Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Digging up The Rosedales

So The Rosedales are in the studio at the moment,
how are things going?

Things are going slow but well. Mark and RIP are still
finalizing songs
and making last minute adjustments. We want to be happy
with the songs
before I lay the drums down.

When can we expect new material?

Well, Nitegown is already released on our myspace page.
As far as the
rest of the songs go, we are aiming for a fall release.

You made a video of your hit "It´s Midnight" who
directed it and was it fun to do?

Our friend Justin Zucker, from the band Rock Star Club
(www.rockstarclub.com), did it for us. We all had a great time shooting
it. It was shot all over the Chicagoland area.

The birth of The Rosedales, how did you guys meet?

We are four spirits from different parts of the world and time. We all
were buried in Chicago at a location now known as Rosedale Park. It
really exists....look it up.
The only other information I will give is Mark is really my older brother.

Let´s go to touring, what would be the most fun band to tour with?

If we were going to tour, I think it would be great to tour with Blitzkid.
They are all really cool guys and we seem to have the same interests.

What has been the best experience in touring so far?

The best experience is playing a small town you have never been to before
and seeing kids wearing Rosedales T-shirts and asking us to sign their
copies of "Raise Your Spirits"

I read somewhere that Elvis has been a big influence in your music, could
you share other things that have influenced your music and yourself?

All four of us come from different musical backgrounds. The common thread
is Misfits but after that it is up in the air. RIP is into Elvis,
rockabilly,etc while Mark is more into Danzig and metal. Johnny is big
into Sabbath and Zepplin. Myself, I am a fan of bands from Tool to
Radiohead. Thats why our sound is so unique as far as this genre is
concerned; we each bring our style to the songs.

Comment these persons with one word:

Elvis - King
Glenn Danzig - Strong
Boris Karloff - Scary
Charles Manson - Psychotic
Rob Zombie - Hellbilly

Favourite horror movie?

My new favorite is The Devils Rejects. I like the way Rob Zombie made the
film. Everything fit together so well and it was not over the top like
some movies can be. He made it very realistic which was a departure from
House of 1000 corpses (which I liked as well).

On halloween do you still go out trick or treating?

I am a bit to old for that. Even if I put a mask on, they still would
know I was an adult. I mean, how many 6 foot 5 inch children do you see
these days?!?!?!

What´s the story behind the name "The Rosedales"?

As mentioned earlier, that is the park located in Chicago,
IL that we all were buried.

Last question, when are you guys coming to europe?

Let us finish the album first.....then we will talk!


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