Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Ghastly Ones - Target: Draculon

The Ghastly Ones
Album: Target: Draculon
Label: Ghastly Plastics Corp.
Release date: 2006

Imagine yourself in the mix of the most beautiful beach
and the most dark and cold place in outer space.
That is the place which this album takes you.
Yes, they are back! The most groovy ghouls out there, The Ghastly Ones.
Last time we talked about these ghouls, the name of the game was
"A-Haunting We Will Go-Go" their debut album which cruised in the shores
and dark castles of the Earth.
Now that the Earth is conquered, it´s time to move the surf-ship
to outer space.

"Target: Draculon" is a instant scfi-fi surf classic,
the album is filled with Fender bending groovy sounds
from beginning until the end.
With a Tracklist like this you just can´t go wrong!
Or what do you think about titles such as
"Grave Dig Her", "Spooky Girl" and
"Double Agent 73 (Who Came In From The Cold)"
I thought so! The future of The Ghastly Ones looks bright,
can´t wait for the next release!


- Intro
- Target: Draculon
- Without Warning
- Blood Countess Sees All...
- Grave Dig Her
- The Sighting...
- Shockmonster Stomp
- Now Fear This
- Weird Spaceship...
- Spooky Girl
- Double Agent 73 (Who Came In From The Cold)
- Full Throttle, Empty Bottle
- Flying Saucers Over Van Nuys
- Dimension 66
- Brand New Sin
- Llorona
- Scuzz Ghoul Meets Curl's Girl
- I'm In...
- Orbitron.

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and the interview I made some time ago: Take a ride with the Ghastly Ones...

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