Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Shadow Reichenstein - Werewolf Order

Shadow Reichenstein
Werewolf Order

Shadow Reichenstein hails from Texas, USA. Delivering us straight forward fast horrorpunkrock. Not a suprise that the themes
are ghouls,night and shadows.

Record starts with a intro (sample of the original Dracula)
and goes straight to the song Dracula. The album is a great compination of
fast and furious tracks to a melancholic ballad. If you combine surfypunk,
with fast punk and gothic influences, you get the Shadow Reichenstein.

I would definitely recommend the following tracks:
"Dracula", "It´s Halloween" and "Tombstone...call from the grave"
Go and get your copy before it´s too late!

borgo pass
werewolf order
it´s halloween
wakin the dead
tombstone...call from the grave
be my victim
it´s too late
bela was a junkie
in search of loose dirt
concrete shoes


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