Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Breathing Transylvania with Spooky DeVille

Hello Spooky DeVille, how is life?

- Other than a few bumps and bruises, we can't complain.
Life is good for the undead....if that makes much sense at all.

First, tell us the tale of Spooky DeVille.

- Kid Gruesome (guitars) originally played drums and El Cucuy (upright bass) played guitar
for a band that never took off but still booked a show.
After a member left We aquired a longtime friend to play drums, Billy Diesel.
With 2 weeks to that show with Brutally Frank in late March '06,
Dozer joined up and we then took the name Spooky DeVille and somehow wrote an 8 song set in time. We suprisingly had a great turnout for a Sunday Night in the land 'o Mormons.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn´t heard it yet?

- If Herman Munster wrote songs for Johnny Cash after eating a Chili Pepper with Doyle Wolfgang on Guitar.

Biggest influences musically?

- That's kind of a tough one...Mad Sin, Lost City Angels, Ghoultown,
Roy Orbison to name a few. We like to keep things creepy but still fun.
We also have a big '80's Hardcore influence

Spooky DeVille released earlier "Nightlife" EP which is now turning into a full
length release, share more details about this.

- You pretty much nailed it there. Our producer's (Johnny Demonic of Left for Dead)
computer took a dump after recording the E.P. and by the time it was fixed and ready to be mixed, We had enough good songs to fill out a Full length....We have a limited supply of the rough version,
but We are polishing everything to put out sn official pressing.

Let´s talk about the Salt Lake City scene, how is it?

- Everyone is very diverse but only a hairline seperating the different scenes.
We draw from each of those and Everyone is super supporting and friendly.

From what I´ve understood Utah is a very religious are, have religious people given you any hard times?

- I had a job at a Mortuary and got fired for not being Mormon...
but as far as Musically...I think they are just scared of us so they don't bother.

I´ve always been interested how different musicians write their music,
any special rituals or obsessions while writing new material?

- Dozer writes songs at work and just puts the words to Music that the band is working on.....
We sometimes sacrifice a single white dove to appease the Gods of rock in inspiration,
while eating pork chops.

Since we´re wondering in the fields of horror, favourite horrormovies?

- Halloween, Anything with "Of the Dead" in the title, a good Zomedy is always good, Slither, Universal monster Movies.....
Milo and Otis. hahaha. Horror movies in General are always good fun.

Your view about the present horrormovie releases, seems that every film is a re-make
or poor Japanese ripoff.

- As long as they are well done it's ok...just no Teeny Bopper bitch in the lead role.
The Ultra-Violence in recent movies is amazing though.

Tomb is calling, last words are yours

OJ is not a murderer......shit!

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