Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year Ghouls!

Hello fiends, this past year has been amazing.
We have received lots of great feedback and
support. I, behalf of the whole Tales crew,
just want to say how much this means to us.
Without you and your support this wouldn´t
be possible.
So, happy new year
and I wish next year will be even better
than the last.

What is next, you might ask?

Well, new reviews of curse and
we are starting a new section,
articles about great old horror movie actors and
We have also confirmed many new interviews
with great acts and one big suprise is coming to your
way soon.

Stay ghoul and remember to stop by!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Singing the Graveyard Love Song with Miguel

Greetings, who am I speaking to, please introduce yourself

- Hi there. Here's Nerve69,
song writer and founder of Miguel &tLD.
Thanks for interest in our band.

Miguel and the living dead was formed in 2001
as a one man project,
could you briefly tell the story of your band,
line-up and the biggest influences

- It all started as my one man project around summer 2001.
I was hanging around and thinking what to do during those lazy days.
And the only idea that came to my mind was
"hey, man, maybe you should at last record all these songs that you wrote
within all those years?!". And I started to do that.

About 2 years later my friends from new wave band Eva listened to these songs,
they had a blast and offered their help.
Signer Slavik was the first which joined the team.
We recorded demo that caused a big interest all over the world.
Then we decided to form a regular "live" band to make the concerts possible,
so then the rest of Eva joined Miguel and we started to play first shows.
A few months later we signed to Strobelight Records and released debut album.
And that's all. Now we are going to record new songs.

Our biggest influences were, are and always will be old punk and
new wave bands of 70's / 80's like Alien Sex Fiend,
The Damned, Bauhaus, 45 Grave, New Model Army,
Chelsea, Ausgang, Charge, U2, Lords Of The New Church,
Misfits, Sunglasses After Dark, The Clash, Ramones,
Fields Of The Nephilim, Christian Death, Samhain, The Cult,
The Birthday Party and many, many more.

We also love wild powerful garage rock'n'roll, 2 Tone ska,
psychobilly, gothabilly, surf, country, even some pop-rock tunes.
I think that our music is a mixture of many various influences and
that's what make it so unique.

Write down the ingredients that make Miguel and the living dead

- What kind of ingredients do you mean?

You are currently working on a new album,
how is that coming along? What can fans expect?

- Things are going well. We have done most of songs and
at the beginning of January
we'd like to start recordings. You can expect basically the same mood
and feelings that mark our previous songs.
Maybe new album will be more powerful.
There rather won't be slow songs like
"Salem's Lot" or “Sexy Velvet Shadow”.

After the album is done, I assume you are going on the road,
what makes a perfect live show?

- Many things like venue, equipment, tech crew etc.
but first of all is the audience.
If the people are fine and want to have fun along with us
then the show even with the crap sound provided will be perfect
and unforgettable to each side.

Touring in general, do you prefer bigger venues or small clubs?

- To be honest it doesn't matter to us.
We love to play in small underground clubs but
we also enjoy a lot playing on festivals like Wave Gotik Treffen or
Judgement Day for hundreds of people. It all depends on the audience.

what would be the ultimate tour to take part in, pick the bands.

- It could be a big tour of The Cramps and The Damned with support acts
like Shadow Reichenstein, Deadbolt, Psychocharger, Ghoultown and Frankenstein.
I'm afraid it would end after first two concerts because of drinking to much
and permanent hang over.

Let´s talk about the scene, in your opinion,
how is the scene in Poland and rest of Europe?

- Polish punk / new wave / goth scene was very strong during 80’s.
We had really amazing bands which weren’t being known worldwide,
although they deserved it a lot. Siekiera, One Million Bulgarians, Variete,
Made In Poland, Madame, 1984, Armia, Brygada Kryzys, Kosmetyki Mrs Pinki,
Joanna Makabresku – to mention the finest ones.

Some of them split up, some are still playing,
but today it’s hard to say about any “scene”.
Polish punk and goth scenes are now completely separated
and nothing worth of attention happens there.
Especially goth scene in Poland sucks!
It’s dominated by dummy metal heads or trance-industrial-EBM kids,
which consider themselves a “goths”. It’s ridiculous…

We have some kind of neo-post punk / cold wave music and great bands like DHM
or Wieze Fabryk, but it’s not any serious scene, just a particular bands.
And all in all the same lonely band is Miguel & The Living Dead.
We try to bring punk / rock’n’roll music back into a goth scene,
try to remind all these kids what are real origins and roots of goth music,
but general situation sucks a lot!

