Saturday, July 29, 2006

Killing in a hearbeat with The Spookshow

Greetings, what are the spookshows up to?

- We have just recorded our next album “Psychosexual Chapter 2” that will be out on Halloween this year.
All our album will be released during Halloween. We will do one show in Gothenburg in Sweden and one in Denmark together with
the English band The Caravans. Both shows in September. More info about this can be found at our website.

Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us more about you?

- My name is Mike Dungeon and I play guitar in the Swedish horror punk band The Spookshow.
I write all songs together with my brother Knife Dungeon who also plays guitar in the same band.

What is the current line-up for the Spookshow?

- Miss Behave – Lead vocals, Knife Dungeon – Guitar, Deadbeat – Drums, Carol Anne – Bass and Mike Dungeon – Guitar.

I was browsing your website and I noticed that there were pictures and art from old horror movies, what other things have inspired The Spookshow?

- Everything that have something to do with horror works fine.
I also get inspired from other music such as songs from the 50ies. Sometimes you can hear the influences and sometimes you don’t.
I can take weeks without writing any new material at all then suddenly you grab the guitar and write three new songs in ten minutes.
I can’t really say why it is like this. I don’t know where all the inspiration comes from but I guess I “collect” them and
then after a couple of weeks they need to get out in some way. I think most people works like this and each person has their
own way to “ease the pressure” in sports or whatever. I write songs.

You released your debut album in 2005, are you happy with the result?

- We are very pleased with the result. We got more response than we where hoping for.
All reviews we got so far have been great and the American and German fan base is growing faster than we expected.
Interpunk in the US are selling a lot of records for us. We are constantly somewhere between 200 and 500 on their top list.
The highest is like 110 I think. Almost at the top 100…ha ha ha

Your releasing a trilogy, all albums are going to be released on Halloween, what can we expect?

- All three albums will be very similar since the material for all three is done.
The third album will hopefully be the best. We think so. “Psychosexual Chapter 2” will be a bit slower and more laid back if you compare
to “Psychosexual Chapter 1”. The third album will be more up tempo.

You made a musicvideo, could you tell us more about this?

- I shot the video myself in the woods outside my town. We filmed the video without any budget at all and
Koffin Keenan from the band Under a Nightmare (also on Crypt of Blood Records) put the video together.
It’s a classic chase through the woods. A poor blond a bloody girl gets chased by an axe murderer and she ends up dead.

So how is the horrorband scene in Sweden? Any brother and sister bands?

- In Sweden there are very few horror punk bands I’d like to name a few though:
The Dead Next Door, T-Virus, and The Nightshift. My absolute favourite in Sweden is The Dead Next Door.
I love their music and someday I hope we will release something together.

- We will try to stay out of Sweden since the scene is so small.

You have toured with great horrorbands, what is the funniest band to have around on tour?

- I really like both The Other and The Spook. They are really nice and fun people.

Traveling is a big part of touring, do you like to sit in cars or does it make you bored and angry?

- We get along very well. We always travel in a motor home so we got a lot of space.
During the tours we play cards, Yatzy and sleeps. I think it’s really fun to go out and play.
We get bored sometimes but never angry…so far. I can be frustration to get lost but that is nothing to get angry about.
When I tour, I get the same feeling as when you are going to a school trip as a kid.

Let´s move to other things, what do you think about the stage of punkrock and horrorpunk today?

- I can only speak for the Swedish stage but I think it’s growing now after being almost dead for several years.
The punk scene has been dead for along time in Sweden and the closest to punk we get is Good Charlotte at MTV.

Where do you see the spookshow in the future?

- We will continue to release one album each year as long as we got a record label.
The plan is to release the trilogy before going on any bigger tour.
We will take it slow and really choose our gigs carefully.

Fangs for the interview, any last words?

- Within a couple of weeks, you will be able to listen and download a new song from our website
Also make sure to check us up at My Space

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Letting the flowers die with Blitzkid

Greetings and first off thank you for having the time
to answer to some questions

GOOLSBY: Thank you, sir!

TB: Thank you man!

Blitzkid was formed in 1997, what other bands have you played in?

GOOLSBY: This is the first band I was ever in. Since then,
I've played in Bobby Steele's UNDEAD.

TB: Well, I'm 29 now and I started playing in bands
when I was 14. There was Viper, Tribulation,
Blood Covenant, The Lovepunks, Grape, Bound For Glory,
Ziklag Chase and then Blitzkid.

Horrorhigh is re-releasing "Let Flowers Die", you must be excited about

GOOLSBY: Of course! We're really happy to know that
the albums (this includes the re-release of Trace of a Strnager as well)
that we recorded such a long time ago with no idea anyone
would ever hear them are now in such a nice demand.

TB: Oh yeah, it's always cool to know that records
we released years ago are in such demand now
from kids in the underground. We're happy people want to
be fans of us enough in the sense that
they may've just discovered us and want to hear
our older recordings.

Blitzkid was touring in Germany this summer, how did that go?

GOOLSBY: Always a dream come true to travel to Europe.
I've always wanted to be there but i never imagined
i would be there touring in a band.
It's so much nicer than being a torist on the old folks bus.

TB: The last tour of Germany was incredible.
It seems each time we're over there, our fanbase gets
bigger and bigger, and we've met some of the nicest
people in bands over there. It's great all around.

"Trace of a stranger" was released in 2005, when can we expect a new
Blitzkid record?

GOOLSBY: This summer! It's called FIVE cELLARS BELOW
Best label ever. period.

