Thursday, November 30, 2006

Reading the dead man´s diary with The Spook

Firstly, introduce yourself to our readers

- Hello, here is Ross Feratu, one of the guitar players of THE SPOOK.
I also do the computer and manager parts in the band,
do the layouts and graphics and keep an eye on our websites and myspace-site.
Sounds really busy - so it is!

The Spook has been around for awhile, tell us briefly about your history?

- Well to tell a long story in some sentences: we started back in 1999
to write our first songs. We did NOT cover any MISFITS songs "to learn" about horrorpunk.
We did our own stuff right from the beginnig. We recorded 4 Songs for two demotapes.
Each sold 150 times and after that we did a split 7" with those dudes from Frankenstein Drag Queens.
This 7" was sold out in quickly, too.

Then in early 2000 we get in contact with André and People Like You Records and we did an MCD/10" and later in 2002 we releases our CD/LP on PLY Records.
Then we get rid of bad things: we fired our singer out of quality and personal reaseons.
We found Dean Roca in early 2004 and started writing new songs for some compilations and 7"es.
In mid-2005 we changed our drummer and got Vic Chains, the man with the hardest punch in Gravelands, and start preparing for our next album.
We wrote about 15 songs and in April/May 2006 we entered the studio and recorded new 13 songs with a little help of Mille (KREATOR), who co-produced the album.
In June/July Andy Sneap got the data and mixed and pre-mastered the whole stuff.
It sounds awesome, man! Right now we are looking for a new and better and more honest label.
We are dealing with several labels and by the end of this year we hopefully can reveal a official release date of "LET THERE BE DARK".

What made you take the name Spook?

- Well, the name THE SPOOK was some kind of the best name we thought of back in those days.
We had a lot of suggestions for a name but we took THE SPOOK,
which is still the best to our opinion.

Tell us more about the term GRAVEROCK?

- The term GRAVEROCK for us is more or less our own music style.
We are not only punkrock, not only metal and not only rock.
Our lyrics are dealing with magick, death, love, heaven and hell - so there need to be more than just plain Horrorpunk.
We love to call our music GRAVEROCK for it gives us all a wider range of options for development.
We can unfold more creativity and there are less limits for us.
I mean, we are writing songs for seven years now, we cannot and will not do the same on every album.

From what I´ve understood, The Spook were recording and mastering a new
album last summer, how is this project coming along?

- All recordings are done and mixing, too. Only the final master will be done soon - as soon as we fixed the deal with a new label.
We are ready to release, we want to tour again in 2007 - all over Europe!

What can fans expect?

- Fans can expect 10 to 13 songs of stunning GRAVEROCK!
We have some fast songs, some mid-tempo songs and one or two slower songs.
All are full of power, melodies, grooves and melancholy.
The songs are more developed and structured than the ones from the "Some Like It Dead" album.
I mean, there are three years between those albums.
It's a normal process for a band.

Any plans for touring and possibly coming to Finland?

- We will definitely tour in 2007.
If the album is doing great in Europe we will tour Scandinavia for sure!
We need a good distribution and booking agency but after all we will come to Finland, too!!
We have several fans in Finland, as we know from all the feedbacks.

From the studios to the next question, about songwriting, any special rituals or places to get you going?

- No, not anything special. Mostly we write the basics of the songs with three or four band members down in our rehearsal chambers.
Anyone who is having a great idea, riff or hookline for a song throws in that part and we start playing and jamming.
After that we collect the best parts and build a good song-structure.
We try out several ideas and we work on the songs again and again until we have the final version and all of us are pleased.

Let´s talk about influences, what/who have influenced you the most?

- Well, there are a lot of influences. Mainly each one of us has different influences.
So I can only talk of myself: Glenn Danzig, Rob Zombie, NIN, Manson, Entombed,
Faith No More, Glucifer, All, Black Flag, Bad Brains, John Zorn and a lot more!

This is the question I always have to ask, favourite horror movies?

- Okay, here you go: House Of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Reject, Alien 1-4, Dracula, Frankenstein,
The Grudge (asian version), The Others, Shadow of the Vampire ... and lots more.

Following the previous question, what do you think about the hollywood
way of re-making every single old classic horror movie?

- Well, I like some of the ideas, but I do not share interests in movies like the US movies Grudge 1 + 2 and such.
Those movies are more boring and destroy the magick of the original ones.
It seems like all 30 years they are doing remakes of all the classics: like the originals in the 30ies,
then the Hammer productions in the 60ies and 70ies and now the are doing those remakes again.

