Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Eating their brains with The Creepshow

They are the creatures of the night, rock n roll demons! Out in the night to take your soul, they are evil and they work for the reaper! Beware or the reaper will sing your song! Come in and read what the most attractive ghoulette hellcat had to say about their mission...

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up

- Well, let's see here...
we've been around for
about two years, put out an amazing record
($ell your $oul avaiable at Interpunk.com)
and we've been touring pretty
much non-stop since...
Current line-up is:
Matt Pomade on drums,
The Reverend McGinty on keyboards,
Sean 'Sickboy' McNab on doghouse bass
and my sister Sarah 'Sin' Blackwood on guitar and lead vocals. She's filling in for me as I'm expecting a little Hellcat of my own in May.

The Creepshow just released it´s debut album "Sell your soul" in 2006, was it a difficult project and are you pleased with the outcome? And how have people responded?

- I wouldn't say it was a difficult project to write or anything.
We had a lot of fun writing and recording it, that's for sure...
Honestly, we couldn't be happier with the way people have responded.
It's been CRAZY really... I mean, our record is selling huge
all over the world right now, places can't keep the thing in stock ANYwhere...
it's a little overwhelming sometimes when I actually get
the chance to sit back and think about it (which I don't get to very often...)

What would you call your music, describe the sound of The Creepshow, to those people who yet don´t know about you

- That's a tough one, each of us draws from so many different influences
that it's really hard to pinpoint any specific genre...people are
calling us psychobilly or rockabilly or even horrorbilly but, to me...
it's just plain
old good time rock n' roll that will get your ass shakin'.
There are some songs about horror-themed type stuff but there are
also songs about life on there you know? Love gone wrong songs etc... it's
ALL in there.

On your myspace site, you´ve made a cover of "Halloween" song by the legendary Misfits, what other bands have inspired you?

- Personally I am influenced by a lot of '50s artists, I like a lot of
old doo wop stuff and rockabilly stuff.
I really dig old crooners from the big band era too.
But certainly, a lot of punk stuff too ya know?
Cramps, Ramones, I'm a big Green Day fan...
there, I've admitted it... deal with it. My record collection is a very eclectic one really...

Creepshow is from Canada, how is the rock n roll scene there?

- There's a GREAT scene here!
Canada boasts some really great bands up here...
The Matadors, The Gutter Demons, Alley dukes, The Brains... the list goes on and on... I could literally fill the pages of your
magazine with how many great bands there are here. But, enough about them...
let's talk about ME and MY great band...tee hee..

Let´s talk about touring, you are coming to Finland in June and July, is this your first time in Finland, what do you expect?

- Well, Finland is a place I've always wanted to visit. Unfortunately,
our last European tour did not take us that far.
I've always loved Pekka Halonen's paintings of Finnish landscapes
and would love to see them with my own eyes... BUT...I'm not going, I'm
expecting a little hellcat of my own in May and so my sis will be
filling in for the tour! She'll be rockin' in my shoes until I return.

More about touring and live shows, what is the worst experience in a live situation so far?

- I think last year when we were touring in California...
we were supposed to play a show in San Jose but
I was unable to perform due to exhaustion.
It had never happened to me before or since.
I now know to make sure I eat well on tour no matter how busy I am.

What makes a good The Creepshow show?

- Every Creepshow show is a good one.
From the first note to the last we will have you dancing
and singing along all night! We are a top notch live act.
It's what we do.. We consistantly deliver a high intensity
rock n' roll show that will not soon be forgotten.

Little about the future, have you done any new songs, and if so when can fans expect another Creepshow release? What is the direction you wanna take Creepshow to?

- I have begun writing many songs over the last year.
The new songs are a bit of a departure from the
last record but not too much. The newer songs are a little
darker but still infectiously catchy. But, you'll just have to

Thank you very much, say your last prayers!

- Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray to Lucifer my soul keep,
and if I should die before I wake...
I can at least be happy that I left the hottest corpse
on earth behind me... *wink*



Pictures by: Gordon Ball and DrMarten

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