TB: It comes out August 25th, on Fiend Force Records.
It will be called FIVE CELLARS BELOW.

Lately you´ve been touring alot, what is best in touring?

GOOLSBY: Meeting new peole. Meeting good bands
and forming lasting bonds with those people.
You also learn a lot about yourself out there.
what your strengths are and things like that.
It's a great character building exerience. Every time
i come home form tour i have learned more about the world,
about people, and most of all about myself.
You never stop learning and that's the great thing.

TB: For me it's playing live everynight, and as Goolsby said,
meeting new people and fans.
Every tour I come back with a few more close friends that
I know will be there the rest of my days.
It's also rewarding to form that common
thread with bands of our peers.

This one is for Argyle, you joined the Gorgeous Frankenstein(ex-Misfits
Doyle´s own band),
how did this happen?

GOOLSBY: Dr. Chud who i want to point out to the world right now
is one of THE most nicest and sincere people in this industry
suggested i audition.
At first, i didn;t becuse i felt weird sending in a picture and
live vidoe of myself to Doyle of all people.
I dont know, it just made me feel like i was trying to be someone special
but i did it anyway.
He called, we talked, that was it.
What an awesome person.

Which one do you prefer, the original misfits line-up or the new one?

GOOLSBY: I think they are both great bands.
I consider them 2 different bands with the same name.
Both have their own special quality that make them unique,
while at the same time sharing a common thread.

TB: I like them both. You can't touch the Glenn era stuff because it is
and will forever be classic,
but I really think they did some great things with Chud
and Michale in the band as well, and they showed alot of artistic growth on
those two records.

What bands have influenced you the most?

TSOL, KING TUBBY, OPERATION IVY...the list goes on.
WAAYYY too many to list here.

TB: Megadeth, Exodus, Anthrax, Bad Religion, the Ramones,
Strung Out, No Use For a Name, Social Distortion,
King's X, a virtual ton.

If Blitzkid was a horror movie character, who would play you?

GOOLSBY: Lonn Chaney but he's not capable of that i suppose.
I would have to go with the guy who played the evil monk in
The DaVinci Code.
that dude is capable of my badassness.
haha, im kidding people.

TB: I would be Michael Myers,
because not only did he just have to methodically stalk his victims
with something as simple as a walk and a butcher
knife, but he cannot die it would seem.

Let´s talk a little about inspirations, how does a Blitzkid song come to

GOOLSBY: First you get dumped or something you love dies.
If this isnt the case, then take an emotion you cant explain
with words and make a riff out of it.
refer back to all those old horror movies and how they
all parallell injustices of the real world
and find a way to put it into words.
Then play it live and bleed.

TB: Draw from your own personal experiences,
think about how you can relate a song to
people even if it's using creepy imagery or an old movie
to explain a metaphor about real life,
and go from there...

If you could choose one singer to be a guest star on your album, who
would it be?

GOOLSBY: Greg Graffin. Bad religion. Period.
Dead...Buddy Holly.

TB: Jonah Jenkins, of Only Living Witness.
Dead would have to be Joey Ramone.

Every person leaves a mark on this planet, how would like to be
remembered after you´re gone?

GOOLSBY:Someone who looked so hard into the future that his eyes
came all the way around and burned holes in his back.

TB: Simply as someone who was known within the horror rock circles of being
capable to write a decent song or two. Honestly, I just want to be remembered.
Good, bad or indifferent....

Time to fade away, the last words are yours

GOOLSBY: Life is tough, but it's tougher when you're stupid. pass it on.

TB: LONG LIVE THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Let´s get horrified - The Horrifics

Greetings Horrifics, how are things?

G: Things here are swell. Moving along rather nicely.

P: It's all good here.

How is the scene in Dallas/Ft.Worth?

G: The scene comes and goes around here.
Right now I feel like it's at an all time low point in Dallas.
All of the clubs are closing down and
all of the bands are more interested in competing with one another
rather then being cool, uniting and helping spread the scene.
Ft.Worth is for the most part is a more
metal scene. Lots of Pantera type bands. Boring.
There's a couple of horror punk bands here and there.
Sleezus Fist from Denton is really cool. We're working
with them through our newly established label 1031RECORDS.
There's a few good up and coming bands like the Spook City Allstars,
Family Plot, and Anarchist Monument.

P: It's pretty stale around here. I feel like it's on it's
way back around though.
The Red Barn in Ft.Worth is always a blast.
They let us do whatever we want there.

You just got back from the studio, are you happy with the outcome?

P: I'm really happy with it. I can't wait for it to be out so
everyone can hear what we've worked on for so long.

G: I'm very happy with the end product. I'm proud of the work
we put into this album. It's taken a while to finish and to get out
but in the long run it'll be well worth the wait.
It will be the first CD to be released through 1031RECORDS.

What can horrorpunk fans expect from your forthcoming album?

G: Fast, FUN, catchy blasts of energy infused with a good dose
of Texas size EVIL.

P: Expect to spiral headlong into horror.
It's "horrorpunk" but it's also it's own thing.

You did a cover of the Samhain classic "All Murder, All Guts, All Fun", was
it fun to do?

G: Definitely alot of FUN to do! Samhain is my favorite band of all time
and "All Murder" is one of my favorite songs by them.
It was cool also because we had MAD Mike GHOUL
from California horror punks Plan 9 in the studio with us
playing drums on it. Doing "All Murder" was actually his idea.

What does Samhain mean to you? Is it a big inspiration?

P: Samhain's crazy ass guitar riffs inspire me!

