Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Returning from the grave with EERiE Ln

Hello Boo, you have some exciting news to all horrorpunk fans!

- The Dallas/Ft.Worth Texas splatter metal,
thrash bastards are back.
EERiE Ln. has risen from the depths,
re-formed and is ready to get back
into the HORROR biz.

What is the current line-up?

- Me of course, on vocals, DEAD Lee on drums,
Edd Munster on guitars, and Sinister Hallows on bass.
There's been talk of possibly adding a rhythm
guitarist to thicken up the live sound and
free Edd up for solo work, but nothing has
been decided in that direction as of yet.
To early in the game to say.

What was the reason behind this comeback?

- Boredom. I'm tired of sitting on my ass at home playing video games
and reading comics. I need something to fuckin' do.
At first my hiatus from music was nice and relaxing.
The break was also very, very necessary for me to regain
my center as an individual and re-aquaint myself with
a bitch called reality. I now know music is in my blood
and there's no use fighting it.

I think the other guys feel the same.
Lee did some drum work briefly with his old band Alex Can't Sleep,
and Edd bopped around jamming here and there in Waco,
but for the most part all 3 of them have been on vacation
far longer than I. We're all on the same page.
Time to dust off the equipment and raise some HELL.

What were the main reasons behind the break-up of The Horrifics?

- I had alot of fun doing the HORRiFiCS but for some reason
it just never felt right down deep.
Our drummer and I were at odds every step of the way.
That got old and started to kill the vibe for me.
Our guitarist PHiBES ran into some personal issues he needed
time to take care of and requested time off from the band.

Next thing I knew our bassist Wretched did the same.
We started a mini-break and just never felt like getting
back together and doing it again. There's no hard feelings.
I speak with PHiBES on a weekly basis and hang out with
Wretched frequently. I teach them both the martial art
of Kenpo Karate. Wretched is a yellow belt and
PHiBES is an advanced white belt.

If I understood right, EERiE Ln. is recording some new material soon,
what can fans expect?

- We feel like we left the game with
unfinished business last time.
We're making a pact amongst ourselves
to put out the ultimate EERiE Ln.
album to date. We hadn't even
reached our full potential
when we called it a day last time.
As far as the music itself goes,
keep an open mind.

There's absolutely no telling what the 4 of us
will come up with when we lock ourselves
away in the garage with a case of beer
and the intent to kill.
We all like heavy and fast so those
elements will definitely be there.
I know that Edd and I are eager to write some slow, sludgey,
somber, spooky ditties as well.

It'll be interesting to say the least.
A real witch's brew of different things. 100% all EViL.

Are you excited about getting on the road again?

- I'm very excited about playing out of town again.
That's my favorite part of the live aspect of band life.
It's always great to go somewere new and meet cool new folks.

There are alot of horror bands out there, what makes you
stand out from all of them?

- To put it bluntly we're EERiE Ln. and they're not.
We don't adhere to scene standards and politics.
Never have and never will. We're here to be the best EERiE Ln.
we can be not to be the next Misfits or whatever.
The proof is in the music. And this statement is not to say that
I don't enjoy a bunch of the horror bands out there,
I most certainly do, it's just to say that our path is a
different one from theirs.

Let's talk about song writing, does the whole band get involved
or are you the brains behind the music?

- We write songs as a full unit. Usually Sinister or
Edd will bring a riff to practice and then we all get
to work on fleshing out the idea.
Every now and then Edd or Sinister will bring a full song to practice
in which case we all just tweak it out a bit just to add a
little of all of our personalities to the mix.

I've even been known to hum ideas to them so they can translate
it on their instruments or pick up a bass myself and
plink something out. I write all of the lyrics.
Edd sometimes helps me with finding the proper vocal harmonies.
It's a team effort indeed.

Is it true that your name is kind of honouring towards Eerie Von?

- Yes. That is true. I have had the good fortune of
being pals with Eerie Von
from Samhain/Danzig for over 10 years now.
He's a really cool cat with alot to say and
a source of advice and inspiration
to me and my bandmates.

To the future, besides recording new material and touring again,
what is next? Are you here to stay?

- The future is a very hard thing to predict.
We're here now and considering that the past no
longer exists and the future hasn't happened yet,
then the now is all we have. :) Can you dig it?

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