Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Mister Monster - Prom night massacres

Hell-o, please introduce yourself to our readers

- J.Trioxin, Vocals and guitar in Mister Monster and Touring guitarist for Michale Graves.

Mister Monster was formed in 1998, briefly tell us more about the history of Mister Monster.

- It was started as a side project, i was in a band playing bass and i had written songs like Prom Night and Dead Flesh Gurl and needed a way to get them out.
So i recorded the songs one day with my friends Mars and Jimmy Skinz.
We pressed about 250 cassettes and were asked to play a halloween show,
the response was great and the tapes sold out in a matter of weeks so we just kept it up.
i had written more songs and by that point jimmy and mars had bowed out.
so i went into Planet Grey studios and recorded 10 songs on my own.
4 of these are scattered through out a few different compilations and the rest have become the famed "5 Song Sampler"..
the album was never released in its entirety.

Mister Monster is from New Jersey, how is the scene up there?

- Its mostly cover bands and emo kids. As far as deathrock goes theres a few but they arent very well noticed because they came out a little too late.
At the time, with the Misfits excluded, Mister Monster was one of the only horror rock bands in NJ, (Along with the Crypt Keeper 5).
So we got noticed and respected, the Misfits had already made a comeback but were not yet the lame household name they became after around 2001.

The legendary Misfits are from NJ, how much have this influenced you guys?

- the fact that theyre from NJ has influenced me zero...
the fact of their music has influenced me Heavy. My first tattoo was when i was 16 of the the Crimson Ghost,
so i obviously dig them. I think its fucking stupid when bands try and act like they dont know the bands that have obviously influenced them,
I've even been told that I've been an influence to some newer bands and that to me is the best fucking thing i could possibly hear.
To be ONE precent of the chemicals that make up any band is an honor and i am extremly greatfull.

Following the previous question, your biggest influences?

- Phil Spector, Bob Rock, Brian Setzer, Keith Caputo, Mike Ness,
Johnny Cash, Glenn Danzig, Doyle, Eerie Von, a TON of 50's DooWop
(not that bubble gum "Walk like a man" bullshit either).

Let´s talk about song writing, any special rituals while writing new material?

- None, i cant sit down and write a song, which is why i can never tell when an album will be done,
i could be driving or sleeping and an entire song will just come to me and ill lay it down and its done.
Very few changes are ever made from the original time of demoing to what actually comes out on an album.
I have forced it out before and i hated the aftermath. I usually have the vocal line and then i put down the guitar after that to sccompany it.
Im more of a vocal line melody man, i never sit down with my guitar and play riffs til i hear something i like.
I look at myself more as a writer and not so much a player.

When can fans expect new material from Mister Monster?

- Anytime now, my guitarist just quit so im deiciding on doing the record myself or have one or many bands back me up as far as instruments go...
we'll see.

Touring, any plans concerning europe?

- I dont need a ton of money but i need just enough to break even,
im not looking to make money but i also cant afford to lose anymore so if someone were to offer us a chance to come over to europe then of course id love to.
I did a tour over there with Blitzkid and it was probably one of the best-times Ive ever had on the road.

From touring to the future, where do you see Mister Monster in the next 2-4 years?

- Could be exactly where it is now and it could be huge,
you never know in this business. I would like to get some new music out though because as much as everyone loves "Over Your Dead Body"
i am sick of it and dont want that to be my crowning acheivment.
Its a blessing and a curse, im so happy that people seem to love that record but theres also alotof pressure for the next one to be as good as or better.
If its worse than whats the point? im just gonna do what i do though, i know ya cant please everyone,
but id like to, at leaste the fans anyway.

We´re always curious about bands fav. movies, top5 horrormovies?

Return of the Living Dead
Bad Taste
The Wolfman
28 Days Later

Time to go back to the coffin, any last words?

- Thanx so much for the oppurtunity to speak.
These interviews let people into me even if justfor a few minutes.
I dont really give a fuck of people love me or hate me, as long as they like the music thats all i really give a shit about.
People have gotten so fucking dramatic over the past few years and they seem to wanna know more about 'what really happened'
as opposed to just buying the fucking album.

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kool interview man cant wate to here the new album sure it will be kick ass...hope mister monster do get the opurtunity to play some shows in europe, england especally would be awesome good luck with the album and stuff man stay goul.

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Who the hell is J-Sin Trioxin?

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