Monday, December 18, 2006

Opening the cemetary gates with Scarecrow

Hell-O, please introduce yourself to our readers

- Hi, I’m Jack from Scarecrow.

What is the current line-up in Scarecrow?

Ruho (guitar)
Samsam (drums)
Grim (bass)
Jack (voice)

Briefly sum up your band´s history

- Scarecrow was founded in 2000 and only the bassist has been replaced
a bit over a year ago. It all took up from this band we put together in 1999,
we played covers from Ramones, Smack and Misfits.
Then at new years eve we were watching Danzig’s music videos with Samsam
and I said this is what I wanna do, this has the right attitude to it.
That same night we came up with the name, Scarecrow.
I’ll never forget that new year.
Right from the start I decided that because we are crappy players,
we’re going to do only demos and smaller releases before even thinking about
doing a full length. After “La Morte...” we were ready.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn´t heard of you yet?

- It’s a tough question really, all I can say is that
Scarecrow is fucking raw horror punkrock shit.
What else do you need, really? No, I try to avoid putting our music to a certain box
, it only distracts people. Go and listen, make your own descision.

Let´s talk about Scarecrow´s debut album "Deadcrow", It was released this year,
are you pleased with the result? Was it a hard birthing?

- I’m very happy with it.
It’s absolutely great to get very good reviews from zines all over the world,
even here in Finland.
The best thing is that we had no problems whatsoever doing “Deadcrow”,
and I know the next album’s going to be better, a lot better.
I think we spent five days recording “Deadcrow” and there was no hurry,
no pressure or anything. Things went smooth.

Besides the most regular horrorpunk influences, what other stuff inspires you
when you write music?

- Hate, misery.

Scarecrow has done quite alot "touring" across Finland, what is the
weirdest place you´ve played in?

- Well we have done some few gigs here in this godforbidden country.
The weirdest gig was propably when we played at Lumous-festival.
We played on this small boat that sailed in this incredible rain
and there were something like over a hundred goths stuffed inside.
We played over an hour and were dead beat because it was like hundred degrees inside
the boat. That was great.

You also did a minitour in Italy, how did that go?

- Yes, we did a few gigs near Milano, in these small towns like Asti.
That was a great first trip outside Finland.
We flew there, the guys over there had arranged all transportation
and place to sleep. Drank alot of beer, ate even more pasta.
The Italians are very nice people overall. I’d like to go back.

Horrorpunk-rock scene has been growing alot past few years, there are alot
of bands that sound very similar, your views about the scene?

- Yeah, that’s true. There’s many bands that sound exactly the same,
all trying to be like Misfits without any perspective of their own.

Since Scarecrow is very horror based band, what horrormovie represents
the spirit of Scarecrow the best?

Jack: Return of the living dead - Nosferatu
Grim: Braindead, because it’s fun and gory.

About future, when can fans expect new stuff from Scarecrow?
Any plans for a bigger tour in Finland and rest of Europe?

- There’s nothing sure yet, but propably there will be a new 7” coming up,
a bit like earth a.d.–styled outburst, a very limited edition.
No plans for the next album yet, that’s long way ahead still.
Next year we’ere going to Sweden for a few gigs and again to Germany
for a longer tour. Time will show what happens.

Voices are calling, I better fade, send your regards to our readers

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get one or die! Also the album and great looking badges
are available through our website.

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