Regarding nowadays European scene situation looks much better.
There's a plenty of great deathrock / goth punk bands like Popoi Sdioh,
All Gone Dead, Eat Your Make Up, Gotterdammerung, The Last Days Of Jesus,
Tchiki Boum or - my absolute number one -
The Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster
(I cannot understand why people still put them into "indie" genre???!!).
Generally I can say that there's a lot of great bands all over the world!
Probably every 2-3 weeks I discover some fantastic band.
I listen to all kinds of music,
but if we talk about nowadays
deathrock / post punk / gothabilly music I cannot forget to mention about great American scene
and crews like Phantom Limbs, Ghoultown, Shadow Reichenstein,
Weegs, Sixteens, Cult Of The Psychic Fetus, Turn Pale, Hayride To Hell,
The Tunnel Of Love, Baby Shower, The Rosedales, Sin City Ghouls, Bloodjunkies,
Igor Spectre and many more…

Into the dreams, where would you wanna be in next 5 years?

- I think between the legs of Eva Green would be fine place.

Time to close the book, thanks again for the interview
and feel free to say the last lines!

- Thanks a lot for interview.
Greetings to all our fans wherever they are.
Special hugs to the alien worms from Alpha Centauri,
we miss you.

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Ghastly Ones - Target: Draculon

The Ghastly Ones
Album: Target: Draculon
Label: Ghastly Plastics Corp.
Release date: 2006

Imagine yourself in the mix of the most beautiful beach
and the most dark and cold place in outer space.
That is the place which this album takes you.
Yes, they are back! The most groovy ghouls out there, The Ghastly Ones.
Last time we talked about these ghouls, the name of the game was
"A-Haunting We Will Go-Go" their debut album which cruised in the shores
and dark castles of the Earth.
Now that the Earth is conquered, it´s time to move the surf-ship
to outer space.

"Target: Draculon" is a instant scfi-fi surf classic,
the album is filled with Fender bending groovy sounds
from beginning until the end.
With a Tracklist like this you just can´t go wrong!
Or what do you think about titles such as
"Grave Dig Her", "Spooky Girl" and
"Double Agent 73 (Who Came In From The Cold)"
I thought so! The future of The Ghastly Ones looks bright,
can´t wait for the next release!


- Intro
- Target: Draculon
- Without Warning
- Blood Countess Sees All...
- Grave Dig Her
- The Sighting...
- Shockmonster Stomp
- Now Fear This
- Weird Spaceship...
- Spooky Girl
- Double Agent 73 (Who Came In From The Cold)
- Full Throttle, Empty Bottle
- Flying Saucers Over Van Nuys
- Dimension 66
- Brand New Sin
- Llorona
- Scuzz Ghoul Meets Curl's Girl
- I'm In...
- Orbitron.

Also read the previous review of A-Haunting We Will Go-Go
and the interview I made some time ago: Take a ride with the Ghastly Ones...

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Monday, December 18, 2006

Opening the cemetary gates with Scarecrow

Hell-O, please introduce yourself to our readers

- Hi, I’m Jack from Scarecrow.

What is the current line-up in Scarecrow?

Ruho (guitar)
Samsam (drums)
Grim (bass)
Jack (voice)

Briefly sum up your band´s history

- Scarecrow was founded in 2000 and only the bassist has been replaced
a bit over a year ago. It all took up from this band we put together in 1999,
we played covers from Ramones, Smack and Misfits.
Then at new years eve we were watching Danzig’s music videos with Samsam
and I said this is what I wanna do, this has the right attitude to it.
That same night we came up with the name, Scarecrow.
I’ll never forget that new year.
Right from the start I decided that because we are crappy players,
we’re going to do only demos and smaller releases before even thinking about
doing a full length. After “La Morte...” we were ready.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn´t heard of you yet?

- It’s a tough question really, all I can say is that
Scarecrow is fucking raw horror punkrock shit.
What else do you need, really? No, I try to avoid putting our music to a certain box
, it only distracts people. Go and listen, make your own descision.

Let´s talk about Scarecrow´s debut album "Deadcrow", It was released this year,
are you pleased with the result? Was it a hard birthing?