G: If you mean Samhain the band, like I said,
they're my favorite band of all time. Their spooky
atmospheres and lyrical subject matter always inspire me.
If you mean Samhain the pagan holiday
it inspires me so much I got married on it
last year! The death of Summer.
What more can you ask for in a day of reverance?

Have you sent the song to Glenn and if you have, did he like it?

G: We haven't sent our cover of "All Murder" to him so
I'm not sure if he's even heard it.
We also did a cover of "To Walk the Night" off of Samhain's
"November Coming Fire" album.
We had it up online for a while and I heard through the
grapevine that he heard it and liked it. Who knows?!
You know how rock and roll rumors get started.
I've never spoken with him personally about the HORRiFiCS.
I hope he digs what we're doing.
There would be no HORRiFiCS if it weren't for the
things he did with the Misfits and Samhain.

P: I've been into Glenn-era Misfits and Samhain since
I was about 14. It would mean alot to me
if he liked our sound.

What other bands have inspired you?

G: I like alot of music. I have over 700 CDs in my collection.
Alot of varied things influence me personally and lyrically
but the bands that influence the HORRiFiCS' sound
and image most would be BALZAC from Japan,
Plan 9 from California, the mighty Black Sabbath,
Type-O-Negative, the Cramps, Cradle of Filth,
the Birthday Party, and White Zombie.

What is the best band to tour with?

G: I love playing shows with Day of the Sick from Oklahoma.
Their front man Spammo is lunacy personified.
You never know what he's going to do on stage!
I like folks who keep you guessing.

P: Sleezus Fist. Johnny and the boys are always cool to
catch up with and to drink some beers with.

Do you still celebrate halloween?

G: Of course! Last year Mz.Gruesome and I flew up to New York City
to catch BALZAC perform with Rock City Morgue
and the Misfits at B.B.King's on Halloween night.
It was a KILLER show! BALZAC tore it up!
I got Hirosuke's glove from that night.
I gave it to PHiBES. Mz.Gruesome and I got married the very next day
on Samhain and flew off to Paris France to honeymoon for a week.
It was a great time! This year we're making plans as a band to go
and play in New Orleans and catch up with my pals in NOLA horror punk
outfit Antarctica Vs. the World.

P: Yeah! We definitely celebrate Halloween!
We spend alot of free time going to all of the local haunted houses and what not.
Drunk of course. As soon as last season was over
we started figuring out which houses we wanted to hit this year.
Screams in Waxahachie Texas is a personal favorite.

Question that I gotta always ask, favourite horror movies?

G: I get asked this alot and it always changes.
I have a huge collection of DVDs and the majority of them are horror.
Here's the first 10 that come to mind at
the moment...
2.Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
3.Evil DEAD 2:DEAD By Dawn
5.Bram Stoker's Dracula
6.Cronos:Vampire Hunter
7.Blood and Doughnuts
8.Ginger Snaps
10.the Company of Wolves

P: Lucio Fulci's Zombie. Romero's Zombie trilogy.
Any zombie movie really. I'm the big zombie buff in the band.
I like alot of the comedy horror stuff too.
Dead Alive, Shaun of the Dead, etc.

Do you prefer old movies over new hollywood horror, these days? New horror
movies are often pretty shallow.

P: I do like the old stuff best. There's a few good new things
I'm into but mostly the old stuff does it for me.

G: I get tired of all of the CGI graphics that's being used in the new films.
And all of the re-makes are getting a bit tiresome.
I did get into the re-make of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre
and the new Amittyville Horror.
Silent Hill was a bit bizarre and twisted.
I'm really into the late 70's to early 80's splatter flicks.
Jason Voorhees rocks.

Last but not least, where do you see the Horrifics in 5 years from now?

P: Doing our own thing to the best of our abilities. I can't predict the future.

G: Doing whatever it is that makes us happy 5 years from now.
That was our whole point when Mz.Gruesome and I started 1031RECORDS
to handle all of the HORRiFiCS' affairs.
We want to be free to come and go as we please and
pretty much do whatever we want when want to do it.
I hope by then we have at least 3-4 rock solid horror punk albums out.
We'll have to wait and see. There's no way to tell the future.
I'm going to take in stride as it comes and roll with the punches.
THANX for the interview! THANX also to everyone who supports the HORRiFiCS! For
anyone interested here are a few links to check into...

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Walking the night with Eerie Von

Greetings Eerie, first off,
you´ve been playing music for many years,
when did you discover your passion for music?

When I discovered Elvis aqt age 8,
but I had been listening to my sister's Beatles records
for a while before that.
My parents played a lot of fifties Doo-Wop and
Rock and Roll in the house as well.

You´ve also done some photography
and painting, are these things still
part of your life?

I've been drawing or painting since about 7 or 8, took up photography around 12 or 13.
One thing usually dominates the other. I 've been painting a lot for the last 7 years.

Let´s talk about your music,
you have released 3 CD´s, how would you
describe them
to someone who hasn´t hear of them yet?

#1 Uneasy Listening: Is the soundtrack to a Horror movie that
exsists only in your mind, great for Halloween,
and quite nights with candless lit.
#2 The Blood and the Body: Is more of a Samhain vibe, to me,
spooky and romantic in it's own way.
It's quite sparce because I had hardly any instruments.
I was going for a mood.
#3 Bad Dream #13: Is a bit like the last one only, I played real drums,
and had more instruments at my disposal.
Like the Blood and the Body, I did old fashioned tape loops,
and recording tricks to create soundscapes for the songs to play over.
No computers, no drum machines, just hard work and old fashioned studio tricks.
The songs are all about a pycho killer.
Either what he's thinking, or what the voices in his head are telling him.
If you like spooky,creepy and strange, these 3 CD's are for you

You have a new project, Spidercider, could you tell us more about it?

