Sunday, November 19, 2006

Blitzkid - Five Cellars Below

Album: Five Cellars Below
Label: Fiendforce records
Release date: 2006

Blitzkid is a horrorpunkband that doesn´t leave you cold, they have been around for
10 years and they know what they´re doing.
So this is Blitzkid´s latest and finest, "Five Cellars Below" is such an good package
that I don´t know where to start. The sounds are brilliant, songs are complete
and they support each other making the album sound "full and complete".

The album is filled with horrorpunkmagic, it´s melodic, mix of fast and mellow songs and it takes you over like a hurricane. Try songs like "Starlite Decay", "Mary And The Storm",
"Terror in The Haunted House" and my personal favourite "Vanishing Riders"
This CD is definitely worth purchasing, so get it now!


Black Mountain Backstep
A Blind Bargain
Starlite Decay
Mary And The Storm
Midnight Mile
Lady In The Lake
Terror In the Haunted House
Genus Unknown
Demon Machine
The Torn Prince
The Trunk
Carve Out A Heart
Vanishing Riders

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