- I’m very happy with it.
It’s absolutely great to get very good reviews from zines all over the world,
even here in Finland.
The best thing is that we had no problems whatsoever doing “Deadcrow”,
and I know the next album’s going to be better, a lot better.
I think we spent five days recording “Deadcrow” and there was no hurry,
no pressure or anything. Things went smooth.

Besides the most regular horrorpunk influences, what other stuff inspires you
when you write music?

- Hate, misery.

Scarecrow has done quite alot "touring" across Finland, what is the
weirdest place you´ve played in?

- Well we have done some few gigs here in this godforbidden country.
The weirdest gig was propably when we played at Lumous-festival.
We played on this small boat that sailed in this incredible rain
and there were something like over a hundred goths stuffed inside.
We played over an hour and were dead beat because it was like hundred degrees inside
the boat. That was great.

You also did a minitour in Italy, how did that go?

- Yes, we did a few gigs near Milano, in these small towns like Asti.
That was a great first trip outside Finland.
We flew there, the guys over there had arranged all transportation
and place to sleep. Drank alot of beer, ate even more pasta.
The Italians are very nice people overall. I’d like to go back.

Horrorpunk-rock scene has been growing alot past few years, there are alot
of bands that sound very similar, your views about the scene?

- Yeah, that’s true. There’s many bands that sound exactly the same,
all trying to be like Misfits without any perspective of their own.

Since Scarecrow is very horror based band, what horrormovie represents
the spirit of Scarecrow the best?

Jack: Return of the living dead - Nosferatu
Grim: Braindead, because it’s fun and gory.

About future, when can fans expect new stuff from Scarecrow?
Any plans for a bigger tour in Finland and rest of Europe?

- There’s nothing sure yet, but propably there will be a new 7” coming up,
a bit like earth a.d.–styled outburst, a very limited edition.
No plans for the next album yet, that’s long way ahead still.
Next year we’ere going to Sweden for a few gigs and again to Germany
for a longer tour. Time will show what happens.

Voices are calling, I better fade, send your regards to our readers

- New shirts are under work and available soon,
get one or die! Also the album and great looking badges
are available through our website.

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Friday, December 15, 2006

Groovy murders with Von Auer

Greetings, please introduce yourself to our readers

- We are Von Auer, the greatest (and the only at the time) graveyard punk rock
band singing in finnish from Tampere, Finland. Our line-up is and will be 'til
the final day:

Otto von Auer - lead vocals
Juha Silmämaali - drums
M. Coffin - bass
H.C. Kuivala - guitar

Your band´s name is Von Auer, story behind the name?

- At the beginnig, the band name was Auer
which is rarely used old finnish word
for haze or mist and we tough that it would be a good name for us, adding horror
and finnish language together. Unfortunately,
some other jerks had came out with
the same name here in Finland, so we added Von afterwards
according our lead singer Otto von Auer.

Von Auer is relatively new band, briefly go through the beginning to the
present day.

- I (H.C.) have played in several bands with Otto before Von Auer
(mainly hardcorepunk) and M. Coffin and me used to play Ramones together
(mainly Havana Affair) while getting drunk or whatever.
Von Auer was put together at fall 2003, first
with our friend Läski-Heikki behind the drums.

Along the years 2003 - 2005 we got kicked out several times
from our rehearsal spaces and that really slowed down
our development as a band.
Also it didn't help us at all that our drummer Läski-Heikki
broked his back badly and were
unable to play drums anymore (or so he said...[]).

At spring 2005 after a long search for new drummer Juha Silmämaali
joined the band.
At fall 2005 we recorded our first EP
"Torkahtaminen voi olla kohtalokasta"
and after that we have done some gigs, mainly at Tampere.
Future is insecure, as always. And of course,
just month ago we got yet again kicked
out from our rehearsal place.

While listening to our EP "Torkahtaminen voi olla kohtalokasta",
I´m picking up influences from Misfits-Samhain to Calabrese, what else has
influenced you?

- I think we are musically influenced by all of those punk and rock bands
which we have listened through the years.
There are too many to list.
Spiritually of course Misfits, Samhain and Danzig
have been the inspiration to start a band
like this.

What do you think about the modern Misfits? IMO the whole merchandise
has just got out of hand.