Back to the Spook´s, what do you expect from the future?

- Well, we want to start with a new label and want to support the record by touring a lot.
We want to do one or two cool video-clips for the album.
We want the album to get cool reviews and lots of promotion and features.
All peaple should hear the new THE SPOOK as there are some more developments that need to be heard!

Coffin is calling, the creepy green light is yours!

- Okay, some final words, right!?
I thank you very much for your engagement and support!
Right now, me and my wife Beccy Lavender (
are preparing for our upcoming clothing label called SPOOKABELLA Clothing (,
which will only be for the girlz. In JAN 07 we will launch our website incl.
onlineshop, models, music and more.
Make sure, you all check the sites below!! Thank you and creep in touch,
"Let There Be Dark" will soon be out in spring 2007!!

- Ross Feratu

- -
THE SPOOK | Graverock Deluxe
- -

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Breathing Transylvania with Spooky DeVille

Hello Spooky DeVille, how is life?

- Other than a few bumps and bruises, we can't complain.
Life is good for the undead....if that makes much sense at all.

First, tell us the tale of Spooky DeVille.

- Kid Gruesome (guitars) originally played drums and El Cucuy (upright bass) played guitar
for a band that never took off but still booked a show.
After a member left We aquired a longtime friend to play drums, Billy Diesel.
With 2 weeks to that show with Brutally Frank in late March '06,
Dozer joined up and we then took the name Spooky DeVille and somehow wrote an 8 song set in time. We suprisingly had a great turnout for a Sunday Night in the land 'o Mormons.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn´t heard it yet?

- If Herman Munster wrote songs for Johnny Cash after eating a Chili Pepper with Doyle Wolfgang on Guitar.

Biggest influences musically?

- That's kind of a tough one...Mad Sin, Lost City Angels, Ghoultown,
Roy Orbison to name a few. We like to keep things creepy but still fun.
We also have a big '80's Hardcore influence

Spooky DeVille released earlier "Nightlife" EP which is now turning into a full
length release, share more details about this.

- You pretty much nailed it there. Our producer's (Johnny Demonic of Left for Dead)
computer took a dump after recording the E.P. and by the time it was fixed and ready to be mixed, We had enough good songs to fill out a Full length....We have a limited supply of the rough version,
but We are polishing everything to put out sn official pressing.

Let´s talk about the Salt Lake City scene, how is it?

- Everyone is very diverse but only a hairline seperating the different scenes.
We draw from each of those and Everyone is super supporting and friendly.

From what I´ve understood Utah is a very religious are, have religious people given you any hard times?

- I had a job at a Mortuary and got fired for not being Mormon...
but as far as Musically...I think they are just scared of us so they don't bother.

I´ve always been interested how different musicians write their music,
any special rituals or obsessions while writing new material?

- Dozer writes songs at work and just puts the words to Music that the band is working on.....
We sometimes sacrifice a single white dove to appease the Gods of rock in inspiration,
while eating pork chops.

Since we´re wondering in the fields of horror, favourite horrormovies?

- Halloween, Anything with "Of the Dead" in the title, a good Zomedy is always good, Slither, Universal monster Movies.....
Milo and Otis. hahaha. Horror movies in General are always good fun.

Your view about the present horrormovie releases, seems that every film is a re-make
or poor Japanese ripoff.

- As long as they are well done it's ok...just no Teeny Bopper bitch in the lead role.
The Ultra-Violence in recent movies is amazing though.

Tomb is calling, last words are yours

OJ is not a murderer......shit!

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Getting back from surgery with The Vincent Black Shadow

Hello and firstly, please introduce yourselfs.

- Tony Drummer extrordinaire from the vincent black shadow.

Could you briefly tell the history of TVBS?

- We formed in 2003,in Vancouver bc it started with me ,
my bro Robbie and Cassandra.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn´t yet heard
of you?

- It is a collection of different feels,genres and styles of Rock music.

Your debut album "Fears in the water" was released in July 2006,
are you happy with the result and was it a hard "birth"?

- Yes we love our record and worked very hard on it.
The writing came naturally to us but it was hard too be patient waiting for its release.

You´ve been touring alot this year, best and worst experiences so

- Warped was great,met alot cool people and bands like Nofx, and helmet who are real cool people.
Germany was great this year to,first time on a double decker tour bus.
I really love the southern states in the spring,the people are great there too.
We got to do the fuse chainsaw awards afterparty and cass got to present wich was real
cool too.

