Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Steakdinner with the Blood sucking zombies from outer space

Greetings, what´s up with the Zombies? I heard you´re writing new material and doing a movie?

Bloodbath: Yes, we´re working on a few new songs
or just ideas, but we´ll have to see what comes out.
It´s nothing concrete yet. And we hope that we
can finish our Billy the butcher movie soon.

Dead Gein: Yeah, I have a lot of ideas for new songs
in my head and I cant wait to let them out.

How does a Zombie spend it´s holliday?

Bloodbath: Graverobbing and bloodsuckin,
but in a very relaxed way.

Dead Gein: Do you know the song "Blood Beach" by D.A.G.?

You have released two full-length CD´s so far,
are you happy with the

Dead Gein: Definitely.

Bloodbath: Of course. The first one was made very quick,
so it sounds kinda raw. But that fits quiet good to the songs.
We had a lot more time for "Grand Guignol" and tried to make
it a more elaborated production. And we´re quiet happy
how it worked out.

Favourite Bloodsucking zombies song?

Bloodbath: Maybe Chopping Mall, but that can change from night to night.
Dead Gein: All of them

How would you describe your music?

Dead Gein: Punk -Psycho - Gotha - HardRock A Billy...
or maybe Horrorbilly. Don't know.

Following the previous question, biggest influences?

Dead Gein: Mad Sin, Alice Cooper, D.A.G., Stray Cats,
Kiss, Big John Bates..

Let´s go back to the new records you´re writing,
what can fans

Bloodbath: Thats hard to say cause we are at the beginning
of the writing process right now. And the last record showed us,
that in the end a lot of songs turn out to be completely different
from where they used to be when the first ideas came up.
So it will be a surprise for everyone, including ourself.

Dead Gein: I think we will sound much more straight forward rocking,
raw and wilder than ever before.

Any plans of touring yet?

Bloodbath: We will tour Austria and Germany around Helloween
together with some of our lable mates.

Are you more of a straight in your face rock n roll band live or do
you have special effects and other show materials on stage?

Bloodbath: We tried out some special effects in the past,
but they were to complicated or expensive for the small clubs
were normally playing. So it ended up in a straight rock n roll show.
But thats also something we want to develope this summer,
and hopefully we can present some weird show elements
at the autum tour.

Best gig so far and where?

Bloodbath: Maybe the shows in Leipzig and Cologne in may.
They were both really awesome.

Let´s go to horror movies, favourite actor and movie?

Dead Gein: Too much to name them.

Some of my alltime favourite actors: Bela Lugosi, Vincent Price,
Robert Englung, David Warbeck, Peter Cushing, Jeffrey Combs..

Movies: The Exorcist (Part 1), TCM (part 1-3), Friday the 13th (all parts),
Suspiria, Gates of Hell, Frankenstein Created Woman,
Nekromantik, Blood Feast, Man Eater,..

Final words to our readers?

Dead Gein: IN BLOOD WE TRUST, stay crazy


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