- Modern Misfits with Graves on vocals was kickass stuff
and Michale is a wonderful singer.
This is the opinion that the whole Von Auer share.
Personally I lost my hope on Jerry and the Misfits when Graves left/get kicked
out of the band...
Also some should remark Dez that he looks more spooky
without his corpsepaint.

Let´s go back to your EP, are you happy with the result?
Are there any things you would do different?

- Yes, there are things that we would do different.
"Torkahtaminen voi olla kohtalokasta"
is a kind of complication of songs
from years 2003 - 2005.
On the album there are songs that are first ones with melody
that we (mainly Otto and I) have composed and
it was first time ever when Otto sang in studio.
So I think we have developed in many ways,
and of course the new songs are so much better.
Also the sound atmosphere of our next record will be less pop and more dark
and punk, like our gigs have been.

What inspires you when you write lyrics? Any special rituals in the
songwriting process?

- I get my influences mainly from movies, books, tv-series
(don't have fervour to start name know which ones i mean)
and missheard sentences.
Also the latest ouija board session with the band gave me some bizarre ideas.
For the
"Torkahtaminen voi olla kohtalokasta"
Otto made all the lyrics expect for "Murhagroove",
but after that I have done most of the lyrics. I think that the
essence of Von Auer lyrics will be more cartoonish in the forecoming records.

Next step with Von Auer?

- Get a new place of rehearsal and grow our irc-galleria -community.

Fangs for your time, last howls are yours!

- 138 times thanx for you, virpoen varpoen,


for the upcoming horror business,
check out our website and download "Torkahtaminen voi olla kohtalokasta" EP for

All pictures by Lassila Juha

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

DieMonsterDie - Lifes Blood: past-present-future

Album: Lifes Blood: past-present-future
Label: Dr Cyclops Records
Release date: 2006

What i´m holding in my hands is the new DieMonsterDie release.
It contains killer 27 songs from six previous albums including songs from:

The Continuing Mission To Destroy Rock N Roll, No Future For The Weak,
What Is Shall Always Be, Honor Thy Dead, Only The Dead Will Survive
and 3 tracks from upcoming brand new album, coming in 2007.

Musically DieMonsterDie is somewhere in the middle of:
Alice Cooper, KISS, Misfits, Samhain
and bunch of other metal and old school punk bands,
but at the same time they´re uncompromisingly doing their own thing.
Lyrically, do I need to say more? It´s all about death,ghouls,
horror and the darker side of life with a twist of sarcastic black humor.
I would definitely pick these song as a highlight of this album:

"Black is the color of Darkness",
"One night at Devil´s rock",
"Red wedding Dress"
and "Gravedigger Girl".

This is a great way to meet the band, if you´re already familiar with DieMonsDie´s
ghoulish tunes. Great package from start to finish and I won´t let you go
until you bleed. Still don´t own it?! Bad bad ghoul! No excuses!
It´s free, go to: and start downloading it suckers!

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Club BongaBonga presents:

December 14th, 2006 Hellsinki
Lepakkomies, Helsinginkatu 1

Age old battle between Helsinki and Turku.
Contenders are:

In the blue blue corner wearing blood and sweat: Hellhound Frenzy (Psychobilly/Punk)
And in the red corner, handsome and groovy:
The Over Attacks (Punk/Ska)

Come and see which town prevails and gets the best looking ladies!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Seeking hate with Cancerslug

Briefly, share some details about Cancerslug for those readers
who haven´t heard of you yet

- The last true rock n roll band on the planet
a dead breed that still believe that music can be real
that rock is a lifestyle and not just a commodity
we give our art away for free and kick peoples ass live

Biggest influences musically?

- Anger, hate, rage, love, death
lyricly: h.p. lovecraft, e. a. poe, sun tzu, miyamoto musashi
Bands: rasputina, black flag, glenn danzig, neurosis, the damned,
the germs, fear, filth, doom, eadboy and the elephantmen

Let´s talk about your latest CD "Book of Rats", tell us more about the
writing/recording process and are you happy with the result?

- "Book of rats" was just a collection of demos that we havent really recorded yet,
the versions that people have dont even have a bass guitar on them,
its just alex and a drummer jamming out some ideas for songs

I noticed that all of your albums are available through your site in mp3 format,
great way to spread the word
but are there any other motives behind this? Are you anti-label?

