit Club?

Nick Feratu: The Limit Club is made up of three completely average Psychobilly Deathrockers from Phoenix, AZ.
The George on drums and percussive type instruments.
Cadaverous Joel on upright slap bass.
And myself, Nick Feratu on guitar and vocals.

What made you form this band?

Nick: Joel and I were in a garage band together a few years ago and
when that band met it's end, we decided to continue playing together with a brand new project.
We were both really inexperienced in the music world, but we decided that the new band would have new original songs and a new Do-It-Yourself attitude.
Joel and I also both shared a common love for Sun Records rockabilly and all things surreal, dark and evil.
So we simply combined those two elements to make what has become the Limit Club's distinct sound.

Story behind the name?

Nick: I writhed around on the floor for countless hours trying to think up a suitable band name for us.
It had to be something unique and interesting, but I didn't want anything cliche or false.
Nothing to do with monsters or death, because even though we love such things, I felt that most of the best band names in that area had already been taken.
Then I started looking at where other bands were getting their names.
I noticed that some of my favorite bands took their name from their favorite songs and movies.
The Sisters of Mercy took their name from a Leonard Cohen song, The Misfits took their name from a Marilyn Monroe movie and so on.
So I followed suit and took the name of my favorite song and branded our band with the name "The Limit Club".
The song of the same name was written by The Damned and you can hear it on the "Friday The 13th EP".
It's similarly dark and atmospheric, so I found it absolutely perfect for our band.

Biggest influences musically?

Nick: Our influences are all over the place. I'm a music fanatic,
so I listen to all different genres from vintage country, rockabilly, psychedelic garage, punk rock, new wave and goth.
I guess if I had to narrow down the top five influences they would probably be The Damned first and foremost followed by The Quakes,
The Sisters of Mercy, Johnny Cash, and Morrissey.

What are your Biggest achievement so far (concerning the Limit Club)?

Nick: I think our biggest achievement so far is just making a name for ourselves.
I think that as a band, we're starting to develop a recognizable style to our music that is all our own.
Also, we've worked out a song-writing process that seems to work for all of us and we're going into a studio to record our first full length album of all original material later this month,
so I'm pretty proud of that. And it's also pretty cool that we're finally getting to play shows with some of our favorite bands like Zombie Ghost Train and Nim Vind.

Let's fantasize a bit, pick anyone you wish, fav. band to tour with and why?

Nick: I'd personally like to tour with The Coffinshakers from Sweden or Dave Vanian and the Phantom Chords.
Those were the two bands that really captured what "Gothabilly" was in my mind.
It wasn't necessarily the fastest or loudest sub-genre of rockabilly,
but it had a air of mystery that was missing from all the rest.
So that's who I'd pick. Without those two bands, The Limit Club would look and sound completely different.

The Limit Club is from Arizona, also Calabrese and Zombeast are from that region, how is the Arizona scene?

Nick: The Arizona scene is going fucking crazy right now!
There are so many good bands that are popping out of nowhere.
Calabrese and Zombeast are two of the big ones and we're friends with both of those bands,
but we also have guys like Stitch Hopeless and the Sea Legs, The Hollow Bodies, Creepsville, The Numptys, The Dead Tones, and then you have guys like Marco Polo from Curse of the Pink Hearse who have been at it forever and are still hanging in there.
I've lived in AZ for most of my life, and this is the the best the local music scene has ever been in my memory.
Now if we could just get some decent venues to play, maybe the momentum we're building will continue to grow.

Future plans with the Limit Club?

Nick: The future is looking pretty bright for us right now.
As I mentioned, we're going into a studio later this month to record our first full length which will be released late January to early February 2007.
Then we're planning West Coast tour dates.

Last but not least, who would win in a fight between Karloff and Lugosi?

Nick: Bela would rip Karloff in half!
He has that Romanian death grip you know. But Vincent Price would destroy 'em both.

Pictures by Diana Price

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