It's Punk Rock. The kind of stuff we listened to in High School,
and made us want to start bands I still listen to a lot of the same stuff
I fell in love with way back then, only now it;s considered classic.
I was working on another project a while back, when I decided to
take a break,
from it and just do something else for fun.
I had a whole backlog of songs from over the years, blues, country,spooky stuff, and Punk Rock stuff.
So Recorded some of these songs, and it was so much fun, and it came out so easily that I decided to do a whole CD.
I wound up with 15 or more songs, but am only releasing 10.

On your myspace blog you stated that you hope to bring spidercider live on stage, what can we expect?

I just want to put a good band together, and go back out on tour,
and play the new songs for the people who want to hear them.

Ghastly Records is the label that releases your music,
how have things been so far?

It's run by my oldest friend Bob Montena ( bassist for Rosemary's Babies ) and he's a huge music fan.
He'll probably wind up putting out all kinds of stuff, as long as he thinks it's good.
He is very concerned with keeping the artist happy, and he really cares about music.
The big thing right now for Ghastly is to get some GOOD distribution, including overseas.

I´ve always wondered how do the Eerie Von songs born, is there a specific
ritual when you start to write new material?

I write songs just like every other song writer does.
You can start with a riff, or idea on guitar, or piano, then write words around it, or write words first,
then come up with words that compliment it. Sometimes the whole song just comes to you all at once,
like a gift out of thin air,
Those are the best ones. I find driving in the car is very condusive to song writing.

What things in life inspire you the most?

I'm still searching for inspiration, and it get's harder to find everyday,
but mostly other musicians, performers, and artists inspire me..

Little about your past, all remember you from Samhain and Danzig, but
could you share some memories
about The Rosemary´s Babies(editors note. Eerie´s first band, which has
gained some UG success in the recent years).

Samhain was a big learning exspirience for me. Learning how to play, how to perform on stage,
figuring if you really like being on the road, learning how to deal with the fans,
and beginning to believe this could be a career.It was a great time

I learned a lot in Danzig as well, about song writing, recording, production, how to be a professional musician.
About how tough the music business is, and how to compete with other acts in the "Big time"
It's not as glamouruos or lavish as many think.
It's a lot of work, and traveling, a lot of down time, but meeting the fans and spending time with them
was well worth it.

In the age of re-unions, any change of seeing Rosemary´s babies on stage


More about "spidercider" and touring, what other bands would you like to
bring to the bill?

I think I'm going to have to start at the bottom again, and see where I fit in,
before I worry about others fitting in with me.
I'll have to secure some kind of financial tour support as well,
if I hope to go out and perform the new songs.

Back to the present time, what does the future hold for Eerie Von?

I just want to get back out on the road, and continue doing what I do for the rest of my life
This is what I do, and I want to keep doing it.
I would also like to put out a book of the photographs I've taken over the years,
and maybe a collection of my paintings. But the music will always come first.

Tales from the shadows... would like to thank Eerie von for the interview.
Feel free to contact Eerie at

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Steakdinner with the Blood sucking zombies from outer space

Greetings, what´s up with the Zombies? I heard you´re writing new material and doing a movie?

Bloodbath: Yes, we´re working on a few new songs
or just ideas, but we´ll have to see what comes out.
It´s nothing concrete yet. And we hope that we
can finish our Billy the butcher movie soon.

Dead Gein: Yeah, I have a lot of ideas for new songs
in my head and I cant wait to let them out.

How does a Zombie spend it´s holliday?

Bloodbath: Graverobbing and bloodsuckin,
but in a very relaxed way.

Dead Gein: Do you know the song "Blood Beach" by D.A.G.?

You have released two full-length CD´s so far,
are you happy with the

Dead Gein: Definitely.

Bloodbath: Of course. The first one was made very quick,
so it sounds kinda raw. But that fits quiet good to the songs.
We had a lot more time for "Grand Guignol" and tried to make
it a more elaborated production. And we´re quiet happy
how it worked out.

Favourite Bloodsucking zombies song?

Bloodbath: Maybe Chopping Mall, but that can change from night to night.
Dead Gein: All of them

How would you describe your music?

Dead Gein: Punk -Psycho - Gotha - HardRock A Billy...
or maybe Horrorbilly. Don't know.

Following the previous question, biggest influences?

Dead Gein: Mad Sin, Alice Cooper, D.A.G., Stray Cats,
Kiss, Big John Bates..

Let´s go back to the new records you´re writing,
what can fans

Bloodbath: Thats hard to say cause we are at the beginning
of the writing process right now. And the last record showed us,
that in the end a lot of songs turn out to be completely different
from where they used to be when the first ideas came up.
So it will be a surprise for everyone, including ourself.

Dead Gein: I think we will sound much more straight forward rocking,
raw and wilder than ever before.

Any plans of touring yet?

Bloodbath: We will tour Austria and Germany around Helloween
together with some of our lable mates.

Are you more of a straight in your face rock n roll band live or do
you have special effects and other show materials on stage?

Bloodbath: We tried out some special effects in the past,
but they were to complicated or expensive for the small clubs
were normally playing. So it ended up in a straight rock n roll show.
But thats also something we want to develope this summer,
and hopefully we can present some weird show elements
at the autum tour.

Best gig so far and where?

Bloodbath: Maybe the shows in Leipzig and Cologne in may.
They were both really awesome.

