Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The wolfskin killers - Zombeast

This interview was made with Mario and Jared

When was zombeast formed?

- August of 2005

Your biggest influences?

- Samhain, Danzig, The Misfits (77-83), Son of Sam, AFI, anything really..
From goth shit to metal shit to punk rock shit.

Your song "wolfskin killer" is featured on the horrorhigh compilation,
that must have been a great break for you guys?

Jared: Yeah, It was pretty fucking awesome. We had only been a band for about 3 months when Horror High contacted us for the comp.
So it was pretty crazy to have all this intrest in the band this early and with only 4 songs on our myspace.

Mario: as jared said we weren't a band for that long,so to be asked to be on a comp was crazy to me.

And you actually signed a record deal with horrorhigh records, shed some light to the process.

Jared: Horror High wanted a unreleased track for the comp. So at that point we had just written 'Wolfskin Killer" and decided..
"hey fuck it lets give them that song". So we sent it to them and as soon as they got it we got e-mail from Horror High just saying
how fucking awesome they thought the song was and how they felt we had major potential.
Then they came out and saw us live and just thought the whole band was incredible live as well.
They felt Mario's voice really shined in the whole moment of being on stage and shit.

Mario: since they liked wolfskin killer we sent them a demo with more of our songs,they came to see us live and i guess
they liked what they saw and heard.

Zombeast is from Arizona, one of the greatest horrorpunk bands, CALABRESE also comes from the region, how is the scene in Arizona?

Jared: The scene is fucking great. Its really grown over the years. Calabrese are great friends of ours and we play together constantly.
However, the newest band from AZ thats making some noise is "Hour Of The Wolf". We actually all hope some day Zombeast, Calabrese,
and Hour Of The Wolf can hit the road for a small tour. We really feel we can bring some attention to Arizona.

Mario: it seems to be getting bigger,every show.especialy when there's several good bands to see.

You guys just played a show with Calabrese, the Limit Club and couple of more bands,
how did that go?

Jared: It was awesome.. The whole show turned out great. I've never seen so many people at that venue before.

Mario: it was a very good show,it's always great to play with calabrese.

Future plans with touring, Europe perhaps?

Jared: Well once the album drops in october via Horror High Records (
We plan on hitting the west coast and such. We will get everywhere.. Just going to take a little bit of time.

Mario: like jared said we are going to have to start small cause we still work for living,you know.
but eventualy we hope to be a touring band.

Now that you´re signed with Horrorhigh, when can we expect a debut album?

Around the end of october..

Following the previous questions, what can fans expect?

Jared: Well my opinion about it is.. Well its kinda all over the place in a good way.
I think with each song you can hear some of our different influences. I mean of course there will always be the underlining Danzig influence.
Thats a given. But some songs remind of Samhain, then AFI, and even some darker slower shit like Type O Negative.

Mario: lyrics so they can sing along.

As a big horror movie fan, I always ask about favourite horror movies and actors,
could you name couple of your favourites?

Jared: I'm real big on the Zombie flicks. Dead Alive and Dellamorte Dellamore will always hold place in my heart.

Mario: the beyond,basket case,the howling

I bet the future will be good for you guys, what do you expect from the future?

Jared: Touring touring touring. Crazy fucking shows and meeting our fans across the world.
Also, Just to grow as a band really. So far for the next album I have about 5 songs written and I can already see major growth.

Mario: more shows,hopefully touring soon.

Fangs for the inteview, the last words are yours!

Jared: Don't fart in the shower, it might possibly kill you.

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