- Im pro art.... and anti anything that takes away from art or tries to lead art into a more commercially accessable format.....
giving my art away for free keeps it pure and in the long run will leave a truer legacy of work behind...
im not saying i wouldnt ever put anything out on a label,
im just waiting for the label that still gives me complete creative control of my project

What do you think about internet? While ago there were a rumour spreading around that
Cancerslug has split-up etc etc. Does these rumours bother you?

- As long as people are talking about cancerslug, I dont really care what they say.....
at least they recognize our existance, love it or hate it
the interenet is a great way for independant art to be spread to the masses

Little more about your music, you have song title such as "I love pain", "hateseeker", "straight razor rape",
where do you dig up these titles and inspirations to your lyrics?

- Whatever gets peoples attention, we hide our true message in between the dick and fart jokes...
I think most of our real fans are smart enough to get it

Moving on to touring, what is the weirdest thing that has happen to you while being on stage?

- Self mutilation, audiance mutilation, attacks by our enemys,
and on stage gratification fom fans.... you name it.....
check out our full length dvd for details

If you could pick two bands to tour with, who would you pick?

- Deadboy and the elephantmen
the dwarves

From touring to movies, what are your favourite horror movies?

the beyond
the howling

Future plans with Cancerslug?

- Record, tour, repeat

Thanks again for the interview, feel free to say the last words!

- Always great to have anyone interested in our little project
cancerslug has been going 6 years strong, and there are no plans for us to stop,
we have over a hundred songs you can download for free online,
and many more on the way

stay tuned for our new disk "fuck you, from hell" over a year in the making,
its going to be our masterpiece

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Devil´s night with DieMonsterDie

So how are things at the moment?

Meatwhistle: Right now things couldn't be better, we are fresh off a date here in salt lake city, with GWAR it was an amazing show, Gwar are great Guys, and we gained many new fans.
things couldn't be better.

Zero: Furthermore there will be an abundance of new releases from
Diemonsterdie in the near future.
Our new album is set for an early-2007 release and we also plan to re-release our extremely rare "Honor Thy Dead" album by next spring.
I think Honor Thy Dead is an outstanding piece of work and I'm excited that it will finally be widely available.
The first printing was very limited so if you own an original copy it will be a rarity.
The new printing will have a new artwork layout so you'll definitely be able to tell them apart.
Finally we'll be appearing on The Horror Of It All Volume 3 compilation with one song plus a video of the band.

Tell us more about your band DieMonsterDie?

Meatwhistle: For me DMD is my lifes blood, i love the band,my mates, and everything we do.
we have been together for a long time, and it still feels so new.

Zero: We've all been musicians for years and Diemonsterdie marks our return to the grand traditions of rock n' roll.
The songs all gotta have hooks and the band must have Presence.
The crowd only loves you more when they find you visually compelling.
Personally speaking, with Diemonsterdie it's as if the monster in me has finally clawed his way through the skin and gets to enjoy being in the driver's seat.
It's been building for years and now it's to the point where I barely exist as a human being in the 9-to-5 world.
That guy is more like a disguise I wear to blend in until the next show.
We set out simply to form a band that was impossible to look away from when seen live.
Since 99% of what I write has a dark theme or monsters or aliens we knew right off it would be a horror band.
It was surprising to find there is such a dedicated and widespread underground for this type of thing.

Biggest influences musically?

Meatwhistle: the entire band has a very huge music history,
I love everything from Ramones to Satyricon, Slayer to the Bee Gees,
Zero has a vast collection and eclectic taste.

Zero: GG Allin the ultimate rock n' roll madman influenced me a lot psychologically.
It had a lot to do with my state of mind at the time I discovered his music.
KISS and Alice Cooper made a huge impression on my young mind.
They were fucking superheroes to me because I owned the comic books they appeared in and there they were doing the biggest, most theatrical shows ever.
That kind of rock n' roll really appealed to me.
Black Sabbath, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost- that stuff was so grim I just loved it.
Ramones, Misfits, Judas Priest- the list goes on and on.
If everything I like to listen to influences me then I am influenced by one Hell of a lot of bands.

DMD is from salt lake, hows the scene up there?

Meatwhistle: I like to think of it as the west coast epicenter for horror bands,
the people here are willing to accept new ideas and music.
and with every show, the crowds get bigger and more devoted.