Let´s go to horror movies, favourite actor and movie?

Dead Gein: Too much to name them.

Some of my alltime favourite actors: Bela Lugosi, Vincent Price,
Robert Englung, David Warbeck, Peter Cushing, Jeffrey Combs..

Movies: The Exorcist (Part 1), TCM (part 1-3), Friday the 13th (all parts),
Suspiria, Gates of Hell, Frankenstein Created Woman,
Nekromantik, Blood Feast, Man Eater,..

Final words to our readers?

Dead Gein: IN BLOOD WE TRUST, stay crazy

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Monday, July 17, 2006

All Gone Dead - Fallen & Forgotten

All Gone Dead
Fallen & Forgotten
(Strobelight records)

All Gone Dead is a fairly new band, formed in the year 2004.
The band contains 3 individuals sharing their common passions. Although being fairly new band, all of the members have long
history in the deathrock scene. Indeed this is their debut album, and a good one it is.
So how does the band sound like? the sound of the record is
very mature, noisy and filled with passion.
There is also a very romantic and beautiful side in their music, making it complete.
I can only speak for myself but the more you listen to this album,
the better the experience gets.
To sum it up, this is an excellent debut album and I´m looking forward seeing them onstage.

"Tears are descenting and you´re crying out loud"

1. G (enerating)
2. The Holy City Of Karbala
3. Newspeak (Room 101)
4. Just 80 Miles West
5. Skritch'N'Skrill
6. Vivid Still Beating
7. O (perating)
8. Orchids In Ruin
9. Cedric Krane
10. Within But Not Before
11. Sunday Went Mute
12. The Aftertaste
13. D (escending)

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Friday, July 14, 2006

News from the crypt

Ok fellow fiends, some news about this site and other stuff concerning the horror scene.
We´ve confirmed interviews with the following bands:

Zombina & The Skeletones
Bloodsucking zombies from outer space
Steve Zing

So stay tuned for more fiendish interviews and reviews.
In other news:

The new "The Ghastly Ones" CD will be out in couple of weeks, this is a great news for everyone who like their music spooky and groovy.

Rob Zombie is going to direct the next Halloween and will bring Myers back more fiendish, meaner and badder than ever.

Sid Haig, the great actor (House of 1000 corpses, The devil´s rejects) will apper as a werewolf in his next movie, Bubba the redneck Werewolf.

For more horror news go to:

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Speaking with the sons of the Zodiac, The Crimson Ghosts

Greetings Jackal & Monstro, what is new with the Crimson Ghosts?

JACKAL: first of all our new album carpe mortem will come out on august 25th!
expect nothing less than the most brainripping horrorpunk release in 2006!
once again we composed hymns that make the dead rise and go for human prey!
another important thing for us is the endorsement deal with northern california based monson guitars (
brent monson will build us some totally rad axes, watch out!!!

MONSTRO: we also created a visual piece of mayhem for the fans. we had a lot of fun
doing the video shootings for “somewhere in a casket” and we think the result speaks for itself.

You just did a Germany tour with the US horrorpunkband Blitzkid, how did
That went?

JACKAL: it was great! the blitzkid guys are a bunch of ultracool people!
we had some pretty nice shows along and gools joined us on stage every night to sing "when they howl"...
on their last show on tour when we weren´t on the bill, they even did a coverversion of our song necrobabe and vlad went on stage
to sing with them...the tour it self was nice as well! we played some new stuff from carpe mortem and people went nuts
even if they didnt know the tunes...

MONSTRO: it was a short tour,but i won´t miss a second and i hope we will repeat that soon!

The Crimson Ghosts have alot of metal influences, what metal bands have
Influenced you the most?

MONSTRO: i think anyone can hear where we come from.
everyone in the band listen to extreme music,don´t care if you say metal,punk,grindcore,ebm or anything else.
i think we´ve found our own style,affected by some bands we like.......too much to name them all.

JACKAL: there is no specific band, that influences me in songwriting. What ever comes out on my guitar comes out.

You´ve toured alot, what is the thing you miss the most
while being on The road?

MONSTRO: i missed my cold dark crypt!!! We’ve been out
in the sun so long when on tour,
it seemed our rotten brains started to boil!!! Well, we tried to cool them down with
beer and booze......
but i think there’s some irreparable damage left!

"Leaving the tomb" was released in 2004, were you happy with the result?

JACKAL: yes, totally! It brought us lots of attention worldwide and many shows!
And for me personally it brought many experiences
if it comes to recording. I guess everybody can hear the sound difference between
“leaving..” and “carpe…”

Could you share some details about the songwriting process?

JACKAL: it’s different from song to song, so there’s no real formula
that we are working with.
Sometimes the lyrics come first, sometimes there’s a great refrain floating in my brain…
it’s really like that.

The Horrorpunk scene has grown alot during these past few years, Favourite new horrorpunkband?

JACKAL: i don listen to much horrorpunk myself, because i don’t want to "steal" ideas
from other bands accidentally....
but bands that sent me not so bad songs, or that we’ve played with are: MONSTABOB,
TERRIL and ZOMB to name only few...

Bela Lugosi or Boris Karloff, you got to make a choise

MONSTRO: I say karloff. You ask me why karloff ?? Because he’s uglier
than lugosi

Following the previous questions, favourite horror movie and why?

JACKAL: dont got a favourite one...but i like a few for one or the other reason...
i name some and i bet the movie-maniac knows WHY i like them: EVILDEAD,
OMEN 1-3, R.O.T.L.D. 1+3.....

