Saturday, January 06, 2007

Wearing red with The Brides

This quick interview was made with COREY GOREY.

Greetings, how are the brides doing?

- What Brides? Oh US!

The Brides is fairly unknown here, how would you describe your music?

- Rock and roll mixed with rock and roll.

You just back from tour, how did that went?

- Well we got to ride around in our van again,
and I think we drank something they call alcohol.

"Got It" single was released in July, are you happy with the result?

- Not really. We were hoping for getting it used in a corporate banking commercial
but settled on running out of copies.

When can we expect the next full lenght and what can we expect?

- We're shooting for March,
but from the looks of it let's say
"sometime in spring 2007."

I hear alot of vibes from the 60´s 70´s and 80´s in your music, what other things
have ispired you?

- Naked ladies, homosexual "action,"
sports networks on cable television, Alfred Jarry.

I read from your website that you were taking part of a Joy Division/New Order tribute,
tell us more about this?

- I'd like to, but Failure to Communicate Records in Chicago is responsible,
and they never told us what to say about it.
This brain: totally empty.

They´re making a Ian Curtis movie, your thought about that?

- I hope he doesn't die in the end,
because I love happy endings.

Jumping to my favourite question, favourite horror movies?

- Does "Young Frankenstein" count?
If not, I'll go with "Phantom of the Paradise."
But that's a musical, so I it too cliché to say "Dracula"?
Well, there...I said it.

If the Brides would do a soundtrack for some movie, what kind of a movie it would be?

- A musical porno that takes place in a disco and the main character is nuts.
Kind of like John Waters' "Desparate Living" meets "Kiss Meets the Phantom"
meets "Tracy, I Love You"

Last Question, were do you see The Brides in 2010?

- We would have said outer space a few years back,
now I think we're leaning towards nursing home
for mid-life crisis victims.

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