Saturday, April 28, 2007

Glenn Danzig - Black Aria II

Released October 17, 2006
Length 34:47
Label Evilive
Producer Glenn Danzig

It´s finally here! The long waited sequel
to Glenn Danzig´s Black Aria.

In the first Black Aria, Glenn painted
the picture of Lucifer's rebellion against Heaven.
The album brought John Milton´s Paradise Lost
to flesh and blood. Where the first Black Aria
was more majestic and bold, some might say
even Wagnerish, there is a big difference
between these two.

Black Aria II tells the story of Lilith,
Adam´s first wife, long before Eve
came to the picture. The album is more
darker, it´s filled with eerie landscape,
that lurks and hypnotizes the listener.
The tempo is down, it´s like a quiet chant in the wind
and it keeps you on your toes.

To enjoy this, you have to create
the ideal surrondings to Glenn´s
dark and moody soundtrack for
lady who refused to bow down and kneel.
Dim the lights, turn the TV off and
and the your innerself loose.
It takes more to get into but it sure
will be worth the effort.

Track Listings
Overture: Winged Night Demon
Abandonment / Recreation
Bridal Ceremony Of The Lilitu
Dance Of The Succubi
Unclean Sephira
The Succubus Feeds
Demons Reprise
Lamenta Lillith

Thursday, April 26, 2007

RIP Bobby "Boris" Pickett

Another great one has passed,
at the age of 69
the original horror rocker
has left us.
Bobby "Boris" Pickett
was the mastermind
behind "Monster Mash".

would like to thank
Bobby for his art
that gave so many,
so much enjoyment.
You will be missed and your memory will
live forever.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Calling the devilman with Sean Yseult

Hello and thanks for doing this interview, what have you been up lately?

- I recently started a design business
which takes up most of my time (
I split my time between New York and New Orleans,
where I also own a bar called the Saint,
and play with the band Rock City Morgue.

Starting from your school years, you graduated as graphic designer from Parsons and NC School of the Arts, did you enjoy school?

- I did, owing to the fact that both schools were
really amazing. I was lucky to grow up in
North Carolina because it cost almost nothing
for me to live on campus and go to NCSA from 6th-12th grade.
Parsons is probably the best school in the world for graphics,
and I had some very notorious teachers.

How old were you when you got interested in music?

- As far back as I can remember - by age 5
I was being trained on piano in classical and
blues improv, and was performing in nightclubs
when I was 6! From there I wanted a banjo,
then violin.

What lead you towards being a bass player?

- Neccessity! isn't that always the way someone
falls into the bass role? When we started White Zombie,
someone needed to play bass -
I was trying to learn guitar at the time,
but we found a good guitarist so...

Equipment you use?

- Specially designed Coffin Basses I had custom made,
and Ampeg SVTs.

As a musician, what has influenced you the must?

- That's really hard, because everything influences you somewhat....
Black Sabbath, Birthday Party/Nick Cave,
and I know it sounds very Spinal Tap, but alot of classical music,
especially Chopin - I love things that are dark,
slightly atonal and a bit off.

Let´s talk about White Zombie, how did you meet Rob
and what gave
birth to the band?

- Rob and I met at Parsons - he was there for Illustration,
but dropped out later. When we started hanging out
we realized we both wanted to start a band,
and had really similar taste and influences.
Music was just a small part of that horror movies
and underground culture and lifestyle
were just as important to us.

White Zombie broke up in 1998, was it a suprise or
did you get together and talk thing over
and make a grop decision?

- It was a group decision, and a surprise to noone in the band.

If I got it right, you still talk with J from time to time,
what about the rest of the members?

- I see J all of the time, and we are very good friends.
He and I are also really tight with our last drummer,
Johnny Tempesta, who is great person.

Next in line was Famous Monsters, this was very different
the sound that white zombie had.

- Yeah, obviously not influenced (musically) by anything
dark like Sabbath OR classical!
This was right after White Zombie had broken up,
and was a band I had done secretly just for fun
with Estrus Records.
I always had loved kitschy garage and surf bands,
and thought it would be fun to do one that we described
as "Josie and the Pussycats meet the Munsters".