Tales from the shadows... Fades away and thanks for the interview. Final

JACKAL: Thanks for the interview, spread the name of THE CRIMSON GHOSTS,
Hope to see you in a corpsepit soon!!!

MONSTRO: thanks a lot for the your local morgue !!!!
Or let’s say it with blitzkid words: "long live the horror !!!!!"

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Digging up The Rosedales

So The Rosedales are in the studio at the moment,
how are things going?

Things are going slow but well. Mark and RIP are still
finalizing songs
and making last minute adjustments. We want to be happy
with the songs
before I lay the drums down.

When can we expect new material?

Well, Nitegown is already released on our myspace page.
As far as the
rest of the songs go, we are aiming for a fall release.

You made a video of your hit "It´s Midnight" who
directed it and was it fun to do?

Our friend Justin Zucker, from the band Rock Star Club
(, did it for us. We all had a great time shooting
it. It was shot all over the Chicagoland area.

The birth of The Rosedales, how did you guys meet?

We are four spirits from different parts of the world and time. We all
were buried in Chicago at a location now known as Rosedale Park. It
really exists....look it up.
The only other information I will give is Mark is really my older brother.

Let´s go to touring, what would be the most fun band to tour with?

If we were going to tour, I think it would be great to tour with Blitzkid.
They are all really cool guys and we seem to have the same interests.

What has been the best experience in touring so far?

The best experience is playing a small town you have never been to before
and seeing kids wearing Rosedales T-shirts and asking us to sign their
copies of "Raise Your Spirits"

I read somewhere that Elvis has been a big influence in your music, could
you share other things that have influenced your music and yourself?

All four of us come from different musical backgrounds. The common thread
is Misfits but after that it is up in the air. RIP is into Elvis,
rockabilly,etc while Mark is more into Danzig and metal. Johnny is big
into Sabbath and Zepplin. Myself, I am a fan of bands from Tool to
Radiohead. Thats why our sound is so unique as far as this genre is
concerned; we each bring our style to the songs.

Comment these persons with one word:

Elvis - King
Glenn Danzig - Strong
Boris Karloff - Scary
Charles Manson - Psychotic
Rob Zombie - Hellbilly

Favourite horror movie?

My new favorite is The Devils Rejects. I like the way Rob Zombie made the
film. Everything fit together so well and it was not over the top like
some movies can be. He made it very realistic which was a departure from
House of 1000 corpses (which I liked as well).

On halloween do you still go out trick or treating?

I am a bit to old for that. Even if I put a mask on, they still would
know I was an adult. I mean, how many 6 foot 5 inch children do you see
these days?!?!?!

What´s the story behind the name "The Rosedales"?

As mentioned earlier, that is the park located in Chicago,
IL that we all were buried.

Last question, when are you guys coming to europe?

Let us finish the album first.....then we will talk!

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Shadow Reichenstein - Werewolf Order

Shadow Reichenstein
Werewolf Order

Shadow Reichenstein hails from Texas, USA. Delivering us straight forward fast horrorpunkrock. Not a suprise that the themes
are ghouls,night and shadows.

Record starts with a intro (sample of the original Dracula)
and goes straight to the song Dracula. The album is a great compination of
fast and furious tracks to a melancholic ballad. If you combine surfypunk,
with fast punk and gothic influences, you get the Shadow Reichenstein.

I would definitely recommend the following tracks:
"Dracula", "It´s Halloween" and " from the grave"
Go and get your copy before it´s too late!

borgo pass
werewolf order
it´s halloween
wakin the dead from the grave
be my victim
it´s too late
bela was a junkie
in search of loose dirt
concrete shoes

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

In the backseat of a hearse with Calabrese

Calabrese was formed in 2003, what other bands have you played in?
Jimmy - Nothing interesting enough to mention.
The other bands were good testing
grounds for learning about songwriting and musicianship.

How would you describe Calabrese to a person who
haven't heard of you yet?

Jimmy- Spooky Horror Punk. If you like the Misfits,
Ramones and AFI, we welcome you.

What does Horrorpunk mean to you?

Jimmy- To me, Horrorpunk is that Candy Corn Core
at the center of Halloween.
Horrorpunk is that same exciting, fun and creepy feeling
you get as a kid on Halloween.

You've been touring alot lately, how has the touring
been so far?

Jimmy- We are very happy about the turnout we've been getting.

The internet is an amazing tool to get the word out about shows.
We love playing new places and we hope in 2007
to make it out to the East Coast.

Name the three bands that have influenced you the most

Jimmy- Misfits, Ramones and White Zombie.

What would be your ideal line-up for a perfect horrorpunktour?

Jimmy- It would be more of a HorrorPsychoDeathRockTour...Calabrese,
Thee Merry Widows, Nim Vind, Zombeast and
Rezurex playing small intimate clubs.

Calabrese signed a contract with the Horror High records which
puts out mostly horrorpunk, is this a blessing or a curse?

Jimmy- We only partnered with Horror High for Ringtones
(which are available at )
which is a blessing because Jon, the President of Horror High,
is really great guy who promotes
the Hell out of the Horror Punk/Rock Scene.
We are currently releasing our music through our own label
Spookshow Records.
You can't get anymore DIY than that. (By the way you can download both
"13 Halloweens" and the "Midnight Spookshow" EP on Itunes.)

You have a video on "backseat of my hearse", how was it to work
with J.D. Smith?

Jimmy- J.D. almost became part of the band. During live shows
he would join us onstage to shoot footage.
J.D. and his crew are really dedicated people because
reviewing and editing all that footage they shot took forever,
thanks guys.

