Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Taking off the masks with The Lurking Corpses

What made you form The Lurking Corpses,
current line-up and story behind the name?

- We formed The Lurking Corpses in the fall of 2001.
We wanted to start a horror band in the vein of
The Misfits with a strong metal
influence as well.
I (Von Ghoul) came up with the name.
I wanted something that sounded like it could be
the name of an old horror film.
Our current lineup is
Wolfgang the Shredder (guitar),
The Nameless Horror (bass),
Friar Frightengale (drums),
and yours truly, Lord Vladimir Von Ghoul (vocals).
This is the lineup that appears on
our latest release "Lust for Blood".

Besides the bands that you´ve posted as influence in myspace list,
what other things in life inspire you?

- Horror movies, 80's slashers, mondo, Fulci,
Argento, Universal monster classics,
gore, golden age of porn,
Stephen King, Vincent Price, graveyards,
haunted houses, E.C. comics, dead babies

The Lurking Corpses was formed in 2001, what has changed since then?

- Our lineup has completely changed from our first cd,
"23 Tales of Terror", with the exception of me.
After the release of "23 Tales of Terror",
the other original members left to
pursue other musical endeavors.
Being that I have always been the main songwriter of the band,
I decided to keep the horror show going and find new musicians.
I think the current lineup is the best yet!

You released "Lust for Blood" last year, could you share more details
about the writing and recording process?

- The writing process of "Lust for Blood"
was a fun one.
We incorporated many different styles
of metal and punk
to make a very diverse album.
There are elements of death metal,
horror punk, rockabilly, thrash,
hard rock and oldies.
We wanted every song to have it's
own unique sound.
My favorite tracks are probably
"Something Wicked this Way Comes"
and "Graveyard Devourment"

Let´s talk about appereances and live situation, you ghouls wear
skull masks and capes on stage, what makes a perfect Lurking Corpses show?

- A good crowd who is willing to have fun.
We like to see crowd movement and participation.
We always invite the crowd to join us in singing the words.

More about playing live, has there ever been a situation while playing live
that made you feel embarrassed? For examble like falling down etc etc.

- Hmm...When we play, I narrarate in a Crypt Keeper-like voice
in between songs and make jokes.
My voice has slipped out of character a few times from laughing. Oops!

We´re pretty much covered the past but what about present? Future plans?

- We are going to be playing a lot
in support of the new cd,
including an east coast tour this February.
We are currently writing material for a third release.

Last words are yours, fangs again!

- May all of your horror dreams come true!


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