When WZ broke up, I decided to get my two best friends
in New Orleans to play in the band -
even though neither one of them had
ever played their instrument before -
and see what would come of it!
It was really silly, on purpose,
but we got to do some great tours
and had more fun than should be legal!

FM released two albums "AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 BIKINIS" and "In the night", in 2007, what do you think about them?

- Around the World was just a compilation of early Estrus 7 inches
and some terrible live stuff, but In the Night,
although recorded extremely lowrent, still has some good songs
on it and I'm happy with the whole package.

You were the bass player for The Cramps, for a brief moment,
this must
have been exciting, tell us more about it.

- Yes, that was pretty amazing! Although I am friends
with them and they are great people,
it was still freaky to look over and realize I was on stage
with the band I probably have worshipped the most,
and the longest! Lux and Ivy are so insanely interesting,
every day they were turning me on to new books, artists,
movies and music. I don't know if I'll get the opportunity again,
but I'm really glad to have been a part of it,
especially for the classic West Coast Halloween Tour!

In 2002 you started Rock City Morgue with Rik Slave, tell us more about this?

- Rik was an old friend from early NYC/WZ days -
he always had cool bands. My favorite was the Kretins,
which was the perfect crossing of the Cramps and the Ramones,
two of my all time favorite bands.
I ran into him when I moved to New Orleans,
and knew it would be fun to play with him.
What I didn't expect is that he wanted to sing over
some songs I wrote on piano,
and the outcome has been pretty incredible.
He can croon with the best : Sinatra, Nick Cave and Joey Ramone
all rolled up together.

What are the future plans with Rock City Morgue?
Didn´t J produce your
yet unreleased new CD?

- Yes, but it's just on a demo level recording,
we'll need to do a final recording once we have a few more songs.
In the meantime we are planning on putting out a 7" with two of the tracks.

Besides your music career, nowdays you have your own company,
Yseult Design, is this is life-long dream came true?

- I have to say yes to that, although I never thought of it as a dream
: more of a plan. I always knew that at some point I was going to try
to phase out my focus on music and get back to design.
After the evacuation for Katrina, it seemed like a good time to start!

I looked some of the designs and they are brilliant, colorful with 60-70´s vibe in it,
tell us more about
the designing in general?

- They are stream of conscious drawings I do freehand, pen on paper.
They look alot like drawings I did when I was really young.
when I'm drawing them, I have rules : I have to draw fast,
no corrections (pen), and the next one has to be
better than the last. I'm trying to make the new ones
more layered and op-art.

What is next with Sean Yseult? Will you continue doing both arts?

- I am trying to phase out music, but we keep writing new songs,
so I will probably keep doing both for a while.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

In Cinnamon Yard with DoppelgangeR

Greetings and who am I speaking to?

Dmitry Flo: Hi! My name is Dmitry,I am in charge of music and lyrics creation, bass playing and vocals.

Black Cat: Hi, my name is Katy

Maggoth: Maggoth’s here.

Could you introduce your band to our readers, the line-up and brief history.

Dimitry Flo: Our band consists of 3 HUMANS.
Black Cat plays guitar, manages the band and keeps our web site,
Maggoth is the drums’ chief, also was spotted writing lyrics and
making band’s video, and myself.
As you can see everyone is doing something else besides
playing the instruments.
The band’s history is pretty long one.
On our official web site you can read it in whole,
I will just brief you on this one.

DoppelgangeR was formed back in 1994 in Moscow,
we went through a lot of line-up changes,
released 5 albums, participated in several compilations,
and we are continuously touring over Russia,
we have performed at numerous music festivals in Europe.

Your latest CD is called "SATURNIAN RINGS", tell us more about it, about the song-writing process and recordings.