Let's get back to touring, are there any plans to invade Europe?

Jimmy- We've thought about it but until we have better
distribution in Europe
we will concentrate on promoting the band here in the States.
My dream is to play Japan
so I'd like our first overseas attack to start there.

Calabrese is going to the studio in August,
tell us more about this.

Jimmy - We are about to embark on a new 12 song adventure
so terrifying it just may leave you dead!
These 12 songs have been crafted and refined
over the past year making their venom inconceivably dangerous.
Keep checking our website because we're going to hold a contest
concerning the new CD, stay tuned!

I assume that you watch alot of horror movies, any fav. films?

Jimmy- As of late, I've actually been reading more horror comics
and graphic novels than watching movies. I recommend any thing
from Steve Niles (especially Cal McDonald, 13 Days Of Night),
Hell Boy, Death Note, and A History Of Violence.

When you look at the horror movies that been released lately,
seems like almost 50% are remakes,
Hollywood seems to be out of ideas.

Jimmy- I think Hollywood is full of ideas but they don't want
to take the risk.
They'd rather re-make a past hit or recycle the horror movies from Asia.
I'd rather see a horror remake than a video game inspired movie anytime.
SAW was one of my favorite past films of late.

If Calabrese was a movie, what kind of movie it would be?

Check out the movie, Dellamorte Dellamore I think that movie
pretty much sums up
what Calabrese is all about.

Fangs for your time, any last words for the finnish fiends?

Jimmy- Support the HorrorPunk scene, it's so easy to make an impact.
You can help support the bands by buying merch, booking shows,
promoting the bands with websites and flyers or start your own band!
Also sign up for the Calabrese Mailing list to get the latest updates
on Contests and Merchandise.
Thanks to the fans for keeping
Calabrese and the HorrorPunk Scene alive!

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The Other - We Are Who We Eat

We Are Who We Eat
This is the second full-length release by the Germany´s finest horrorpunk band. While their first CD
"They´re Alive" was more punkish, misfits vibed rock n roll, this new release is much more complete and
sounding more like "the other".

The band plays well together, Rod sings like a ghoul out from hell and
the artwork of the CD is excellent, everything is in place. "In the dead of night" is an oscar winning
performance and complete package of what horrorpunk sounds at it´s best.
Keep your ears open, this will
not be the last time we will hear about The Other´s, they will conquer the world.

Passion for the kill
In the dead of night
The Last man on Earth
Lover´s Lane
Hallow´s Eve
This is not an Exit
Menage A Mort
We are the Other ones
Shadows from the Past
The Ghosts of Hollywood
Monster Bride
Ode to Darkness
Horror Night

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Monday, July 03, 2006

Take a ride with The Ghastly Ones

Let's start with introductions, who are the Ghastly Ones?

- Garrett "Dr. Lehos" guitar, Kevin "Go-Go Ghostly bass,
Dave "Captain Clegg" keyboards and me, Norman "Baron Shivers" drums.
And last but certainly not least, is our lovely go-go ghoul, Necrobella.
We started the band to combine our two favorite things,
horror movies and surf music.
We wanted to sound as if the Munsters had a surf band.

Your debut album was released through Rob Zombie´s label,
share some
details about this deal.

- Rob hired me originally to build props and monster suits for his stage
and videos back when he was doing White Zombie.
I told him I had a surf band that sounded like
a cross between The Ventures and The Munsters and he was very intrigued by the concept. After playing him our rehearsal tape he came to see a show and really dug it.
He started his label to help us put out our record.

So little about your music, I sense a scooby-do-ish vibe going on there,
am I close or off track?

- Yeah, the original Scooby Doo is great.
We're definitely inspired by that kind of stuff.
Pretty much anything from the sixties that's spooky is big with us.

Your music is mainly instrumental, have you thought about doing an album
with vocals?

- We always put at least a couple of vocals on our album
but there's already plenty of bands that do vocals.
We like the idea of creating a story using music not words.

You shot a video of Haulin Hearse, what was that like?

- That was a blast to shoot. We shot most of it near Griffith Park in L.A.
Shooting stuff in L.A. is cool because no one cares that
you're dressed in top hats and capes in the middle of summer
and a go-go girl is leaping out of the back of a hearse
and doing the watusi as cars drive by!

The Ghastly Ones have a new CD coming out, what can we expect?

- On the last album the theme was "Haunted House Party".
We don't like to repeat ourselves so the new one has a more sci-fi edge
but still very much a horror vibe to it.
Kind of like "Frankenstein meets the Space Monster".

1996 was the year when Ghastly Ones was formed, sum it up, best and worst

- I could write a book about that!
But if I were to narrow it down, one of the coolest things was
opening for The Brian Setzer Orchestra at The Warfield in San Francisco.
And the worst thing was losing my grandma
who I was very close to the same month
the CD came out.

Horror movies have obviously inspired you guys, what else inspires you?

- Hot Rods, Surf Culture, Skateboarding, Russ Meyer movies,
Drive-ins, and exploitation and trash culture of the 50's and 60's to name just a few.
This list could be a dozen pages long if I put everything!

Ghastly Ones made music for Spongebob, that must have been fun, could you
tell us more about it?

- Steve Hillenburg, the creator of Spongebob really dug our band
and he just called us up. Pretty simple.
They gave us a copy of the Halloween special without music or sound FX
and we wrote stuff to the action on the screen. That was a great experience.
We also got to redo the Spongebob theme done Ghastly Ones style.
If you pick up the DVD that's available in stores you'll see they cut a
Spongebob music video to our version of the theme.

