Monday, January 29, 2007

The Horrifics R.I.P.

Yes folks, it´s true. The great horrorpunk band The Horrifics
have decided to quit and bury themselfs to six feet under.
This is what boo gruesome had to say:

-Game OVER-

Heya folks!

It's cold, gray, and raining here in Ft.Worth today.
Fitting weather for the news I'm about to deliver.
I cannot say with absolute certainty that this is the end of the HORRiFiCS, but I can say with a clear conscience that,
without a shadow of a doubt, it's over for now.
We have been hard at it for the past 2 solid years.
I personally have given 12 long years of service in the
name of horror punk
and darkly themed music with no real break.
We have all changed as people over this time and
feel we're all way over due for some time off.
Anyone who has ever spoken with me knows that I am a man
possessed of many creative spirits.
I have subdued and supressed all of these things to single mindedly
chase after music as a profession.
I firmly believe it's time for me to give a voice to some of these other
artisitc outlets and see were they lead me.
As they say, no one truly knows what the future will bring.
If the guys and I are inspired once again to create horror punk,
the HORRiFiCS will of course be our vehicle of choice.
If the desire does not arise again,
and this is indeed the end of our careers in this scene,
then I am proud to leave our album "Now FEAR This"
as a final chapter in this episode of my life.
Please note that even though I am leaving the horror punk scene as an active artist
I am in no way turning my back on the people I've met and the friendships I've forged.
I will be just as easily contacted as I have always been at my personal MySpace page...

Also check out the interviews I made with the Horrifics in the past:

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Club BongaBonga fiendly presents LOS RAW GOSPELS

LOS RAW GOSPELS roaming across Finland!

Attention Finnish ghouls and ghoulettes, It´s
BongaBonga time!
3 days of sweat and groovy sounds, show up and
give BongaBonga your
support! Here are the dates:

24.1 Tampere
Club: VastaVirta
Pispalanvaltatie 39
33250 Tampere

25.1 Helsinki
Club: Lepakkomies
Helsinginkatu 1

26.1 Turku
Club: Bar Päiväkoti
Kaskenkatu 3
20700 Turku

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Taking off the masks with The Lurking Corpses

What made you form The Lurking Corpses,
current line-up and story behind the name?

- We formed The Lurking Corpses in the fall of 2001.
We wanted to start a horror band in the vein of
The Misfits with a strong metal
influence as well.
I (Von Ghoul) came up with the name.
I wanted something that sounded like it could be
the name of an old horror film.
Our current lineup is
Wolfgang the Shredder (guitar),
The Nameless Horror (bass),
Friar Frightengale (drums),
and yours truly, Lord Vladimir Von Ghoul (vocals).
This is the lineup that appears on
our latest release "Lust for Blood".

Besides the bands that you´ve posted as influence in myspace list,
what other things in life inspire you?

- Horror movies, 80's slashers, mondo, Fulci,
Argento, Universal monster classics,
gore, golden age of porn,
Stephen King, Vincent Price, graveyards,
haunted houses, E.C. comics, dead babies

The Lurking Corpses was formed in 2001, what has changed since then?

- Our lineup has completely changed from our first cd,
"23 Tales of Terror", with the exception of me.
After the release of "23 Tales of Terror",
the other original members left to
pursue other musical endeavors.
Being that I have always been the main songwriter of the band,
I decided to keep the horror show going and find new musicians.
I think the current lineup is the best yet!

You released "Lust for Blood" last year, could you share more details
about the writing and recording process?

- The writing process of "Lust for Blood"
was a fun one.
We incorporated many different styles
of metal and punk
to make a very diverse album.
There are elements of death metal,
horror punk, rockabilly, thrash,
hard rock and oldies.
We wanted every song to have it's
own unique sound.
My favorite tracks are probably
"Something Wicked this Way Comes"
and "Graveyard Devourment"

Let´s talk about appereances and live situation, you ghouls wear
skull masks and capes on stage, what makes a perfect Lurking Corpses show?

- A good crowd who is willing to have fun.
We like to see crowd movement and participation.
We always invite the crowd to join us in singing the words.

More about playing live, has there ever been a situation while playing live
that made you feel embarrassed? For examble like falling down etc etc.

- Hmm...When we play, I narrarate in a Crypt Keeper-like voice
in between songs and make jokes.
My voice has slipped out of character a few times from laughing. Oops!

We´re pretty much covered the past but what about present? Future plans?

- We are going to be playing a lot
in support of the new cd,
including an east coast tour this February.
We are currently writing material for a third release.

Last words are yours, fangs again!

- May all of your horror dreams come true!

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Thomas Gun - Dressed to kill, for the night thrills

Greetings, who is it that I´m speaking to?

- Thomas Eldorado Gun III. Hitman for hire.

You´re currently playing with the Necrophilicons,
how did you end up those ghouls?

