Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Spookshow - Psychosexual Chapter 2

The Spookshow
Album: Psychosexual Chapter 2
Label: Crypt of Blood Records
Release date: November 1st 2006
Producer: Jonas Kjellgren. Black Lounge Studio

The Spookshow is and old new friend, coming from the graveyards and swamps of Sweden.
Psychosexual Chapter 2 is the second part of the trilogy, and every one of these
suckers have been released near Halloween time, so how ghoulish is that?

The album itself is a groovy mix between punk-rock and poppish tunes,
lyrically it´s pure horror, a b-movie marathron with pretty girls getting sliced and diced,
ghouls, demons and zombies lurking in every corner.

Tracks like "Baby Baby Baby", "Talk About The Living Dead" and "Sleep with the dead"
will keep every horrorfan satisfied and begging for more.
Go get this album... you won´t regret it!

"I can bring flowers to your grave, I can but I Won´t"

I can but I won´t
All I want is to poke your eyes out
Baby Baby Baby
Carry me Home
Talk about the living dead
Follow me Darkness
We Are Bleeding
Here comes the Zombies
Love Them Young
Angel without Wings
So Lonely I could Die
Sleep with the Dead

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