Friday, August 18, 2006

Tragic Black

For those who don´t know Tragic Black, briefly tell some facts about
your band.

vISION: TRAGIC BLACK is a five piece band from Salt Lake City and is amongst the
most active and dedicated modern Deathrock bands. With Vision - lead vox, Vyle -
bass/keys, Hex - guitar, and Seputus - drums.

While the current line up is somewhat new, the core founding members Vision &
Vyle have released various self-released CDs since their inception in 2000.
Released their label debut "The Decadent Requiem" on Strobelight Records
February 2006, and have numerous compilation appearences, as well as concerts
and festivals all over the USA, most recently the WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN festival in
Leipzig Germany.

Genres are necessary evil, where would you put Tragic Black?

vISION: We are a progressive Deathrock band with elements of old school goth
rock, glam rock, post/punk rock, industrial, and new wave.

How are Tragic Black songs born? Could you share some details on
your writing style?

vISION: We work together, no one person does all the song writing.
We each write our own parts for every song. A lot of the time I will have new
lyrics, share my vision for the style of the song and then each of us will
create what becomes a new song. It's like that for each of us, if Hex has a
guitar riff or if Vyle has a bass riff, they will play it and we will all write
our parts that suite it well.

On your latest release "The Decadent Reqieum"(excellent -editors
note) there is a alot different vibes, are you happy with the result?

vISION: I am. Our vision and message in The Decadent Requiem cannot be summed
up by any one style or theme, rather the combination of musical styles and ideas
that inspired us to create The Awakening that is TDR.
It gets across a lot of the initial ideas that made us want to form this band in
the first place. To awaken to certain forces in the world we are forced to live
in and your place in it.
The music on TDR was written with different people over 4-5 years.
It is essentially our 1st official CD, and the phase of Awakening.

You made a Christian Death cover for Strobelights New Dark Age 4
complation, tell us more about this?

vISION: Hell yeah, it's "Skeleton Kiss (RIP Mix)" we recorded exclusively for
this compilation. We are all big fans of Rozz Williams and have covered
Christian Death and performed memorials for Rozz in the past. This song is our
newest release and is a glimpse of what is to come next.

Let´s go to touring, I read somewhere that you love to tour, best
places to play?

vISION: Chicago is an amazing place to play, we have played there twice and will
soon play a third time!! Release The Bats in Long Beach are killer places to
Texas rocks too, we only played there once, but it was bad ass.

You just got back from Europe, was it a good experience?

vISION: It was a great experience, I felt so releived and excited seeing the
German/European deathrock/goth scene. We left Europe incredibly inspired and
started writing lots of new music when we came back.

What is the difference between American and European scene?

vISION: It seems closer, and bigger. In the states it's so far spread apart.
There are a lot of fiends, but we are spread so thinly in the states, whereas in
Germany each city seems to have it's own relatively big scene.
The people seem really into it, it felt good to be around people who have the
same love for it as we do.

Last 3 CD that have been spinning in your CD player?

vISION: Chants of Maldoror - Every Mask Tells the Truth (amazing!!!!!), All
Gone Dead - Fallen & Forgotten, and Moi Dix Mois - Dix Infernal.

Favourite horror movies?

vISION: In the mouth of madness, Dawn of the Dead, Nightmare on Elm Street,
Event Horizon, all the Halloweens, and all the Exorcists.

What will the future hold for Tragic Black?

vISION: New music, more gigs in Europe, Mexico, US and one day, hopfully,
Japan! More and more updates to our official website
There is much to come from Tragic Black, there's some really exciting news I
cant say just yet, so stick around and enjoy the terror-ride!

Fangs alot for the interview and good luck in the future! Final
words are yours.

vISION: Fangs to you too! It's been nice chatting with you!
Many greetz and cheers to you and yer fiends for now!!

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