Monday, July 17, 2006

All Gone Dead - Fallen & Forgotten

All Gone Dead
Fallen & Forgotten
(Strobelight records)

All Gone Dead is a fairly new band, formed in the year 2004.
The band contains 3 individuals sharing their common passions. Although being fairly new band, all of the members have long
history in the deathrock scene. Indeed this is their debut album, and a good one it is.
So how does the band sound like? the sound of the record is
very mature, noisy and filled with passion.
There is also a very romantic and beautiful side in their music, making it complete.
I can only speak for myself but the more you listen to this album,
the better the experience gets.
To sum it up, this is an excellent debut album and I´m looking forward seeing them onstage.

"Tears are descenting and you´re crying out loud"

1. G (enerating)
2. The Holy City Of Karbala
3. Newspeak (Room 101)
4. Just 80 Miles West
5. Skritch'N'Skrill
6. Vivid Still Beating
7. O (perating)
8. Orchids In Ruin
9. Cedric Krane
10. Within But Not Before
11. Sunday Went Mute
12. The Aftertaste
13. D (escending)

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