- I've played a handfull of shows with them
while I was in other bands like Nuke,
and the Hubies. When I moved to their neck
of the woods I got a phone call
from Mr. Rob Rotten (lead vocals) asking me
if I wanted to sling the guitar for the band.
I accepted and I was put to work right away.
We released a 4 song EP entitled
"Just a Little More Blood"
4 fast hardcore/punk songs talking about
murder and blood.
It's really fun. And the songs are really fast.
Even faster live.

You also played in Nuke and the living dead, what other
bands have you played in?

- I played with Nuke and the Living Dead for 2 years,
I learned a lot playing with those guys.
I became a better guitar player, and a better singer.
Basically if you can't do that doo wop shit,
you can't roll with the Living Dead.
I also play with "the Necrophilicons" on guitar and back up vocals.

One of my main bands right now is called "The Hubies."
We're a 3 piece band where I sing lead vocals and play guitar.
It's straight forward punk rock n' roll.
Not all the songs are about gory shit,
but a lot of it is.
I also currently play bass for the punk band "The Beat-Ups"
with Dave and Rob
from the Necrophilicons.
I've been in a ton of bands growing up: Switch 76, Robbery In Progress,
The Vampirates, just to name a few.

What kind of equipment do you use?

- My main guitar is a Dearmond/Guild M-45 replica of the
Guild Bluesbird semi-hollowbody.
It has the balls of the devil in it's pick ups.
I wouldn't trade it for anything else.
It plays any genre and makes it sound good.
Punk rock, hardcore, ska, rockabilly, whatever you want, it can do.
As far as amps go, I usually play out of Crate amps.
I like their heavy distortion. Plus their cheap.

Let´s talk about influences, how did you become a musician,
what inspired you?

- When I was a little kid we lived in New Jersey
(my dad was stationed there when he was in the Army)..
my sister was 9 years older than me and was into the hardcore/punk scene
that was exploding all over.
Black Flag rolled into town when I was 5 years old.
My sister really wanted to go, but couldn't because she had to babysit me.
Luckily the show was all ages and she drug my ass along.
I don't remember much of it, but my sister has a picture of me on
Henry Rollins shoulders somewhere.
As far as me wanting to play music.. Elvis was my earliest recollection of music.
I used to sing his songs like it was my job.
The first records that actually got me into wanting to play
an instrument was "Living In Darkness" by Agent Orange.
I wanted to play guitar like that.
A few years down the road Nuke and the Living Dead got to play with Agent Orange
and I got to tell Mike (guitar) all about that.
He was really flattered. The record that made me want to play in a band
was by a Canadian hardcore/punk band called "Marilyn's Vitamins"
the record was called "Politics on the Dancefloor."
It was social-political. It opened my eyes to how a punk scene is supposed to work.
They rolled through my little town in northern Michigan growing up
a couple times and I thought they were the best live band I ever saw.
Most of my stage moves are stolen from Dan their guitarist
(who I still keep in touch with).

You have done quite alot solo stuff, "Rotten EP" is the most fresh release,
are you happy with the stuff so far? How have fans responded?

- My solo stuff is a lot of fun.
I do it just for fun. I'm not really trying to make any money off of it..
that's why most of my stuff is available for free online.
So far people have really responded well to it.
And when I play solo shows, I usually get good reactions.
Usually people see a kid with an acoustic guitar at a punk show and
think he's gonna cry and sing emo songs.
And when I open my mouth and start talking about how
I'm gonna shoot you in the face because you snitched on me.
Then they change their tone.

Nuke and the living dead is probably the most well known "project" you´ve
been in and the band called it quits (last gig will played Jan 20th),
best memories along the way?

- I'll always cherish the time I spent in that band.
Those guys were my best friends. And we're all still good buddies.
Playing with the Living Dead was the first time I got any taste of real touring.
Playing in strage towns, traveling in a cargo van in the summer time
with no heat while Johnny Ogres is in the back sitting on a cooler
full of Pabst Blue Ribbon singing Rancid songs on the acoustic guitar.
That's what I'll remember most.
All of us just singing our favorite bands songs while on the road.
I'll also miss coming back from a show incredibly drunk off our asses
singing doo-wop songs under a street light at 4 in the morning with
Johnny and Renfield. Drinking way too much at practices.
Making fun of Deano's "gay sway" when he wants to switch it up on the drums.
And Nuke calling you on the phone when he's taking a shit (I won't miss that though).

Beside solo stuff and other bands you´re in, what do you hope from the future?

- I just hope to continue to have a good time playing music.
And I hope others like the songs I continue to put out.

Final question, name the all-star band line-up and include yourself in.

- Ah shit. That's a good question. I guess I'd play guitar,
Mike (Agent Orage) on guitar, Nuke on lead vocals, Paul Simonon (the Clash) on bass,
Slim Jim (Stray Cats) on drums. And we'd call ourselves "The Shit." haha!

