Friday, July 14, 2006

News from the crypt

Ok fellow fiends, some news about this site and other stuff concerning the horror scene.
We´ve confirmed interviews with the following bands:

Zombina & The Skeletones
Bloodsucking zombies from outer space
Steve Zing

So stay tuned for more fiendish interviews and reviews.
In other news:

The new "The Ghastly Ones" CD will be out in couple of weeks, this is a great news for everyone who like their music spooky and groovy.

Rob Zombie is going to direct the next Halloween and will bring Myers back more fiendish, meaner and badder than ever.

Sid Haig, the great actor (House of 1000 corpses, The devil´s rejects) will apper as a werewolf in his next movie, Bubba the redneck Werewolf.

For more horror news go to:


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