Following the previous question, favourite cartoons?

- When I was a kid I really liked Milton the Monster, Johnnie Quest,
Speed Racer, and all the Warner Bros.' Chuck Jones and
Tex Avery stuff just to name a few.
I still get a kick out of watching those even to this day.
Pure Genius.

My hearse is calling, thank you for the interview, any last words to our

- Stay Ghoul!

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Ghastly Ones - A-Haunting We Will Go-Go

Ok, the Ghastly ones, this album is brilliant. When most people think about surf rock, they think about
the Beachboys, california and the ocean. No, this it not the case here. The Ghastly Ones take you
through the timemachine back to the year 1960 and to the golden age of horror movies.
This Scooby-do-ish band will knock the sox out of your feet. The CD is released through Zombie A Go-Go (now deceased)
and contains 20 ghastly songs. Along with the ride will be fiendish Dr. Diablo and other creatures of the night.
Just get in the hearse and let the Ghastly Ones take you for a ride you´ll never forget!

1. An Invitation
2. Ghastly Stomp
3. Hangman Hangten
4. Thunderhead Listen
5. Pacific Ghost Highway
6. Haulin' Hearse
7. Lonesome Undertaker
8. Mysterion
9. The Boys Go Creeping
10. Diabolo's Theme
11. Action Squad
12. Deadbeat
13. Spookmaster
14. Doctor Diabolo Speaks
15. Attack Of Robot Atomico
16. Los Campiones Del Justicio
17. Hollywood Nocturne
18. Surfin' Spooks
19. A Final Warning
20. (Everybody's Doin')

Man behind the ToxicToons

Today we will take a peek behind the eyes of a very talented artist, the man behind ToxicToons, Eric Pigors. Enjoy!

How old were you when you started drawing?

- I remember getting excited about art in
1st grade.
After that anything i saw with cartoons on
it grabbed my attention.
From animated cartoons like
Woody Woodpecker
at our local drive inn,,
Raid and Count Chocula comercials,the
bear at the Travel Lodge Hotel,
my Exon

TIGER IN YOUR TANK sweater i had,
BK TAYLORS ODD RODS stickers,Wacky Pacs,
the list could go on forever.
It all had a hand in what you see come out of me.

When did you discover your horror style?

- About 1987 i found my style.
Up until then I was copying Disneys style
because i wanted to work there.
But one day i just started drawing what came
out of me and it became TOXICTOONS.
The horror part came a lil later,at that time i was drawing
more kreepy clowns ,weird ohs ,
and goofy stuff like Ren and Stimpy.

Any idols in the comic book front?

- Yah i love all the old EC HORROR and MAD COMICS ARTISTS
all the guys who drew for MAD
when it became a Magazine as well.
Like{Mort Drucker,Don Martin,Sergio Aragones,
Al Jaffee}New guys i like ERIC POWELL's

You have done some flyers etc. for bands, which project was the most

- I have done shirts and cd art for Metallica,
Murderdolls ,Frankenstein
Dragqueens,the Ghastly Ones,
Scum of the Earth , Genieorturers,
Shadow Reichenstein, Psychocharger,
The Horrifics,Order of the Fly,Dragstrip Demons
and Bill Moseley and Bucketheads band called CORNBUGS.
They all were fun jobs because they let me do
what came out of me.
A lot of bands want me to draw them right off the start ,
but i dont do that at all and feel i come up with better concepts
when they let me bring something to their band.

Metallica was really kool ,James and Kirk called my house.
I still dont know how they got my phone number?
But JAMES saw my art in a tattoo magazine and
really liked it and Kirk did also .
They were really nice guys and i got to
meet them at the their show and almost got to do an animated video for
Plus they were wearing my shirts all tour and James even had one on the
cover of ROLLING STONE Magazine with OZZY and MARILYN MANSON on the
cover.Which is really kool.I have sorta made it ,
You can see all this band art and tons more in my new 114 fullcolor
artbook,"CRYPIT ART" for sale at my website.

As mentioned above, you have taken alot of influences from the original monsters, what is your fav. horror movie?

- Bride of Frankenstein,i really love drawing
Frankensteins monster.
He is my favorite monster to draw
besides the ones i make u in my head.
My real favorites though are the tv shows
More then any movies.

Munsters of the Addams Family? and why?

- I like the MUNSTERS better myself, but i love both shows.
How can you pick. Charles Addams art i like more then the show though.
But the MUNSTERS i really love the look and mood inside there house
and Herman is such a great character.They all are!
Even all the ADDAMS FAMILY!
When i was young i wanted my house decorated like the inside of
the ADDAMS FAMILY with all sorts of weird stuff,
which we do have a bit of.
Mostly artists work i like and could afford
when i was working for DISNEYS and
making all that moohla!

What does the future hold for Eric Pigors?

- Well like i say in every interview,
hopefully we will see my HALLOWEEN SPECIAL before i keel over!
I did do some of my kreepy characters as the kids in last years
ED,EDD AND EDDY HALLOWEEN special for my friend
That was a blast but i want my own full special.
Other then that i am always doing new shirt
designs all year.
POSTERPOP just put out a set of my TOXICTOONS stickers.
Mezco is almost sold out of my toys they made called ,
I am always doing new art for prints ,buttons , magnets, and my new artbook
i mentioned called ,'UNKLE PIGORS CRYPTIC ART" and its all for sale at my

Last words to our readers.

- R.I.P. and see you in the cemetery!!!

Staff from the shadows of your soul thanks Eric
and urges people the check his site out!

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