Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Horrifics - now FEAR this

The Horrifics
Now FEAR This!
Label: 1031 Records

They come from the deserted ghost town in Texax and Horrorpunk is the name of the game.
They´re fast, cruel and awesome! Steady package of dark rock n roll.
Things lurking in the shadows, and under your bed.
It´s everything you´ve always wanted from this genre.
For a debut album it´s very mature and well done, production is just right,
the sound of the band knocks the smelly soxs off your feet.

With songs like "SCAREcrow fields",
"Go! Go! Godzilla" and "Shadowcaster" you just can´t go wrong.

Imagine those old horror comics
and horror movies and spice it up with Charles Manson kind of madness,
these things compained and you get The Horrifics,
first class horror music. If you don´t still own this album,
order it now!

-Track Listing-
1.The Overlook
3.That Which Lurks
4.Forever the Night
5.Under My Knife
6.This Hungry Suffering
7.In Dark Descent
8.Do You Remember Hate?!
9.SCAREcrow Fields
10.GO! GO! Godzilla
11.HELL-O Mary Lou
12.Target Earth
13.DEAD Kidz
14.Fury of the Goat-Man
15.R.I.P.(Ripped In Pieces)
17.The Overlook Reprise

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