While being on the road, there is alot of spare time, and I would
think that sometimes it´s kind of boring to sit on a bus and wait, how
do you keep yourselves focused and entertained?

- We like to correspond with our fans on myspace,we watch alot of movies
and just like to relax and party.

There is a musicvideo of the song "Metro", tell us more about it,
who directed it?

- Ron Martin ,who was great and was based on the records artwork that was done by cassandra.
The treatment was done by peter karroll.

Let´s talk about influences, musically and literally?

- Everyone in the group comes from a different place musically,
but we have alot of similiar tastes, like Danzig,Billy holiday,
Avenged sevenfold,Cardigans.I know cassie likes alot of japanese pop,
rob likes a lot of stranges stuff like phantomas ,chris likes punk like the damned,
and fear and I love metal and prog metal like Iron
maiden,Dream theater and Avenged sevenfold.

TVBS is from Vancouver, Canada, how is the music scene there?

- Stagnant wich is whhy were happy to tour,love the city but the scene
is all but gone,and so are most of the venues.

Talesfromtheshadows is very horror oriented so I have to ask,
Favourite horror movies and actors?

- Melinda clark,Kane hodder,sherri moon zombie.
Doug bradley and all these actors and actreses respect various roles.

Back to TVBS, future plans and dreams?

- Continue to tour and record and make new fans and meet new inspiring people.

Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to interview you, good
luck in the future and last words are yours.

- What the fuck is juice..I want some grape drink!

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Club BongaBonga tomorrow night!

Tomorrow night, Club BongaBonga brings to the stage:

The Grit
The Patsy Walkers!

Again the ceremony is FREE! The place of ritual is
Lepakkomies Club
Helsinginkatu 1
Drag your bones there and shake your asses! This is the final warning! FREE OF CHARGE
So YOU don´t have any excuses!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

In the garden of rage with Others

Fiendish evening to you, how are things back in the caves of Binghamton?

A: Rainy, wet and dreary... Just another day in lovely Bingoland.

Tell us more about your band, Others, current line-up and briefly about your past?

A: Well, lets see. Current line up is – Mistress Jessica / Vocals, M.A.D. / Guitar, Dano Voodie / Bass and Mr. Webb on percussion.
We formed in march of 2002 after me (marquis), Dano and Mistress Jessica left a band we were in called "Spanker"(2000 - 2001).
My guitarist from "Bloodsuckingfraks" joined us and after a spell we found Mr. Webb and started jammin together.
We started by playing some of the old songs from Spanker and "BSF" til we figured out what direction we wanted to go.
I wanted to do more of a gothic horror thing to really bring put Mistress J’s voice and EDX and Mr. Webb wanted to do metal.
Dano said "as long as it's heavy and doesn't suck I'll play it".

So i wrote abunch of songs to try out on everyone, at first it was more punk and nobody was really happy with it.
So i went back to the drawing board, combining my love for horror with metal and gothic overtones. It was a hit and that’s how it all started.
We recorded the “7 Song EP” in August of 2002. Recorded “Garden of Rage” in 2003/2004 with producer Jsff DaBella at Mansion Audio. E.D.X. left in 2004,
was replaced by Lady Bathory in 2005, left 5 month’s later).
Signed a dstrobution deal with Dr. Cyclops Records in 2005.
“Garden of Rage” finally came January 2006. We did a few movie sountracks, got on many comps, played all over the north east and here we are today.

Biggest influences?

A: My biggest influences are man’s inhumanity (especially as of late) but mostly all things horror,
a dark and stormy night, Vampires, creatures of darkness and so on. Musicly,
I’m influenced by everthing from Classical to 50’s rock, swing and so on...
but over all I was influencd by certain bands that have their own unique sound such as
Danzig, AFI, Cradle of Filth, Godhead, Manson, Ramones, Tori Amos, to name a few.
I really want “Others” to be a one of a kind and not sound like anyone else.

Let´s talk about your record "Garden of Rage", where did you record it and
who produced it?

A: We recorded the album at Mansion Audio in Binghamton N.Y. with Jeff DaBella at the helm.
I’ve known Jeff forever and always went there to record (we recorded the 7 song EP there),
so when we went back to record another album, Jeff had been following the buzz about us and told us he wanted to produce our next album,
he loved what we were doing and wanted to really bring our sound together.
After some thought we decided to go for it. We had the same vision for the album and it was a match made in hell.
He worked us into shape, then we started laying tracks in June of 2003. Jeff let me co-produce it with him, which was a real honour and a learning expirence.
We had a blast and we wrapped it up in January of 2004.