Dmitry Flo: All songs lyrics were based on the literature of
Austrian author Gustav Meirink, medieval philosophers’ works
and particularly on works of the most known and most mysterious author Fulkanelli.
Process of songs’ creation was like that:

I was making a main composition line and
bringing it to the rehearsal studio where
we all together would bring it up to the way
we want it to sound. We pay for the studio hourly
so we have to be very precise and quick,
which I am not satisfied with cause we always want to
work longer with each song. In general all recording sessions
did not take us too long to be over with,
‘cause we knew exactly what we wanted and
did not run into any obstacles.
And of course Saturn has helped us:)

Black Cat: We were getting ready for making record for
almost half a year – practicing, arranging pieces,
improving each part.
It was first recording I was a part of, so I was worrying a lot.
But it came up much better than I’ve expected.
Pavel Gromov, the lead singer of Antisisters participated
in the recording sessions. He sung on one of the songs.
Besides that there are bonus tracks on the album,
these are 4 remixes of our song Democracy's Undead done by Two Witches,
Secrecy, The Way Of All Flesh, Redemption. We thank them very much for that.

Maggoth: It was hot, it was summer.
It did not take us too long. That was fun.

DoppelgangeR is from Russia how is the scene there? Bands that you can recommend to our readers?

Dmitry Flo: Yes we got quite many pretty good bands,
but I am not sure they are known in Europe.
There were few post-punk bands in mid 80’s and in the beginning of 90’s;
they were releasing records in Europe.
I would like your readers to check out these bands:
Durnoe Vlianie (Bad Influence), Petlia Nesterova
(Nesterov’s Loop), Godzadva.
There are many labels getting born
these days, and they want to publish this
kind of music, so the actual progress is obvious.
I do not really want to talk about their flaws.

Black Cat: Russian contemporary scene is 10 years behind
comparing to European scene.
As Dima said already, gothic labels, magazines,
and booking agencies are just being born here.
5 years ago we could not even dream about
some European bands touring over Russia.
While ago most shows were set in Moscow,
but now it is possible to do it almost in every Russian town,
but still, in some towns militia is busting our concerts:)
A lot of young bands are in Moscow and St.Petersburg,
it the rest of the country this music still being perceived as a miracle.

Maggoth: Scene is as it is everywhere, some like us,
some do hate, some do envy. Many bands from 80’s
are worth checking them out, such as
NochnoiProspect (Night Prospect), Center, IvanovDown,
Kollezhskii Asessor and too many others to mention.

You held a record release party for your new CD in Tampere, Finland. Any special reasons behind this?

Dmitry Flo: Our friend Jyrki from Two Witches
kindly offered us to make this party and we delightfully agreed.
And as far as I know Tampere is some sort of a center of
gothic subculture in Finland, so that’s why our album release party took
place exactly there.

Black Cat: Besides that our release parties were held in London and Leeds (UK).
At the time of the album release it is important
to have some information support, so it was really great
to have such a party in Tampere.

You also performed at LUMOUS GOTHIC FESTIVAL in Tampere, did you enjoy our country and our audience?

Dmitry Flo: Yes we liked your country very much.
Everything is clean and well kept.
People are very sweet. And the most important part is that
no one was giving us dirty looks as it is common here in our country.
It’s not possible to get your working place without being paid
a lot of attention to your outlook.
What struck us the most is that people who work in the stores
spoke Russian to us.
We were very nervous right before our performance,
we were not sure how well we will be accepted,
but during the show we saw how people are reacting to our music
and they were having a lot of fun with us.

Black Cat: It’s really great and beautiful in Tampere.
We walked all over Tampere with the map, took plenty of pictures.
At the festival we saw a lot of nice people and great Finish bands.
I liked very much Nevernetles, Silene and Suruaika.
We even got CD’s of last two and I am enjoying listening to them.

Maggoth: Finland and Tampere are really great! People are beautiful.
Every time I think of Finland I say to myself,
it is sooo damn great that Finns kicked some soviet ass back in 40’s.
Your country is not touched by any of bolshevism and
I am happily realizing that it was possible by enormous and
heroic effort of your countryman.

