Wednesday, July 05, 2006

In the backseat of a hearse with Calabrese

Calabrese was formed in 2003, what other bands have you played in?
Jimmy - Nothing interesting enough to mention.
The other bands were good testing
grounds for learning about songwriting and musicianship.

How would you describe Calabrese to a person who
haven't heard of you yet?

Jimmy- Spooky Horror Punk. If you like the Misfits,
Ramones and AFI, we welcome you.

What does Horrorpunk mean to you?

Jimmy- To me, Horrorpunk is that Candy Corn Core
at the center of Halloween.
Horrorpunk is that same exciting, fun and creepy feeling
you get as a kid on Halloween.

You've been touring alot lately, how has the touring
been so far?

Jimmy- We are very happy about the turnout we've been getting.

The internet is an amazing tool to get the word out about shows.
We love playing new places and we hope in 2007
to make it out to the East Coast.

Name the three bands that have influenced you the most

Jimmy- Misfits, Ramones and White Zombie.

What would be your ideal line-up for a perfect horrorpunktour?

Jimmy- It would be more of a HorrorPsychoDeathRockTour...Calabrese,
Thee Merry Widows, Nim Vind, Zombeast and
Rezurex playing small intimate clubs.

Calabrese signed a contract with the Horror High records which
puts out mostly horrorpunk, is this a blessing or a curse?

Jimmy- We only partnered with Horror High for Ringtones
(which are available at )
which is a blessing because Jon, the President of Horror High,
is really great guy who promotes
the Hell out of the Horror Punk/Rock Scene.
We are currently releasing our music through our own label
Spookshow Records.
You can't get anymore DIY than that. (By the way you can download both
"13 Halloweens" and the "Midnight Spookshow" EP on Itunes.)

You have a video on "backseat of my hearse", how was it to work
with J.D. Smith?

Jimmy- J.D. almost became part of the band. During live shows
he would join us onstage to shoot footage.
J.D. and his crew are really dedicated people because
reviewing and editing all that footage they shot took forever,
thanks guys.

Let's get back to touring, are there any plans to invade Europe?

Jimmy- We've thought about it but until we have better
distribution in Europe
we will concentrate on promoting the band here in the States.
My dream is to play Japan
so I'd like our first overseas attack to start there.

Calabrese is going to the studio in August,
tell us more about this.

Jimmy - We are about to embark on a new 12 song adventure
so terrifying it just may leave you dead!
These 12 songs have been crafted and refined
over the past year making their venom inconceivably dangerous.
Keep checking our website because we're going to hold a contest
concerning the new CD, stay tuned!

I assume that you watch alot of horror movies, any fav. films?

Jimmy- As of late, I've actually been reading more horror comics
and graphic novels than watching movies. I recommend any thing
from Steve Niles (especially Cal McDonald, 13 Days Of Night),
Hell Boy, Death Note, and A History Of Violence.

When you look at the horror movies that been released lately,
seems like almost 50% are remakes,
Hollywood seems to be out of ideas.

Jimmy- I think Hollywood is full of ideas but they don't want
to take the risk.
They'd rather re-make a past hit or recycle the horror movies from Asia.
I'd rather see a horror remake than a video game inspired movie anytime.
SAW was one of my favorite past films of late.

If Calabrese was a movie, what kind of movie it would be?

Check out the movie, Dellamorte Dellamore I think that movie
pretty much sums up
what Calabrese is all about.

Fangs for your time, any last words for the finnish fiends?

Jimmy- Support the HorrorPunk scene, it's so easy to make an impact.
You can help support the bands by buying merch, booking shows,
promoting the bands with websites and flyers or start your own band!
Also sign up for the Calabrese Mailing list to get the latest updates
on Contests and Merchandise.
Thanks to the fans for keeping
Calabrese and the HorrorPunk Scene alive!

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