Thursday, March 01, 2007

Traveling with the Vampire Show Calabrese

Many buckets of blood has shed since we last talked with the brothers of Calabrese. The greatest horrorpunk band has returned with fangs sharper than ever, releasing new album and touring is not enought, the Calabrese brothers are here to conquerer the mortal world, let´s have a bite to eat with Calabrese...

Cut to the chase, Calabrese just released it´s 2nd full length album,
are you happy with the outcome?

Bobby -- Most definitely! There’s always gonna be ideas
and riffs and lyrics we wish we used, but
you gotta go with the flow and
let the evil take its course. We’re happy with it,
and we’re even more happy hearing about how
the album is controlling people’s minds and souls!

Davey -- Hell yeah!

You just held your CD release party, how did that go?

Bobby -- I will say that it pretty much bordered absolute chaos.
One of the greatest shows of our lives! We seriously had a blast,
and everyone who came to the show (all who left with bruises!)
really turned it into a rock and roll night
we‘ll never forget. There was stage diving, crowd-surfing
and enough boots to the face to last a lifetime!

Davey -- It was awesome!

The Traveling Vampire Show is the name your your latest work, if I understood correctly, you let the fans decide the name, why did you end up with this solution?

Jimmy -- We held the same type of contest for
"13 Halloweens." We want to involve our fans
as much as possible. We don't just think of ourselves as
musicians, we are also entertainers and
we feel the best entertainment is interactive.
Be it at our shows or with our CD's...we want people to

Let´s talk about the recording process, was is a painful experience or did things go smoothly?

Bobby -- It was a lot easier the third time around.
We had a clear vision of what we wanted to do,
allowing no time for sleep, stressing out or
totally sucking. We just went in and rocked!

Jimmy -- We have mastered a perfect combination of
caffeine and the occult, which makes
the recording process a blast.

Vampyrism seems to the theme on your new album, where do you dig up your inspirations?

Bobby -- Anything from comics to movies to video games.
For me, a lot of song lyrics and ideas usually come from horror novels,
the weirder and stranger the better!

Jimmy -- My vampirism is fueled by the creative mind of
Joss Whedon and the controversial E.C. Comics of the 1950's!

You´re shooting a new music video, of what song and who will be directing it?

Jimmy -- Brian Pulido, president of Chaos! Comics and
founder of Eternal Entertainment is directing our next
music video for the song "Voices Of The Dead."
Brian has written or co-written over 260 comic books
including Lady Death, Evil Ernie, Purgatori,
Chastity, Smiley, the Psychotic Button, Bad Kitty, Jade,
Lady Demon, Bedlam and The Undead, among many other titles.
Brian is also an Award-winning filmmaker
whose horror short film, "There's Something out There,"
has played 40 international film festivals and garnered 8
"best of" awards.

Davey -- To say the least...we are excited about this project!

To me it seems that you got a quite big fanbase in Europe,
when are going to bring your
coffins to European soil?

Bobby -- Hopefully soon! You never really know
when Calabrese decides to invade!
But I must warn you to keep your eyes peeled and
your back against a wall at all times.
We’re coming for ya!

Jimmy -- We want to come over on our terms and
with our full show. We've had gracious offers
from labels and bands but it's just not in the tarot

Final question, if you held a big monster party, who would you invite? Pick five persons - dead, alive or undead.

Bobby -- Ah, this is a good one. I
’m sure I could go on forever, but here we go:
I’d personally invite Vincent Price, Penn and Teller
(hey, they count as one!) Darth Vader, Cthulhu and Dracula.
I now just realized I didn’t invite any women,
turning this into a total dude (and giant squid) party.
Oh well. Pizza and video games!

Jimmy -- I would want rub elbows with my idols, Glenn Danzig, Rob Zombie,
Joey Ramone, Johnny Cash and P.T. Barnum.

Davey -- Elvira, Bruce Campbell, Chewbacca, Michelangelo
(the sewer-surfin’ ninja turtle) and a clone of myself, because I kick ass at parties.

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