About songwriting, how does an "others" song come to life? Rituals?

A: Um, usually I start with a human sacrifice... Not really,
I’m just kidding (or am I ?). I usually write about what inpires me.
If I get a riff or a lyric in my head, then that’s what i go with and build around it.
Sometimes I write the lyrics first, sometimes the music. I then make a demo Then the process is,
I show it to Mr. Webb, then to Dano Voodie. Once we have it down,
we’ll record a another demo and then I hand it over to the singer (with my scratch vocals)
and then Presto!! Another “Others” song is brought to life.

Others appears in the Danzig tribute CD, tell us more about this

A: Well, I had been a member of “The 7th House” forum (Official danzig Fan Forum)
for years but hadn’t been there in a spell, when I heard about a tribute being put together by bands of the forum and it was being approved by the man himself.
Me being a huge fan (and a major influence on my song writing), I said “I must get on this!” I wrote to the proper contacts and after some bloodletting and beging I was able to get on it.
We choose “Thirteen” and “Skulls” but “Skulls” didn’t make the cut. Jeff Dabella Produced the song for us and we’re quite pleased with how it came out (better than i imagined).
It’s an honour to be a part of this and a shout out has to go to Radu for puttin this baby together (and having us on it).
The tribute is only available for a short time, it is a limited release of 666 copies with no repress.
So get your copy while supplies last. Visit

About horrorpunk, how´s the scene in your hometown?

A: Scene? Your lookin at it kid. There is no horror scene here in Binghamton,
hell there’s barely a scene at all. It’s mostly Screamo / Emo bands.
The scene itself (Punk / Metal), died a few years back when they inacted the smoking ban.
Almost all of the rock clubs closed down because people refused to go to bars and clubs if they couldn’t smoke.
I used to book shows but now it isn’t worth it ‘cause no one will show up.
There’s a few places that do all age shows once in a while.
It’s slowly making a comeback (the overall scene). There’s a decent scene in Scranton PA , Kingston PA.
We mostly play out of town and maybe at home a couple of times a year.

Touring is a big part of being in a band, best and worst memories from the road?

A: They’re all good. It sure beats workin... We’ve had a few crummy gigs but that’s to expected sometimes.
Ya can’t always pitch a perfect game if ya know what I mean.
We just did thee days with Horror of ’59 out in Buffalo, Detroit and Akron and had a blast.
I personally love playin on the road.

I gotta ask, favourite horrormovies?

A: Well, speaking for myself, I would have to say Nosferatu and Dracula are my favorite movies.
I love the whole myth of the Vampire and what it represents.
I really love the old horror movies, they always left room for your imagination.
Now a days, it’s all right there on the screen, the blood, the gore, ect...
Don’t get me wrong, I like some of that stuff too but it’s all overkill now.
I mean there’s only so many ways some can be disembowled.
It seems that you need tons of blood and gore to make a horror movie today.

What does the future hold for Others?

A: Hopefully alot. We’re gonna take a break from playing out to write new material for our next opus (and pay off some bills).
We have about 30 songs so far. I wouldn’t mind getting on a few more movie soundtracks as well.
Make a few videos. Who knows what the future lies but we’ll be around for a while.

Scream for our readers of the last time... for now.


Thanks to all our fans, friends and family for supporting us over the years.
Thanks to Jeff DaBella and Shane Diablo for believeing in us, Bob and Horror of ’59,
all of the radio stations that play us, Ted Alderman from Wicked Dreams Entertainment,
Radu and all at the 7th House, Thanks to all the ghouls at the World Horror Newtork ( and Thank you for the interview.
Vist our website : or

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Blitzkid - Five Cellars Below

Album: Five Cellars Below
Label: Fiendforce records
Release date: 2006

Blitzkid is a horrorpunkband that doesn´t leave you cold, they have been around for
10 years and they know what they´re doing.
So this is Blitzkid´s latest and finest, "Five Cellars Below" is such an good package
that I don´t know where to start. The sounds are brilliant, songs are complete
and they support each other making the album sound "full and complete".