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

RIP Yvonne De Carlo, " Lily Munster".

Yvonne De Carlo
September 1, 1922 - January 8, 2007

Yvonne De Carlo aka Lily Munster has passed away.
Horrorfans around the world will remember her as the wife of
Herman Munster from the classic monster sitcom,
The Munsters. She was 84 years of age.
This is what Kevin Burns had to say:

" for TV viewers, she will always be known as Lily Munster in the 1964-1966 slapstick horror-movie spoof "The Munsters." The series (the name allegedly derived from "fun-monsters") offered a gallery of Universal Pictures grotesques, including Dracula and Frankenstein's monster, in a cobwebbed gothic setting.

Lily, vampire-like in a black gown, presided over the faux scary household and was a rock for her gentle but often bumbling husband, Herman, played by 6-foot-5-inch character actor Fred Gwynne (decked out as the Frankenstein monster).

While it lasted only two years, the series had a long life in syndication and resulted in two feature movies, "Munster Go Home!" (1966) and "The Munsters' Revenge." (1981, for TV).

At the series' end, De Carlo commented: "It meant security. It gave me a new, young audience I wouldn't have had otherwise. It made me `hot' again, which I wasn't for a while."

"I think she will best remembered as the definitive Lily Munster. She was the vampire mom to millions of baby boomers. In that sense, she's iconic," Burns said Wednesday.

Read the whole article HERE

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Iwao Takamoto 1925-2007

He was the man behind Scooby-Doo, The Jetson´s dog : Astro
and many others.
Worked with Disney and Hanna-Barbera Productions.
Takamoto also directed several full-lenght films,
including Charlotte´s Web
and The Jetson´s - the movie.
2005 he he received the Golden Award from
the Animation Guild, for his work in the field of animation.

Iwao Takamoto was 81 years old, He will be missed.

Faster ToxicToons faster! Kill! Kill!

Ok, fiends here you go, a quick interview with the talented, fiendish
and man of many faces: Eric Pigors

Hello Eric, how are you doing?

- OK,just trying to make a living at what i love still.
Drawing freaky stuff.

What is up with Toxic Toons,have you released
new stuff since we last spoke.

- Yah some new shirts,i'm always thinking
up new designs all year
so check the site often to see whats new.
Posterpop put out a line of TOXICTOONS stickers
and a patch in 2006.

I self published a new hardcover book of my newest artwork called ,"CRYTIC ART"
I'm working on a DVD with and old cartoon i did called "LETS CHOP SOO-E! "
back in 1990. It played on MTV'S Liquid Television and
a few animation tournees back in the 90's.

It will have some other stuff like an interview,
animation from the website,videos fun kreepy stuff like that.
It should be out in April i think.
I have also been doing some new art for people in the horror industry
and a few bands like the GHASTLY ONES,Psychocharger,Vagabond.
And i am always doing new artwork for myself so i am pretty busy all the time.

There is alot of various items released from Toxic Toons,
Is there a line that you won´t cross?
Give us an example what would be offlimits.

- All my other merchandise i pay myself to make so
i always try to find best quality places.
I dont think i would ever go as far as KISS where its overkill.
But i try new stuff all the time to see what fans want,and what they dont i stop making.
I dont think i would ever do TOXICTOONS toilet paper,
although the way i go thru toilet paper that my be a good idea.
What i dont sell i can always use.
I do everything in small quanities now just to see what goes over
and because my moohla is running low.

What is next with Toxic Toons?
Have you ever thought about doing a Toxic Toons cartoon?

- Yah ,i still totally want to do a Halloween special with my work one day.
I did some stuff which you will see on the dvd i mentioned above.
Animation is fun but a lot of work.
And selling a show that actually gets made on tv is so friggin hard.
The studios usually want a copy of what ever is already hot and
they own all the rights so you get no merch rights or very little.
And then it's almost all sent overseas to be done,so who knows how it will turn out.
But i do like seeing my characters come to life,and i love old cartoons,
especially the ones in which everything is alive at night and weird.
Like you are in another world hallucinating. Like old Betty Boop,Tex Avery.

Thanks again for having the time, last words are yours.

- Yah come check out and maybe you might find
something you like or at least have a good sick laugh!

Also check out the interview we did with Eric many moons ago HERE

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Wearing red with The Brides

This quick interview was made with COREY GOREY.

Greetings, how are the brides doing?

- What Brides? Oh US!

The Brides is fairly unknown here, how would you describe your music?

- Rock and roll mixed with rock and roll.

You just back from tour, how did that went?

- Well we got to ride around in our van again,
and I think we drank something they call alcohol.

"Got It" single was released in July, are you happy with the result?

- Not really. We were hoping for getting it used in a corporate banking commercial
but settled on running out of copies.

