Saturday, January 13, 2007

Thomas Gun - Dressed to kill, for the night thrills

Greetings, who is it that I´m speaking to?

- Thomas Eldorado Gun III. Hitman for hire.

You´re currently playing with the Necrophilicons,
how did you end up those ghouls?

- I've played a handfull of shows with them
while I was in other bands like Nuke,
and the Hubies. When I moved to their neck
of the woods I got a phone call
from Mr. Rob Rotten (lead vocals) asking me
if I wanted to sling the guitar for the band.
I accepted and I was put to work right away.
We released a 4 song EP entitled
"Just a Little More Blood"
4 fast hardcore/punk songs talking about
murder and blood.
It's really fun. And the songs are really fast.
Even faster live.

You also played in Nuke and the living dead, what other
bands have you played in?

- I played with Nuke and the Living Dead for 2 years,
I learned a lot playing with those guys.
I became a better guitar player, and a better singer.
Basically if you can't do that doo wop shit,
you can't roll with the Living Dead.
I also play with "the Necrophilicons" on guitar and back up vocals.

One of my main bands right now is called "The Hubies."
We're a 3 piece band where I sing lead vocals and play guitar.
It's straight forward punk rock n' roll.
Not all the songs are about gory shit,
but a lot of it is.
I also currently play bass for the punk band "The Beat-Ups"
with Dave and Rob
from the Necrophilicons.
I've been in a ton of bands growing up: Switch 76, Robbery In Progress,
The Vampirates, just to name a few.

What kind of equipment do you use?

- My main guitar is a Dearmond/Guild M-45 replica of the
Guild Bluesbird semi-hollowbody.
It has the balls of the devil in it's pick ups.
I wouldn't trade it for anything else.
It plays any genre and makes it sound good.
Punk rock, hardcore, ska, rockabilly, whatever you want, it can do.
As far as amps go, I usually play out of Crate amps.
I like their heavy distortion. Plus their cheap.

Let´s talk about influences, how did you become a musician,
what inspired you?

- When I was a little kid we lived in New Jersey
(my dad was stationed there when he was in the Army)..
my sister was 9 years older than me and was into the hardcore/punk scene
that was exploding all over.
Black Flag rolled into town when I was 5 years old.
My sister really wanted to go, but couldn't because she had to babysit me.
Luckily the show was all ages and she drug my ass along.
I don't remember much of it, but my sister has a picture of me on
Henry Rollins shoulders somewhere.
As far as me wanting to play music.. Elvis was my earliest recollection of music.
I used to sing his songs like it was my job.
The first records that actually got me into wanting to play
an instrument was "Living In Darkness" by Agent Orange.
I wanted to play guitar like that.
A few years down the road Nuke and the Living Dead got to play with Agent Orange
and I got to tell Mike (guitar) all about that.
He was really flattered. The record that made me want to play in a band
was by a Canadian hardcore/punk band called "Marilyn's Vitamins"
the record was called "Politics on the Dancefloor."
It was social-political. It opened my eyes to how a punk scene is supposed to work.
They rolled through my little town in northern Michigan growing up
a couple times and I thought they were the best live band I ever saw.
Most of my stage moves are stolen from Dan their guitarist
(who I still keep in touch with).

You have done quite alot solo stuff, "Rotten EP" is the most fresh release,
are you happy with the stuff so far? How have fans responded?

- My solo stuff is a lot of fun.
I do it just for fun. I'm not really trying to make any money off of it..
that's why most of my stuff is available for free online.
So far people have really responded well to it.
And when I play solo shows, I usually get good reactions.
Usually people see a kid with an acoustic guitar at a punk show and
think he's gonna cry and sing emo songs.
And when I open my mouth and start talking about how
I'm gonna shoot you in the face because you snitched on me.
Then they change their tone.

Nuke and the living dead is probably the most well known "project" you´ve
been in and the band called it quits (last gig will played Jan 20th),
best memories along the way?

- I'll always cherish the time I spent in that band.
Those guys were my best friends. And we're all still good buddies.
Playing with the Living Dead was the first time I got any taste of real touring.
Playing in strage towns, traveling in a cargo van in the summer time
with no heat while Johnny Ogres is in the back sitting on a cooler
full of Pabst Blue Ribbon singing Rancid songs on the acoustic guitar.
That's what I'll remember most.
All of us just singing our favorite bands songs while on the road.
I'll also miss coming back from a show incredibly drunk off our asses
singing doo-wop songs under a street light at 4 in the morning with
Johnny and Renfield. Drinking way too much at practices.
Making fun of Deano's "gay sway" when he wants to switch it up on the drums.
And Nuke calling you on the phone when he's taking a shit (I won't miss that though).

Beside solo stuff and other bands you´re in, what do you hope from the future?

- I just hope to continue to have a good time playing music.
And I hope others like the songs I continue to put out.

Final question, name the all-star band line-up and include yourself in.

- Ah shit. That's a good question. I guess I'd play guitar,
Mike (Agent Orage) on guitar, Nuke on lead vocals, Paul Simonon (the Clash) on bass,
Slim Jim (Stray Cats) on drums. And we'd call ourselves "The Shit." haha!

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