The album is filled with horrorpunkmagic, it´s melodic, mix of fast and mellow songs and it takes you over like a hurricane. Try songs like "Starlite Decay", "Mary And The Storm",
"Terror in The Haunted House" and my personal favourite "Vanishing Riders"
This CD is definitely worth purchasing, so get it now!


Black Mountain Backstep
A Blind Bargain
Starlite Decay
Mary And The Storm
Midnight Mile
Lady In The Lake
Terror In the Haunted House
Genus Unknown
Demon Machine
The Torn Prince
The Trunk
Carve Out A Heart
Vanishing Riders

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Mister Monster - Prom night massacres

Hell-o, please introduce yourself to our readers

- J.Trioxin, Vocals and guitar in Mister Monster and Touring guitarist for Michale Graves.

Mister Monster was formed in 1998, briefly tell us more about the history of Mister Monster.

- It was started as a side project, i was in a band playing bass and i had written songs like Prom Night and Dead Flesh Gurl and needed a way to get them out.
So i recorded the songs one day with my friends Mars and Jimmy Skinz.
We pressed about 250 cassettes and were asked to play a halloween show,
the response was great and the tapes sold out in a matter of weeks so we just kept it up.
i had written more songs and by that point jimmy and mars had bowed out.
so i went into Planet Grey studios and recorded 10 songs on my own.
4 of these are scattered through out a few different compilations and the rest have become the famed "5 Song Sampler"..
the album was never released in its entirety.

Mister Monster is from New Jersey, how is the scene up there?

- Its mostly cover bands and emo kids. As far as deathrock goes theres a few but they arent very well noticed because they came out a little too late.
At the time, with the Misfits excluded, Mister Monster was one of the only horror rock bands in NJ, (Along with the Crypt Keeper 5).
So we got noticed and respected, the Misfits had already made a comeback but were not yet the lame household name they became after around 2001.

The legendary Misfits are from NJ, how much have this influenced you guys?

- the fact that theyre from NJ has influenced me zero...
the fact of their music has influenced me Heavy. My first tattoo was when i was 16 of the the Crimson Ghost,
so i obviously dig them. I think its fucking stupid when bands try and act like they dont know the bands that have obviously influenced them,
I've even been told that I've been an influence to some newer bands and that to me is the best fucking thing i could possibly hear.
To be ONE precent of the chemicals that make up any band is an honor and i am extremly greatfull.

Following the previous question, your biggest influences?

- Phil Spector, Bob Rock, Brian Setzer, Keith Caputo, Mike Ness,
Johnny Cash, Glenn Danzig, Doyle, Eerie Von, a TON of 50's DooWop
(not that bubble gum "Walk like a man" bullshit either).

Let´s talk about song writing, any special rituals while writing new material?

- None, i cant sit down and write a song, which is why i can never tell when an album will be done,
i could be driving or sleeping and an entire song will just come to me and ill lay it down and its done.
Very few changes are ever made from the original time of demoing to what actually comes out on an album.
I have forced it out before and i hated the aftermath. I usually have the vocal line and then i put down the guitar after that to sccompany it.
Im more of a vocal line melody man, i never sit down with my guitar and play riffs til i hear something i like.
I look at myself more as a writer and not so much a player.

When can fans expect new material from Mister Monster?

- Anytime now, my guitarist just quit so im deiciding on doing the record myself or have one or many bands back me up as far as instruments go...
we'll see.

Touring, any plans concerning europe?

- I dont need a ton of money but i need just enough to break even,
im not looking to make money but i also cant afford to lose anymore so if someone were to offer us a chance to come over to europe then of course id love to.
I did a tour over there with Blitzkid and it was probably one of the best-times Ive ever had on the road.

From touring to the future, where do you see Mister Monster in the next 2-4 years?

- Could be exactly where it is now and it could be huge,
you never know in this business. I would like to get some new music out though because as much as everyone loves "Over Your Dead Body"
i am sick of it and dont want that to be my crowning acheivment.
Its a blessing and a curse, im so happy that people seem to love that record but theres also alotof pressure for the next one to be as good as or better.
If its worse than whats the point? im just gonna do what i do though, i know ya cant please everyone,
but id like to, at leaste the fans anyway.

We´re always curious about bands fav. movies, top5 horrormovies?

Return of the Living Dead
Bad Taste
The Wolfman
28 Days Later

Time to go back to the coffin, any last words?

- Thanx so much for the oppurtunity to speak.
These interviews let people into me even if justfor a few minutes.
I dont really give a fuck of people love me or hate me, as long as they like the music thats all i really give a shit about.
People have gotten so fucking dramatic over the past few years and they seem to wanna know more about 'what really happened'
as opposed to just buying the fucking album.

