Tuesday, December 12, 2006

DieMonsterDie - Lifes Blood: past-present-future

Album: Lifes Blood: past-present-future
Label: Dr Cyclops Records
Release date: 2006

What i´m holding in my hands is the new DieMonsterDie release.
It contains killer 27 songs from six previous albums including songs from:

The Continuing Mission To Destroy Rock N Roll, No Future For The Weak,
What Is Shall Always Be, Honor Thy Dead, Only The Dead Will Survive
and 3 tracks from upcoming brand new album, coming in 2007.

Musically DieMonsterDie is somewhere in the middle of:
Alice Cooper, KISS, Misfits, Samhain
and bunch of other metal and old school punk bands,
but at the same time they´re uncompromisingly doing their own thing.
Lyrically, do I need to say more? It´s all about death,ghouls,
horror and the darker side of life with a twist of sarcastic black humor.
I would definitely pick these song as a highlight of this album:

"Black is the color of Darkness",
"One night at Devil´s rock",
"Red wedding Dress"
and "Gravedigger Girl".

This is a great way to meet the band, if you´re already familiar with DieMonsDie´s
ghoulish tunes. Great package from start to finish and I won´t let you go
until you bleed. Still don´t own it?! Bad bad ghoul! No excuses!
It´s free, go to: http://horrorpunks.com and start downloading it suckers!


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