Monday, April 09, 2007

The Limit Club 1st full lenght release and other news

You've waited patiently, and now it's finally here!
The Limit Club's first full length album "God Damn The Limit Club"
will be officially released June 5, 2007 on Phantom Cat Records!

Starting June 5, you can purchase the album right from, or at any Limit Club live show! Online, MP3 and CD distribution will follow shortly.

The track listing for God Damn The Limit Club is as follows:

1. Factory 43
2. The Kids Are All Dead
3. You're Pretty Warm (For Someone With A Cold Heart)
4. The Frankenstein Bop
5. Sleeptalking
6. Cold As A Coffin
7. Black, White and Red
8. The Spider Crawl
9. Braindead
10. Strangeways
11. The Black Hole
12. Losing My Mind On Purpose
13. Lost On Planet-X

The album will be $10!

All profits will go toward a Limit Club touring van!

In other news:

"Halloween is a wrap!
I am done shooting principle photography and will be begin to edit on Monday.
The film looks fucking amazing!
A teaser trailer will run before GRINDHOUSE starting on April 6th."

You can watch the trailer HERE

The ghoulest deathrock club in town, Club Bone Boogie will return shortly,
as new info comes pooring in, I will inform you.

The Lost tracks of Danzig will be out May 29, 2007, for more info go HERE

And about yours truly, new interviews have confirmed,
stay tuned for more ghoulish examinations.


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