Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Letting the flowers die with Blitzkid

Greetings and first off thank you for having the time
to answer to some questions

GOOLSBY: Thank you, sir!

TB: Thank you man!

Blitzkid was formed in 1997, what other bands have you played in?

GOOLSBY: This is the first band I was ever in. Since then,
I've played in Bobby Steele's UNDEAD.

TB: Well, I'm 29 now and I started playing in bands
when I was 14. There was Viper, Tribulation,
Blood Covenant, The Lovepunks, Grape, Bound For Glory,
Ziklag Chase and then Blitzkid.

Horrorhigh is re-releasing "Let Flowers Die", you must be excited about

GOOLSBY: Of course! We're really happy to know that
the albums (this includes the re-release of Trace of a Strnager as well)
that we recorded such a long time ago with no idea anyone
would ever hear them are now in such a nice demand.

TB: Oh yeah, it's always cool to know that records
we released years ago are in such demand now
from kids in the underground. We're happy people want to
be fans of us enough in the sense that
they may've just discovered us and want to hear
our older recordings.

Blitzkid was touring in Germany this summer, how did that go?

GOOLSBY: Always a dream come true to travel to Europe.
I've always wanted to be there but i never imagined
i would be there touring in a band.
It's so much nicer than being a torist on the old folks bus.

TB: The last tour of Germany was incredible.
It seems each time we're over there, our fanbase gets
bigger and bigger, and we've met some of the nicest
people in bands over there. It's great all around.

"Trace of a stranger" was released in 2005, when can we expect a new
Blitzkid record?

GOOLSBY: This summer! It's called FIVE cELLARS BELOW
Best label ever. period.

TB: It comes out August 25th, on Fiend Force Records.
It will be called FIVE CELLARS BELOW.

Lately you´ve been touring alot, what is best in touring?

GOOLSBY: Meeting new peole. Meeting good bands
and forming lasting bonds with those people.
You also learn a lot about yourself out there.
what your strengths are and things like that.
It's a great character building exerience. Every time
i come home form tour i have learned more about the world,
about people, and most of all about myself.
You never stop learning and that's the great thing.

TB: For me it's playing live everynight, and as Goolsby said,
meeting new people and fans.
Every tour I come back with a few more close friends that
I know will be there the rest of my days.
It's also rewarding to form that common
thread with bands of our peers.

This one is for Argyle, you joined the Gorgeous Frankenstein(ex-Misfits
Doyle´s own band),
how did this happen?

GOOLSBY: Dr. Chud who i want to point out to the world right now
is one of THE most nicest and sincere people in this industry
suggested i audition.
At first, i didn;t becuse i felt weird sending in a picture and
live vidoe of myself to Doyle of all people.
I dont know, it just made me feel like i was trying to be someone special
but i did it anyway.
He called, we talked, that was it.
What an awesome person.

Which one do you prefer, the original misfits line-up or the new one?

GOOLSBY: I think they are both great bands.
I consider them 2 different bands with the same name.
Both have their own special quality that make them unique,
while at the same time sharing a common thread.

TB: I like them both. You can't touch the Glenn era stuff because it is
and will forever be classic,
but I really think they did some great things with Chud
and Michale in the band as well, and they showed alot of artistic growth on
those two records.

What bands have influenced you the most?

TSOL, KING TUBBY, OPERATION IVY...the list goes on.
WAAYYY too many to list here.

TB: Megadeth, Exodus, Anthrax, Bad Religion, the Ramones,
Strung Out, No Use For a Name, Social Distortion,
King's X, a virtual ton.

If Blitzkid was a horror movie character, who would play you?

GOOLSBY: Lonn Chaney but he's not capable of that i suppose.
I would have to go with the guy who played the evil monk in
The DaVinci Code.
that dude is capable of my badassness.
haha, im kidding people.

TB: I would be Michael Myers,
because not only did he just have to methodically stalk his victims
with something as simple as a walk and a butcher
knife, but he cannot die it would seem.

Let´s talk a little about inspirations, how does a Blitzkid song come to

GOOLSBY: First you get dumped or something you love dies.
If this isnt the case, then take an emotion you cant explain
with words and make a riff out of it.
refer back to all those old horror movies and how they
all parallell injustices of the real world
and find a way to put it into words.
Then play it live and bleed.

TB: Draw from your own personal experiences,
think about how you can relate a song to
people even if it's using creepy imagery or an old movie
to explain a metaphor about real life,
and go from there...

If you could choose one singer to be a guest star on your album, who
would it be?

GOOLSBY: Greg Graffin. Bad religion. Period.
Dead...Buddy Holly.

TB: Jonah Jenkins, of Only Living Witness.
Dead would have to be Joey Ramone.

Every person leaves a mark on this planet, how would like to be
remembered after you´re gone?

GOOLSBY:Someone who looked so hard into the future that his eyes
came all the way around and burned holes in his back.

TB: Simply as someone who was known within the horror rock circles of being
capable to write a decent song or two. Honestly, I just want to be remembered.
Good, bad or indifferent....

Time to fade away, the last words are yours

GOOLSBY: Life is tough, but it's tougher when you're stupid. pass it on.

TB: LONG LIVE THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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