Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Speaking with the sons of the Zodiac, The Crimson Ghosts

Greetings Jackal & Monstro, what is new with the Crimson Ghosts?

JACKAL: first of all our new album carpe mortem will come out on august 25th!
expect nothing less than the most brainripping horrorpunk release in 2006!
once again we composed hymns that make the dead rise and go for human prey!
another important thing for us is the endorsement deal with northern california based monson guitars (
brent monson will build us some totally rad axes, watch out!!!

MONSTRO: we also created a visual piece of mayhem for the fans. we had a lot of fun
doing the video shootings for “somewhere in a casket” and we think the result speaks for itself.

You just did a Germany tour with the US horrorpunkband Blitzkid, how did
That went?

JACKAL: it was great! the blitzkid guys are a bunch of ultracool people!
we had some pretty nice shows along and gools joined us on stage every night to sing "when they howl"...
on their last show on tour when we weren´t on the bill, they even did a coverversion of our song necrobabe and vlad went on stage
to sing with them...the tour it self was nice as well! we played some new stuff from carpe mortem and people went nuts
even if they didnt know the tunes...

MONSTRO: it was a short tour,but i won´t miss a second and i hope we will repeat that soon!

The Crimson Ghosts have alot of metal influences, what metal bands have
Influenced you the most?

MONSTRO: i think anyone can hear where we come from.
everyone in the band listen to extreme music,don´t care if you say metal,punk,grindcore,ebm or anything else.
i think we´ve found our own style,affected by some bands we like.......too much to name them all.

JACKAL: there is no specific band, that influences me in songwriting. What ever comes out on my guitar comes out.

You´ve toured alot, what is the thing you miss the most
while being on The road?

MONSTRO: i missed my cold dark crypt!!! We’ve been out
in the sun so long when on tour,
it seemed our rotten brains started to boil!!! Well, we tried to cool them down with
beer and booze......
but i think there’s some irreparable damage left!

"Leaving the tomb" was released in 2004, were you happy with the result?

JACKAL: yes, totally! It brought us lots of attention worldwide and many shows!
And for me personally it brought many experiences
if it comes to recording. I guess everybody can hear the sound difference between
“leaving..” and “carpe…”

Could you share some details about the songwriting process?

JACKAL: it’s different from song to song, so there’s no real formula
that we are working with.
Sometimes the lyrics come first, sometimes there’s a great refrain floating in my brain…
it’s really like that.

The Horrorpunk scene has grown alot during these past few years, Favourite new horrorpunkband?

JACKAL: i don listen to much horrorpunk myself, because i don’t want to "steal" ideas
from other bands accidentally....
but bands that sent me not so bad songs, or that we’ve played with are: MONSTABOB,
TERRIL and ZOMB to name only few...

Bela Lugosi or Boris Karloff, you got to make a choise

MONSTRO: I say karloff. You ask me why karloff ?? Because he’s uglier
than lugosi

Following the previous questions, favourite horror movie and why?

JACKAL: dont got a favourite one...but i like a few for one or the other reason...
i name some and i bet the movie-maniac knows WHY i like them: EVILDEAD,
OMEN 1-3, R.O.T.L.D. 1+3.....

Tales from the shadows... Fades away and thanks for the interview. Final

JACKAL: Thanks for the interview, spread the name of THE CRIMSON GHOSTS,
Hope to see you in a corpsepit soon!!!

MONSTRO: thanks a lot for the your local morgue !!!!
Or let’s say it with blitzkid words: "long live the horror !!!!!"

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