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Sleeptalking with The Limit Club

First who are the Limit Club?

Nick Feratu: The Limit Club is made up of three completely average Psychobilly Deathrockers from Phoenix, AZ.
The George on drums and percussive type instruments.
Cadaverous Joel on upright slap bass.
And myself, Nick Feratu on guitar and vocals.

What made you form this band?

Nick: Joel and I were in a garage band together a few years ago and
when that band met it's end, we decided to continue playing together with a brand new project.
We were both really inexperienced in the music world, but we decided that the new band would have new original songs and a new Do-It-Yourself attitude.
Joel and I also both shared a common love for Sun Records rockabilly and all things surreal, dark and evil.
So we simply combined those two elements to make what has become the Limit Club's distinct sound.

Story behind the name?

Nick: I writhed around on the floor for countless hours trying to think up a suitable band name for us.
It had to be something unique and interesting, but I didn't want anything cliche or false.
Nothing to do with monsters or death, because even though we love such things, I felt that most of the best band names in that area had already been taken.
Then I started looking at where other bands were getting their names.
I noticed that some of my favorite bands took their name from their favorite songs and movies.
The Sisters of Mercy took their name from a Leonard Cohen song, The Misfits took their name from a Marilyn Monroe movie and so on.
So I followed suit and took the name of my favorite song and branded our band with the name "The Limit Club".
The song of the same name was written by The Damned and you can hear it on the "Friday The 13th EP".
It's similarly dark and atmospheric, so I found it absolutely perfect for our band.

Biggest influences musically?

Nick: Our influences are all over the place. I'm a music fanatic,
so I listen to all different genres from vintage country, rockabilly, psychedelic garage, punk rock, new wave and goth.
I guess if I had to narrow down the top five influences they would probably be The Damned first and foremost followed by The Quakes,
The Sisters of Mercy, Johnny Cash, and Morrissey.

What are your Biggest achievement so far (concerning the Limit Club)?

Nick: I think our biggest achievement so far is just making a name for ourselves.
I think that as a band, we're starting to develop a recognizable style to our music that is all our own.
Also, we've worked out a song-writing process that seems to work for all of us and we're going into a studio to record our first full length album of all original material later this month,
so I'm pretty proud of that. And it's also pretty cool that we're finally getting to play shows with some of our favorite bands like Zombie Ghost Train and Nim Vind.

Let's fantasize a bit, pick anyone you wish, fav. band to tour with and why?

Nick: I'd personally like to tour with The Coffinshakers from Sweden or Dave Vanian and the Phantom Chords.
Those were the two bands that really captured what "Gothabilly" was in my mind.
It wasn't necessarily the fastest or loudest sub-genre of rockabilly,
but it had a air of mystery that was missing from all the rest.
So that's who I'd pick. Without those two bands, The Limit Club would look and sound completely different.

The Limit Club is from Arizona, also Calabrese and Zombeast are from that region, how is the Arizona scene?

Nick: The Arizona scene is going fucking crazy right now!
There are so many good bands that are popping out of nowhere.
Calabrese and Zombeast are two of the big ones and we're friends with both of those bands,
but we also have guys like Stitch Hopeless and the Sea Legs, The Hollow Bodies, Creepsville, The Numptys, The Dead Tones, and then you have guys like Marco Polo from Curse of the Pink Hearse who have been at it forever and are still hanging in there.
I've lived in AZ for most of my life, and this is the the best the local music scene has ever been in my memory.
Now if we could just get some decent venues to play, maybe the momentum we're building will continue to grow.

Future plans with the Limit Club?

Nick: The future is looking pretty bright for us right now.
As I mentioned, we're going into a studio later this month to record our first full length which will be released late January to early February 2007.
Then we're planning West Coast tour dates.

Last but not least, who would win in a fight between Karloff and Lugosi?

Nick: Bela would rip Karloff in half!
He has that Romanian death grip you know. But Vincent Price would destroy 'em both.

Pictures by Diana Price

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tales of winter

Greetings fellow fiends, as you have probably noticed, Tales from the shadows is taking a break at the moment. Future plans? Return of all returns is approaching, we will return with a vengeance. Plenty of new interviews and reviews have been confirmed. Until we meet again, take care and remember to lock your doors and windows.

- SirJohnTalbot