Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rest in peace Zombeast

Zombeast has called the quits...
We regret to confirm due to creative differences and other issues
Zombeast has called the quits. We all are great friends and
have made peace with the fact to grow as musicians
we need to focus our time and energy into other projects.

There may be a final show but right now we can't confirm anything.
If there is a final show, you will be the first to know as there will be
much planning ahead of time. Everyone one of us agreed this was the
right thing to do. Sadly, it was a very had thing to do as all
of 4 of are the best of friends.

We will use this myspace to let you know any further details
of what will happen with anything Zombeast related,
if anything that is..And the future projects we will be working on.

We seriously can not thank you all enough for the amazing
times you have given us.

A huge thank you to the following:

Horror High Records for putting out our album
and all the help they have given us,

Johnny Coffin and Coffin Case for all the kindness they have given us,

Calabrese for all the help you gave us from the beginning to the end,

JD Smith for the bitchin' fucking music video,

Lastly, all the bands we have played with, made friends with, toured with,
and to all the great fucking fans for loving and understanding
what the 4 of us were trying to do.

We will nto dissapoint with future projects!


Talesfromtheshadows would like to thank Zombeast for the past and
wish them good luck with the future projects.

Please,take the time to read the interview we made with the guys many moons ago.

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