Saturday, July 29, 2006

Killing in a hearbeat with The Spookshow

Greetings, what are the spookshows up to?

- We have just recorded our next album “Psychosexual Chapter 2” that will be out on Halloween this year.
All our album will be released during Halloween. We will do one show in Gothenburg in Sweden and one in Denmark together with
the English band The Caravans. Both shows in September. More info about this can be found at our website.

Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us more about you?

- My name is Mike Dungeon and I play guitar in the Swedish horror punk band The Spookshow.
I write all songs together with my brother Knife Dungeon who also plays guitar in the same band.

What is the current line-up for the Spookshow?

- Miss Behave – Lead vocals, Knife Dungeon – Guitar, Deadbeat – Drums, Carol Anne – Bass and Mike Dungeon – Guitar.

I was browsing your website and I noticed that there were pictures and art from old horror movies, what other things have inspired The Spookshow?

- Everything that have something to do with horror works fine.
I also get inspired from other music such as songs from the 50ies. Sometimes you can hear the influences and sometimes you don’t.
I can take weeks without writing any new material at all then suddenly you grab the guitar and write three new songs in ten minutes.
I can’t really say why it is like this. I don’t know where all the inspiration comes from but I guess I “collect” them and
then after a couple of weeks they need to get out in some way. I think most people works like this and each person has their
own way to “ease the pressure” in sports or whatever. I write songs.

You released your debut album in 2005, are you happy with the result?

- We are very pleased with the result. We got more response than we where hoping for.
All reviews we got so far have been great and the American and German fan base is growing faster than we expected.
Interpunk in the US are selling a lot of records for us. We are constantly somewhere between 200 and 500 on their top list.
The highest is like 110 I think. Almost at the top 100…ha ha ha

Your releasing a trilogy, all albums are going to be released on Halloween, what can we expect?

- All three albums will be very similar since the material for all three is done.
The third album will hopefully be the best. We think so. “Psychosexual Chapter 2” will be a bit slower and more laid back if you compare
to “Psychosexual Chapter 1”. The third album will be more up tempo.

You made a musicvideo, could you tell us more about this?

- I shot the video myself in the woods outside my town. We filmed the video without any budget at all and
Koffin Keenan from the band Under a Nightmare (also on Crypt of Blood Records) put the video together.
It’s a classic chase through the woods. A poor blond a bloody girl gets chased by an axe murderer and she ends up dead.

So how is the horrorband scene in Sweden? Any brother and sister bands?

- In Sweden there are very few horror punk bands I’d like to name a few though:
The Dead Next Door, T-Virus, and The Nightshift. My absolute favourite in Sweden is The Dead Next Door.
I love their music and someday I hope we will release something together.

- We will try to stay out of Sweden since the scene is so small.

You have toured with great horrorbands, what is the funniest band to have around on tour?

- I really like both The Other and The Spook. They are really nice and fun people.

Traveling is a big part of touring, do you like to sit in cars or does it make you bored and angry?

- We get along very well. We always travel in a motor home so we got a lot of space.
During the tours we play cards, Yatzy and sleeps. I think it’s really fun to go out and play.
We get bored sometimes but never angry…so far. I can be frustration to get lost but that is nothing to get angry about.
When I tour, I get the same feeling as when you are going to a school trip as a kid.

Let´s move to other things, what do you think about the stage of punkrock and horrorpunk today?

- I can only speak for the Swedish stage but I think it’s growing now after being almost dead for several years.
The punk scene has been dead for along time in Sweden and the closest to punk we get is Good Charlotte at MTV.

Where do you see the spookshow in the future?

- We will continue to release one album each year as long as we got a record label.
The plan is to release the trilogy before going on any bigger tour.
We will take it slow and really choose our gigs carefully.

Fangs for the interview, any last words?

- Within a couple of weeks, you will be able to listen and download a new song from our website
Also make sure to check us up at My Space

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