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Let´s get horrified - The Horrifics

Greetings Horrifics, how are things?

G: Things here are swell. Moving along rather nicely.

P: It's all good here.

How is the scene in Dallas/Ft.Worth?

G: The scene comes and goes around here.
Right now I feel like it's at an all time low point in Dallas.
All of the clubs are closing down and
all of the bands are more interested in competing with one another
rather then being cool, uniting and helping spread the scene.
Ft.Worth is for the most part is a more
metal scene. Lots of Pantera type bands. Boring.
There's a couple of horror punk bands here and there.
Sleezus Fist from Denton is really cool. We're working
with them through our newly established label 1031RECORDS.
There's a few good up and coming bands like the Spook City Allstars,
Family Plot, and Anarchist Monument.

P: It's pretty stale around here. I feel like it's on it's
way back around though.
The Red Barn in Ft.Worth is always a blast.
They let us do whatever we want there.

You just got back from the studio, are you happy with the outcome?

P: I'm really happy with it. I can't wait for it to be out so
everyone can hear what we've worked on for so long.

G: I'm very happy with the end product. I'm proud of the work
we put into this album. It's taken a while to finish and to get out
but in the long run it'll be well worth the wait.
It will be the first CD to be released through 1031RECORDS.

What can horrorpunk fans expect from your forthcoming album?

G: Fast, FUN, catchy blasts of energy infused with a good dose
of Texas size EVIL.

P: Expect to spiral headlong into horror.
It's "horrorpunk" but it's also it's own thing.

You did a cover of the Samhain classic "All Murder, All Guts, All Fun", was
it fun to do?

G: Definitely alot of FUN to do! Samhain is my favorite band of all time
and "All Murder" is one of my favorite songs by them.
It was cool also because we had MAD Mike GHOUL
from California horror punks Plan 9 in the studio with us
playing drums on it. Doing "All Murder" was actually his idea.

What does Samhain mean to you? Is it a big inspiration?

P: Samhain's crazy ass guitar riffs inspire me!

G: If you mean Samhain the band, like I said,
they're my favorite band of all time. Their spooky
atmospheres and lyrical subject matter always inspire me.
If you mean Samhain the pagan holiday
it inspires me so much I got married on it
last year! The death of Summer.
What more can you ask for in a day of reverance?

Have you sent the song to Glenn and if you have, did he like it?

G: We haven't sent our cover of "All Murder" to him so
I'm not sure if he's even heard it.
We also did a cover of "To Walk the Night" off of Samhain's
"November Coming Fire" album.
We had it up online for a while and I heard through the
grapevine that he heard it and liked it. Who knows?!
You know how rock and roll rumors get started.
I've never spoken with him personally about the HORRiFiCS.
I hope he digs what we're doing.
There would be no HORRiFiCS if it weren't for the
things he did with the Misfits and Samhain.

P: I've been into Glenn-era Misfits and Samhain since
I was about 14. It would mean alot to me
if he liked our sound.

What other bands have inspired you?

G: I like alot of music. I have over 700 CDs in my collection.
Alot of varied things influence me personally and lyrically
but the bands that influence the HORRiFiCS' sound
and image most would be BALZAC from Japan,
Plan 9 from California, the mighty Black Sabbath,
Type-O-Negative, the Cramps, Cradle of Filth,
the Birthday Party, and White Zombie.

What is the best band to tour with?

G: I love playing shows with Day of the Sick from Oklahoma.
Their front man Spammo is lunacy personified.
You never know what he's going to do on stage!
I like folks who keep you guessing.

P: Sleezus Fist. Johnny and the boys are always cool to
catch up with and to drink some beers with.

Do you still celebrate halloween?

G: Of course! Last year Mz.Gruesome and I flew up to New York City
to catch BALZAC perform with Rock City Morgue
and the Misfits at B.B.King's on Halloween night.
It was a KILLER show! BALZAC tore it up!
I got Hirosuke's glove from that night.
I gave it to PHiBES. Mz.Gruesome and I got married the very next day
on Samhain and flew off to Paris France to honeymoon for a week.
It was a great time! This year we're making plans as a band to go
and play in New Orleans and catch up with my pals in NOLA horror punk
outfit Antarctica Vs. the World.

P: Yeah! We definitely celebrate Halloween!
We spend alot of free time going to all of the local haunted houses and what not.
Drunk of course. As soon as last season was over
we started figuring out which houses we wanted to hit this year.
Screams in Waxahachie Texas is a personal favorite.

Question that I gotta always ask, favourite horror movies?

G: I get asked this alot and it always changes.
I have a huge collection of DVDs and the majority of them are horror.
Here's the first 10 that come to mind at
the moment...
2.Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
3.Evil DEAD 2:DEAD By Dawn
5.Bram Stoker's Dracula
6.Cronos:Vampire Hunter
7.Blood and Doughnuts
8.Ginger Snaps
10.the Company of Wolves

P: Lucio Fulci's Zombie. Romero's Zombie trilogy.
Any zombie movie really. I'm the big zombie buff in the band.
I like alot of the comedy horror stuff too.
Dead Alive, Shaun of the Dead, etc.

Do you prefer old movies over new hollywood horror, these days? New horror
movies are often pretty shallow.

P: I do like the old stuff best. There's a few good new things
I'm into but mostly the old stuff does it for me.

G: I get tired of all of the CGI graphics that's being used in the new films.
And all of the re-makes are getting a bit tiresome.
I did get into the re-make of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre
and the new Amittyville Horror.
Silent Hill was a bit bizarre and twisted.
I'm really into the late 70's to early 80's splatter flicks.
Jason Voorhees rocks.

Last but not least, where do you see the Horrifics in 5 years from now?

P: Doing our own thing to the best of our abilities. I can't predict the future.

G: Doing whatever it is that makes us happy 5 years from now.
That was our whole point when Mz.Gruesome and I started 1031RECORDS
to handle all of the HORRiFiCS' affairs.
We want to be free to come and go as we please and
pretty much do whatever we want when want to do it.
I hope by then we have at least 3-4 rock solid horror punk albums out.
We'll have to wait and see. There's no way to tell the future.
I'm going to take in stride as it comes and roll with the punches.
THANX for the interview! THANX also to everyone who supports the HORRiFiCS! For
anyone interested here are a few links to check into...

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