Tuesday, November 21, 2006

In the garden of rage with Others

Fiendish evening to you, how are things back in the caves of Binghamton?

A: Rainy, wet and dreary... Just another day in lovely Bingoland.

Tell us more about your band, Others, current line-up and briefly about your past?

A: Well, lets see. Current line up is – Mistress Jessica / Vocals, M.A.D. / Guitar, Dano Voodie / Bass and Mr. Webb on percussion.
We formed in march of 2002 after me (marquis), Dano and Mistress Jessica left a band we were in called "Spanker"(2000 - 2001).
My guitarist from "Bloodsuckingfraks" joined us and after a spell we found Mr. Webb and started jammin together.
We started by playing some of the old songs from Spanker and "BSF" til we figured out what direction we wanted to go.
I wanted to do more of a gothic horror thing to really bring put Mistress J’s voice and EDX and Mr. Webb wanted to do metal.
Dano said "as long as it's heavy and doesn't suck I'll play it".

So i wrote abunch of songs to try out on everyone, at first it was more punk and nobody was really happy with it.
So i went back to the drawing board, combining my love for horror with metal and gothic overtones. It was a hit and that’s how it all started.
We recorded the “7 Song EP” in August of 2002. Recorded “Garden of Rage” in 2003/2004 with producer Jsff DaBella at Mansion Audio. E.D.X. left in 2004,
was replaced by Lady Bathory in 2005, left 5 month’s later).
Signed a dstrobution deal with Dr. Cyclops Records in 2005.
“Garden of Rage” finally came January 2006. We did a few movie sountracks, got on many comps, played all over the north east and here we are today.

Biggest influences?

A: My biggest influences are man’s inhumanity (especially as of late) but mostly all things horror,
a dark and stormy night, Vampires, creatures of darkness and so on. Musicly,
I’m influenced by everthing from Classical to 50’s rock, swing and so on...
but over all I was influencd by certain bands that have their own unique sound such as
Danzig, AFI, Cradle of Filth, Godhead, Manson, Ramones, Tori Amos, to name a few.
I really want “Others” to be a one of a kind and not sound like anyone else.

Let´s talk about your record "Garden of Rage", where did you record it and
who produced it?

A: We recorded the album at Mansion Audio in Binghamton N.Y. with Jeff DaBella at the helm.
I’ve known Jeff forever and always went there to record (we recorded the 7 song EP there),
so when we went back to record another album, Jeff had been following the buzz about us and told us he wanted to produce our next album,
he loved what we were doing and wanted to really bring our sound together.
After some thought we decided to go for it. We had the same vision for the album and it was a match made in hell.
He worked us into shape, then we started laying tracks in June of 2003. Jeff let me co-produce it with him, which was a real honour and a learning expirence.
We had a blast and we wrapped it up in January of 2004.

About songwriting, how does an "others" song come to life? Rituals?

A: Um, usually I start with a human sacrifice... Not really,
I’m just kidding (or am I ?). I usually write about what inpires me.
If I get a riff or a lyric in my head, then that’s what i go with and build around it.
Sometimes I write the lyrics first, sometimes the music. I then make a demo Then the process is,
I show it to Mr. Webb, then to Dano Voodie. Once we have it down,
we’ll record a another demo and then I hand it over to the singer (with my scratch vocals)
and then Presto!! Another “Others” song is brought to life.

Others appears in the Danzig tribute CD, tell us more about this

A: Well, I had been a member of “The 7th House” forum (Official danzig Fan Forum)
for years but hadn’t been there in a spell, when I heard about a tribute being put together by bands of the forum and it was being approved by the man himself.
Me being a huge fan (and a major influence on my song writing), I said “I must get on this!” I wrote to the proper contacts and after some bloodletting and beging I was able to get on it.
We choose “Thirteen” and “Skulls” but “Skulls” didn’t make the cut. Jeff Dabella Produced the song for us and we’re quite pleased with how it came out (better than i imagined).
It’s an honour to be a part of this and a shout out has to go to Radu for puttin this baby together (and having us on it).
The tribute is only available for a short time, it is a limited release of 666 copies with no repress.
So get your copy while supplies last. Visit http://www.hedonismrecords.com/HR_store.html

About horrorpunk, how´s the scene in your hometown?

A: Scene? Your lookin at it kid. There is no horror scene here in Binghamton,
hell there’s barely a scene at all. It’s mostly Screamo / Emo bands.
The scene itself (Punk / Metal), died a few years back when they inacted the smoking ban.
Almost all of the rock clubs closed down because people refused to go to bars and clubs if they couldn’t smoke.
I used to book shows but now it isn’t worth it ‘cause no one will show up.
There’s a few places that do all age shows once in a while.
It’s slowly making a comeback (the overall scene). There’s a decent scene in Scranton PA , Kingston PA.
We mostly play out of town and maybe at home a couple of times a year.

Touring is a big part of being in a band, best and worst memories from the road?

A: They’re all good. It sure beats workin... We’ve had a few crummy gigs but that’s to expected sometimes.
Ya can’t always pitch a perfect game if ya know what I mean.
We just did thee days with Horror of ’59 out in Buffalo, Detroit and Akron and had a blast.
I personally love playin on the road.

I gotta ask, favourite horrormovies?

A: Well, speaking for myself, I would have to say Nosferatu and Dracula are my favorite movies.
I love the whole myth of the Vampire and what it represents.
I really love the old horror movies, they always left room for your imagination.
Now a days, it’s all right there on the screen, the blood, the gore, ect...
Don’t get me wrong, I like some of that stuff too but it’s all overkill now.
I mean there’s only so many ways some can be disembowled.
It seems that you need tons of blood and gore to make a horror movie today.

What does the future hold for Others?

A: Hopefully alot. We’re gonna take a break from playing out to write new material for our next opus (and pay off some bills).
We have about 30 songs so far. I wouldn’t mind getting on a few more movie soundtracks as well.
Make a few videos. Who knows what the future lies but we’ll be around for a while.

Scream for our readers of the last time... for now.


Thanks to all our fans, friends and family for supporting us over the years.
Thanks to Jeff DaBella and Shane Diablo for believeing in us, Bob and Horror of ’59,
all of the radio stations that play us, Ted Alderman from Wicked Dreams Entertainment,
Radu and all at the 7th House, Thanks to all the ghouls at the World Horror Newtork (www.worldhorrornetwork.com) and Thank you for the interview.
Vist our website :
www.othersgothichorror.com or www.myspace.com/others

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