Friday, September 01, 2006

Burning the candles with - Redemption

Redemption was formed in 1996, what was the force
that made you form

- I started the project because of a drop off in good
traditional Gothic rock in the underground.
Unfortunately it took a few years for me to get the
band on its feet. But we have been going strong for
around 6 years now and there are no signs of stopping

To someone who hasn’t heard of you yet, how would
you describe your

- Our music is Traditional Goth rock with a modern
twist. Deeply intoned vocals, ethereal synth sounds
and driving beats beneath a big guitar sound. That
pretty much sums it up I think

On your website you state you are influenced by
Sisters of Mercy and
Mission UK,
what other thing have inspired you?

- Life in general is what inspires most of my writing.
Musically I like to keep things fresh so depending on
my mood I will try tons of different things and styles
to carve out the sound I want.

Your debut album was self-released, is this the way
you like it or was it something you were forced to?

- Currently we are in the do it yourself mindset. You
have more control over the product that way. It would
be nice to have some big money behind us and get our
CDs out to more people but it would have to be the
right situation contract wise. We are happy selling
multiple albums right now. It keeps things simple and
special for our fans.

Following the previous question, are you pleased
with the result?

- Absolutely. Erik and our producer James and I worked
very closely together to get the album to sound the
way we wanted it to. I thought the end result was

Shed some light to your songwriting process, any
weird rituals?

- Not really. I do most of the writing in general. So I
just bring the mostly finished song to the rest of the
band and we hammer out their parts and make the magic
happen. As far as rituals go, we mostly consume
copious amounts of alcohol and let our intuition do
the work

Gothic music scene is constantly changing, your
views on the scene?

- Your right it is constantly changing and that is the
wonderful thing. I love the fact that there is such
variety. It keeps things lively. Right now we are at a
great point in the fact that the internet has brought
us all together in ways that where not possible
before. That makes everything far easier and more
accessible to a greater number of people.

Do you enjoy touring or is it just necessary evil?

- We love to play live and touring is a part of that.
Being on the road has its definite ups and downs but
there isn’t a better way to spread the word.

Redemption has a real high energy live show and
touring is necessary to present that. After all we are
a band not a bunch of guys who just sit around their
studio and make music. Playing live is integral to who
we are and what we want to promote.

I have seen so many acts that its obvious they don’t like to play
out. Personally I find it absolutely refreshing to
know that a band sounds and performs as well or better
than their recordings. We strive very hard for exactly

Let’s talk a little about horror movies? What do
you think about the re-makes that Hollywood
is making? Almost every classic is going to made or is
already re-made.

- Its true. Some of them are better remakes then others.
I have enjoyed most of the remakes I’ve seen and maybe
I’m getting old but most will never compare in my mind
to the originals. There is something about seeing a
horror film when you are young that you can never
shake. So the classics will always live in my mind as
what they are. Classic

Favourite horror movies?

- I love horror movies so there are to many to mention.
But some that stick out currently are: John Carpenters
The Fog, The legend of hell house, The original
Salem’s lot, The 3rd Omen film, Susperia, Phantasm,
Silence of the lambs and some of the more campy films.
Like Dead alive and Shaun of the Dead.

What does the future hold for Redemption?

- Well currently we are writing and recording our next
release which will hopefully be finished and out by
late December early January. Of course more live shows
and touring and hopefully getting to Europe sometime
next year.

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