Friday, August 04, 2006

Having a bite with the Young Werewolves

How did the tale of The Young Werewolves begin?

- Clawing their way out of Transylvania...errr....Pennsylvania, The
Young Werewolves searched to unfold the true roots of Rock 'n' Roll.
The band began in early 2002 when three wandering musicians met in
the city of Philadelphia.

By mixing the styles of classic hot rod
rock 'n' roll to outlaw punk rock, The Young Werewolves hope create
a timeless sound guaranteed to make you howl along and strut your

The Young Werewolves are from Pennsylvania, how is the horror
scene there?

- There are a few good Horror Cons around here. We’re lucky to be
located in the Tri-state area of New York, New Jersey &
Pennsylvania. It lets us cover alot of ground. It seems wherever we
go there are creatures of the night that come out of the woodwork!

You´ve got your debut album out, are you pleased with the result?

- We couldn’t have asked for more. We’re going back into the studio
with the same guy ( Andy Kravitz ) in September, for the 2nd.

How does a song like "Curse of the Cocaine Mummies" come to life?

- It was a special on the Discovery channel about mummies in South
America that are wrapped in cocoa leaves. We set a twist on it & the
rest is history!!!

Biggest influences in music?

- WOW! So many to choose from…The Ramones, Elvis, The Misfits, Buddy
Holly, Stray Cats, The Monkees, and The Cramps…just to name a few.
Between the band, we pretty much cover the gamut of musical
interests…everything from Mozart to Morbid Angel!!!

First five horror movies in your collection?

Young Frankenstein
Braindead (…that lawnmower scene ROCKS!!! )
American Werewolf in London
Dracula ( the original )
Shawn of the Dead

Let´s go to touring, best experience so far?

- Again, so many choices! Recently, we opened for Rock City Morgue.
Sean Yseult’s (White Zombie) new band. Dana was thrilled about this.
Sean was a major influence on her. We’ve played with Elvis’ guitar
player, Sleepy LaBeef. Robert Gordon. Alot of good times.

What would be the band of choice to tour with in a fantasy world?

- At this point it would be in our best interest to shoot for the
Horrorpops or Social Distortion. But if we’re goin fantasy, that
would depend on which one of us you were talking to. Miles Davis,
the Misfits (original lineup), or the Dead Boys.

Euro dates?

- We’d love to jump over the pond, funding doesn’t allow for it at
this point…Is that an offer??? Our funds at this point are sunk into
this new CD. We’ve got a way to go for financing this one. Keep your
paws crossed. Europe sounds right up our alley & hopefully we’ll
make it to you soon.

Last but not least, what is the Wolf-man up to these days?

- Don’t you know??? Hmmm, maybe you hadn’t heard. He went into
retirement & passed the torch onto us! We keep him updated as to the
lycanthropic adventures of the world. He just got to be too popular,
you know, being mobbed at the store, flash bulbs everywhere. He was
a prisoner of his own fame. We try to shield him from all that. We
actually like the flash bulbs!!! Shhhhhhhhhhh!


The Young Werewolves

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