When can we expect the next full lenght and what can we expect?

- We're shooting for March,
but from the looks of it let's say
"sometime in spring 2007."

I hear alot of vibes from the 60´s 70´s and 80´s in your music, what other things
have ispired you?

- Naked ladies, homosexual "action,"
sports networks on cable television, Alfred Jarry.

I read from your website that you were taking part of a Joy Division/New Order tribute,
tell us more about this?

- I'd like to, but Failure to Communicate Records in Chicago is responsible,
and they never told us what to say about it.
This brain: totally empty.

They´re making a Ian Curtis movie, your thought about that?

- I hope he doesn't die in the end,
because I love happy endings.

Jumping to my favourite question, favourite horror movies?

- Does "Young Frankenstein" count?
If not, I'll go with "Phantom of the Paradise."
But that's a musical, so I it too cliché to say "Dracula"?
Well, there...I said it.

If the Brides would do a soundtrack for some movie, what kind of a movie it would be?

- A musical porno that takes place in a disco and the main character is nuts.
Kind of like John Waters' "Desparate Living" meets "Kiss Meets the Phantom"
meets "Tracy, I Love You"

Last Question, were do you see The Brides in 2010?

- We would have said outer space a few years back,
now I think we're leaning towards nursing home
for mid-life crisis victims.

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Monday, January 01, 2007

Rising from the ashes with Cryptkeeper Five

So who are lurking behind the name The Cryptkeeper Five?

- D.T. on drums, Jimmy on guitar, Scotty on guitar,
Blue on sax, Nicky on keys, Jack on bass and me,
Johnny on Vox

What is the story behind your name Crypkeeper Five?

- We were young, we weren't really thinking
about it and it fucking rocks...
It didn't occur to me that there was a band
called the Crypt Kicker Five
in the monster mash, long until we were playing...
it must have been unconcious, no it was definately unconcious...
we wanted something kooky-horrorish and
something retro like The Dave Clark Five
and The Jackson Five...
so we settled with The Cryptkeeper Five...
Joey Ramone told us never to change it,
and i don't think we ever will...

Your band was formed over 5 years ago, what made you form this band?

- Me, Jimmy and D.T. started it when our
last band broke up in 1997...
we were too young to just stop playing and
had too much to prove, still do...

On your website you state "We are punk rockers but were not punk, we´re not
rockabillys but we wear grease in our hair" labeling sucks but
how would you describe yourself to someone who hasn´t heard of you yet?

- We always get asked this and we always say rock & roll...
People don't understand that either...
We classified ourselves as Punk/Rock/Alternative on myspace and
we've gotten flack for that too...
i think it's best to let yourself make your own mind up...

Following the previous question, what are the top 3 influences in general?

- hehe... Punk Rock, Rock & Roll and Punk...
I can't name just 3 bands that influence us...
I love The Ramones, The E-Street Band, Rocket from the Crypt,
The Green Goblyn Project, The Misfits, Elvis Costello,
Elvis Presley influence me,
but for the band there are too many bands to name...

On october 27th you released two new albums as a package, are you happy how the
albums came together and why did you decide to release them at the same time?

- I think i am happy with them...
Both albums are by far the best thing we've recorded yet,
i know i could have worked on em for at least another maddening year...
It was time to stop working on it tho...
We decided to make it a double disc cause we were contactually bound
to a record label that didn't do dick for the band and
finally our contract ran out October...
We just constantly recorded throughout the term and
it was impossible to release everything as one disc...
we actually had 44 songs, 4 discs worth of music...
So we broke em up into 2 albums 28 songs
and srapped the rest...

Let´s talk about songwriting in general, what is the recipe for a basic
Cryptkeeper Five song?

- Snakes, puppy-dogs tails and big fat snails...
the writting process is always changing...
for a short time we all wrote seperately...
i wrote a lot...
but we are starting to colaberate more
and i like it alot more now...

Little about touring, many bands have said that the worst part of touring
is sitting long times on a bus and just waiting, do you agree with this?

- No, sitting a long time in a van is the worst part...
8 guys in a van is a lot worse that 5 in a bus...
cry me a river, you have a fucking bus...
we have a van w/4 seats for 8 guys...

Ok, You have just released two great albums, now touring, after this,
what is next with your band?

- We are writting again...
We'll be touring a lot this year,
i would love to do the whole country,
but we'll see... We'll be recording a split w/ Blitzkid this year
and a few more splits...
We got a lot on the horizon...

Since it´s the eve of new year, what have you promised to do better next year?

- A lot of internal things that we need to do to get the machine running smoother
for both us and our receord label Bony Orbit...
I think we did things pretty good this year tho, so we'll see...

I hear my song calling, last breaths are yours!

- Thanks for thinking about the CK5, thanks for the interview...
We really appreciate the support...
Thanks for reading this if you are...
Go check us out at or Thanks

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