Zero: Horror's rising and it's become a thriving scene in Salt Lake City.
The variety of styles in horror music draws more people in every day,
it's just a matter of exposing them to it so they realize that this is something they will like.
Everybody secretly has that morbid fascination with death and thing forbidden and horrible.
Horror music gives them a way to express their inner demons and sinister urges to a snappy backbeat.

Your views about the horrorpunkrock scene these days?

Meatwhistle: it is definitely coming alive!

Zero: It seems to be growing steadily and there's a lot of great bands to represent it.
It's also becoming more of a community as it gets more organized.
Hopefully the scene will be able to maintain it's cool one-big-family vibe as it gets more popular and not fall victim to pop culture overexposure.

In your view, what´s the difference between European and North American scene?

Meatwhistle: Europe our fiends! they love horror punk/horror rock,
i think it is a much larger scene in Europe, the North American scene is growing by leaps and bound every day,
that is why we started to bring the fans and all of the bands together in the US.

Zero: It's definitely larger in Europe but the US it catching on.
Europe also has all those ancient different cultures to draw upon for inspiration.
By comparison, the US only has a few hundred years of history and essentially one culture.

Let´s talk about you CD "ONLY THE DEAD WILL SURVIVE". Are you happy with the result and was it a hard project?

Meatwhistle: i dont think any band is every truly satisfied with a recording, i love the album,
i beleive it to be our best to date, we have sold thousands of copies, and i would like to think our fans, love the album as much as we enjoyed making it.
if you dont own it go BUY IT!

Zero: I'm very pleased with Only The Dead Will Survive.
Recording is never a hard process for Diemonsterdie.
We record within the boundaries of a strict budget so we are well-rehearsed before entering the studio.
The downside of a strict budget is not being able to experiment a bit more before deciding on a mix.
Vocally there's times you go with a take that's as perfect as you could get it, time permitting.
There's always going to be some things I would change but It's likely I'd never be totally satisfied.
We try and top ourselves with each new album.

Following the previous question, shed some light on your song writing process?

Zero: Songwriting usually begins with a list of what I think would make good song titles.
Most often the music comes during rehearsal when we're all freeballing it and the next thing you know we're all playing the same thing.
Occasionally someone will come in with something they had written outside of rehearsal but mostly it's during practice.
Within 5 to 30 minutes we'll have all the parts written and arranged and I'll pick a title from the list.
Vocally I will sing gibberish until I get a melody down and I'll fit the title in the chorus somewhere.
The band will practice the song like this a few times and lines of lyrics will come to me through my stream of consciousness gibberish spouting.
Finally I will sit down and finish the lyrics, filling in the lines that never congealed between the ones that did.
The entire lyric writing process takes me a while.
Left to my own devices sometimes I don't finish a song's lyrics until we're in the studio recording it.
I have literally finished lyrics while sitting on the recording studio couch and telling everyone to take a 10 minute break for drinks and smokes.
I work fast when the pressure's on but if there's no pressure, look out!

As horror is the theme here, favourite horror movies?

Meatwhistle: The Exorcist,Ju-On,TCM,The Elephantman

Zero: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the Evil Dead Series,
Return of the Living Dead I&II, Day of the Dead, Frankenstein,
Creature From the Black Lagoon, Dracula, all those old black and white movies with mummies, The Ring, The Shining, American Werewolf In London, the Alien series

And favourite actors?

Zero: Horror actors- Lon Chaney, Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff......
Mainstream actors- Johnny Depp, Eugene Levy, the voice cast of The Simpsons, Art Vandelay....

Future plans with DMD?

Zero: Besides the albums I mentioned before we're writing new songs for another album, we're not in a rush with this one since we still have an album we need to finish mixing.
We plan to play some shows outside Utah in 2007, mostly west coast and midwestern states.
The stage show will always be a work in progress so expect a bigger better than '06 show next year.
We'd certainly like to get over to Japan someday....

Any plans for European tour?

Meatwhistle: we are very interested in touring Europe!
if we can line up the right booking agent we WILL be over there in 2007!
anyone know a great booking agent give us a call!

Zero: We are working on being able to visit Europe in 2007,
everything is in the planning stages but we are making progress.
If all goes well we'd like to be able to make a short visit late in the year.

Time to die, last words are yours!

Meatwhistle: Support Indie Horror Bands, BUY their music and merch,
download Britney Spears and U2, they can afford it!
support these bands and this genre and you will see amazing things start to happen!

Zero: I think the lunar landings were faked......

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