More about live performances, your played at ROZZWISH(A tribute event for Rozz Williams work), could you tell us more about this?

Dmitry Flo: These parties are made by my friend Mikhail
and his company True-LaLa. He’s got tired of realizing that
this particular music style is absolutely unknown and
decided to organize thematic parties, where bands
who play Death-Rock, Gothic-Rock, Batcave.
It was our solo performance on this particular evening.
Besides our act there were video installations,
devoted to works of Rozz Williams, there was shown
a movie “Pig” and videos from live performances of
Christian Death and Shadow Project.

Black Cat: Rozzwish is annual party in the memory of Rozz Williams.
Usually it takes place in small club, in quiet and calm environment.
This year we played songs of our own and “Blue Hour”, Christian Death cover.

Maggoth: The good thing about this is that spectators,
who dropped by were the ones who badly wanted to come,
so the vibe in the audience was very friendly and enthusiastic.

Your thoughts about the whole Valor vs Williams thing and Eva Oґs Christian Death 1334?

Dmitry Flo: I do not know I was not present there at the time.
But from the outside I think that whole fuzz was blown out of proportions
by mass media. I personally think that the best albums
were made in this creative tandem Williams - Vallor.
But actually we are not very much interested in behind the scenes
intrigues between the band members, we love the music.

Maggoth: As it is said in one my favorite song
“We are ugly but we have the music.”

You are inspired by Christian Death but what other
bands have inspired you to write music?

Dmitry Flo: We were very much influenced by bands
that played post-punk in the end of 70’s and
first wave of Goth in the beginning of 80’s.
These are Joy Division, Chameleons, Echo and the Bunnymen,
Siouxsie and The Banshees, Bauhaus, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry,
Ausgang, Sex Gang Children, Spacemen, and The Cure.
David Bowie, Wire, The Fall, The Stooges, as well.

On your website you state "WE CAN IMAGINE GOTHIC ROCK WITHOUT US, BUT WE CAN’T IMAGINE OURSELVES WITHOUT GOTHIC ROCK" other than the way you dress, how does this show and effect your everyday life?

Dmitry Flo: Well, it effects some how all right.
I am sure that I will never work for any of political parties
nor for any corporation. I do not exist in their world))).

Black Cat: I would say the sense of humor helps me
along with all kinds of household smalls.

And finally, reveal the truth, what is next with DoppelgangeR?

Dmitry Flo: We are planning on recording a new album.
I even will disclose you a secret.
It will be named “12 STEPS TO INHUMANNITY”
In September we will perform at 20 years to Two Witches celebration,
along with very good Finnish band SILENE.

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Monday, April 09, 2007

The Limit Club 1st full lenght release and other news

You've waited patiently, and now it's finally here!
The Limit Club's first full length album "God Damn The Limit Club"
will be officially released June 5, 2007 on Phantom Cat Records!

Starting June 5, you can purchase the album right from, or at any Limit Club live show! Online, MP3 and CD distribution will follow shortly.

The track listing for God Damn The Limit Club is as follows:

1. Factory 43
2. The Kids Are All Dead
3. You're Pretty Warm (For Someone With A Cold Heart)
4. The Frankenstein Bop
5. Sleeptalking
6. Cold As A Coffin
7. Black, White and Red
8. The Spider Crawl
9. Braindead
10. Strangeways
11. The Black Hole
12. Losing My Mind On Purpose
13. Lost On Planet-X

The album will be $10!

All profits will go toward a Limit Club touring van!

In other news:

"Halloween is a wrap!
I am done shooting principle photography and will be begin to edit on Monday.
The film looks fucking amazing!
A teaser trailer will run before GRINDHOUSE starting on April 6th."

You can watch the trailer HERE

The ghoulest deathrock club in town, Club Bone Boogie will return shortly,
as new info comes pooring in, I will inform you.

The Lost tracks of Danzig will be out May 29, 2007, for more info go HERE

And about yours truly, new interviews have confirmed,
stay tuned for more ghoulish examinations.