Tuesday, October 24, 2006

From beyond the Grave comes... The Rezurex

This was made with Daniel deLeon, the lead singer of Rezurex.

Hell-o, how are things at the moment?

- Good now that i arrivied in Europe!
I am at the airport drinking some blood. no,
i mean beer, ha ha!

Tell us briefly about your band Rezurex

- Rezurex started in 2002 with original band members, Jeff Roffredo, James Meza, Troy Russel, and me, Daniel deLeon.
We are all from the Los Angeles area. I live in Hollywood.

Musically speaking, who are your biggest influences?

- My biggest influences are Cramps, Damned, David Bowie, Billy Idol, Stray Cats and The Doors.
I enjoz many styles of music.
I first learned of music from my parents who listened to 1950´s Rock and Roll.

From what I´ve understood, you run the Fiend Fest in the states, tell us more about this.

- It is no longer called , the fiendfest. that is because the misfits threatened to sue us
for using the name of their fiendfest the put on every once in a while.
we now have a better name, "Living Dead Fest".
The first one will be in Hollywood on Jan 13th 2007 featuring bands from Fiendforce Records.
The line up now is, Rezurex, Nim Vind, The Other, Stellar Corpses, Order of the Fly and More than Never.
This is a good mix of horror punk and psychobilly!

Rezurex is signed with the German based Fiendforce records, how did you end up with them?

- I have know Thorsten from Fiendforce for a few years already.
He went to see Rezurex on our first tour to Europe about 2 years ago.
As soon as we finished our set, he immediatly asked us to be on his label.
I could not refuse because i liked him as a friend and had trust in his label.
Fiendforce has done a great job promoting us and glad we sighed with them!

On your debut album "Beyond the Grave" you have both English and Spanish(Dia De los muertos and Nueva Vida) lyrics,
story behind this?

- We all live in Los Angeles and most of the people here speak spanish.
Also, my family is from Mexico and Spain. So basicly the language has been part of my life.
It is funny because here we also mix english and spanish, as a joke we call it Spanglish.

More about your debut, was it a hard project and are you satisfied with the result?

- No it was not a hard project, because we had the songs ready to record a year before.
the only hard part was to fund the recording. i am happy with the results!
Now we have enough material for 2 more albulms, but we need funding for that, too.

You made a video of the song "Devil woman from outer space" and it´s very fiftees and old horror movie style,
who directed it and it must have been fun to do?

- That was a fun to film! We filmed it in Malibu, CA. That day was in the middle of winter,
but the temperature was 80 degrees farenhiet. HOT!
We had Sparky from Demented Are Go guest star in it along with
Emily Marilyn as Devil Woman.
Also, the car you see belongs to Troy.

Special treat for the Finnish fiends, Rezurex is coming to Finland with Blitzkid in November,
are you looking forward touring in Europe?

- I have been looking forward to this more than any tour!!
It will be our first time in Finland, so i hope we can scare you enough.

About touring in general, what is the best and worst thing about it?

- Best is meeting new friends, having a good time, and seeing the world. Worst is when you come home.

Following the third question, other influences besides music? I always ask about favourite horror movies
so let´s start with that.

- My favorite horror is classic Frankenstien, Dracula.
But i really enjoy horror comedy, like Dead Alive, Return of the Living Dead, Frankenhooker.
I also star in one of those movies called, Day Of The Dead Part 2.
Next year i am supposed to be in a movie called, Frankenpunk. I will be Frankenpunk, ha ha!

Ok this is about it, fangs for having the time to answer to my questions, looking forward seeing you play live
in Finland, the final words are yours!

- THanks! And i am looking forward to visit all of you from Beyond The Grave....


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