Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Walking the night with Eerie Von

Greetings Eerie, first off,
you´ve been playing music for many years,
when did you discover your passion for music?

When I discovered Elvis aqt age 8,
but I had been listening to my sister's Beatles records
for a while before that.
My parents played a lot of fifties Doo-Wop and
Rock and Roll in the house as well.

You´ve also done some photography
and painting, are these things still
part of your life?

I've been drawing or painting since about 7 or 8, took up photography around 12 or 13.
One thing usually dominates the other. I 've been painting a lot for the last 7 years.

Let´s talk about your music,
you have released 3 CD´s, how would you
describe them
to someone who hasn´t hear of them yet?

#1 Uneasy Listening: Is the soundtrack to a Horror movie that
exsists only in your mind, great for Halloween,
and quite nights with candless lit.
#2 The Blood and the Body: Is more of a Samhain vibe, to me,
spooky and romantic in it's own way.
It's quite sparce because I had hardly any instruments.
I was going for a mood.
#3 Bad Dream #13: Is a bit like the last one only, I played real drums,
and had more instruments at my disposal.
Like the Blood and the Body, I did old fashioned tape loops,
and recording tricks to create soundscapes for the songs to play over.
No computers, no drum machines, just hard work and old fashioned studio tricks.
The songs are all about a pycho killer.
Either what he's thinking, or what the voices in his head are telling him.
If you like spooky,creepy and strange, these 3 CD's are for you

You have a new project, Spidercider, could you tell us more about it?

It's Punk Rock. The kind of stuff we listened to in High School,
and made us want to start bands I still listen to a lot of the same stuff
I fell in love with way back then, only now it;s considered classic.
I was working on another project a while back, when I decided to
take a break,
from it and just do something else for fun.
I had a whole backlog of songs from over the years, blues, country,spooky stuff, and Punk Rock stuff.
So Recorded some of these songs, and it was so much fun, and it came out so easily that I decided to do a whole CD.
I wound up with 15 or more songs, but am only releasing 10.

On your myspace blog you stated that you hope to bring spidercider live on stage, what can we expect?

I just want to put a good band together, and go back out on tour,
and play the new songs for the people who want to hear them.

Ghastly Records is the label that releases your music,
how have things been so far?

It's run by my oldest friend Bob Montena ( bassist for Rosemary's Babies ) and he's a huge music fan.
He'll probably wind up putting out all kinds of stuff, as long as he thinks it's good.
He is very concerned with keeping the artist happy, and he really cares about music.
The big thing right now for Ghastly is to get some GOOD distribution, including overseas.

I´ve always wondered how do the Eerie Von songs born, is there a specific
ritual when you start to write new material?

I write songs just like every other song writer does.
You can start with a riff, or idea on guitar, or piano, then write words around it, or write words first,
then come up with words that compliment it. Sometimes the whole song just comes to you all at once,
like a gift out of thin air,
Those are the best ones. I find driving in the car is very condusive to song writing.

What things in life inspire you the most?

I'm still searching for inspiration, and it get's harder to find everyday,
but mostly other musicians, performers, and artists inspire me..

Little about your past, all remember you from Samhain and Danzig, but
could you share some memories
about The Rosemary´s Babies(editors note. Eerie´s first band, which has
gained some UG success in the recent years).

Samhain was a big learning exspirience for me. Learning how to play, how to perform on stage,
figuring if you really like being on the road, learning how to deal with the fans,
and beginning to believe this could be a career.It was a great time

I learned a lot in Danzig as well, about song writing, recording, production, how to be a professional musician.
About how tough the music business is, and how to compete with other acts in the "Big time"
It's not as glamouruos or lavish as many think.
It's a lot of work, and traveling, a lot of down time, but meeting the fans and spending time with them
was well worth it.

In the age of re-unions, any change of seeing Rosemary´s babies on stage


More about "spidercider" and touring, what other bands would you like to
bring to the bill?

I think I'm going to have to start at the bottom again, and see where I fit in,
before I worry about others fitting in with me.
I'll have to secure some kind of financial tour support as well,
if I hope to go out and perform the new songs.

Back to the present time, what does the future hold for Eerie Von?

I just want to get back out on the road, and continue doing what I do for the rest of my life
This is what I do, and I want to keep doing it.
I would also like to put out a book of the photographs I've taken over the years,
and maybe a collection of my paintings. But the music will always come first.

Tales from the shadows... would like to thank Eerie von for the interview.
Feel free to contact Eerie at

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